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UPWARD BOUND Summer 2013

Student Newsletter

About the Writers Over the course of one month, participants in the Upward Bound program at the College of Charleston put together this newsletter. On the first day of class, the students learned how to take the position of the interviewee and became reporters as they interviewed fellow class members. The content of this newsletter reflects their work.

“Being able to watch these kids grow over the course of one month has truly been a blessing. Some of these students

Reporters & Photographers

have raw talents, and I

Diaje Brown Khyla Brown Peyton Edwards Bria Ford RJ Garcia Jordan Geddis Kimberlin Green Kya Green Nick Hannah Zoey Henderson

am so excited to see

Essence Holmes Pablo Leyva Taylor Prioleau Stacy Robinson Jazmine Scott Valaiyya Smith-Rivers Paul Thieman Leah Turner Miracle Washington Shaniyah Wrighton

where it takes them in the future...” 

Sarah Sheafer

Newspaper Adviser Counselor

In This Issue 

Opinion: Shorter School Days

Charleston Museum

Ferry Ride to Fort Sumter

Singers, Cooks, Writers, Music-lovers, Cheerleaders, Photographers and much more!

Shorter School Days: Beneficial to us all By Zoey Henderson School is a place known to all, and we all have different opinions about it. Although, most of us would like a week off once in a while. It’s the same routine, day after day, week after week. We wake up in the morning, go to school for eight hours, go back home, do whatever, and go back to sleep. Then the whole cycle starts over again the next day, and it keeps on going until a break, whether winter, spring, or the long awaited summer break. When you were a child, you used to jump out of bed, so excited to go to school and see your friends. Now, though, you try to sleep as long as you possibly can, take your slow time getting ready, and count the minutes until you can go home. And do you know why? You can’t wait to go home because the school day is just too long. Now, I know that there are some people out there who object to what I’m saying, but there are also a lot of you that understand what I mean. School is just too long! I mean, there are almost ten months of school, with little, teeny-tiny breaks in -between, and really only two and a half months of summer. Come on! Who divided this? Being in one place, one setting, this long can get to a person. I figure that one effective way to fix that would be to make the school day shorter. I’m not really sure if an administrator would agree with me, but I think it would really help. It’s not like it would really be taking anything away from us anyway. If you think about it (and I have), we’re wasting a lot of time every day in school doing things that don’t need to be done. For the first, like, five minutes of a class, everyone just sits there talking, and then continues to talk during the rest of the class. This, in turn, makes the teacher stop doing whatever it is they’re doing and try to make them shut up. Of course, this doesn't work, but, instead of kicking the kid out of class, the teacher leaves them in the room, but writes a referral, which, of course, receives anger and disbelief. Now, this this whole process wastes another twenty, twenty-five minutes, which is a whole half-hour that could have been spent doing something else. Now, imagine this happening in all four classes. That’s two hours I could have spent somewhere else. That’s ten hours a week, which is more than one school day that’s wasted each week. I’m aware that the naysayers of the world highly disagree with me, and I don’t hold it against them. School is a great opportunity for a lot of people, and it paves the way for a higher education so that people can make something of their lives. I, myself, want to be an author, and I need English for that, because I detest bad grammar. Some people out there want year-round school, and I understand why. Yearround school would present daily stimulation for the brain, never giving it a chance to forget the information that it’s learned. Students would be able to learn more, and they would get smarter because of the constant cycle of school, week after week. It would also brig up our testing scores, which is what a lot of principals and people on the school boards would like. So, you see, I do understand why some people would want year-round school. I would still like to explain why I feel that there should be shorter school days, though, and I hope that you’ll hear me out. Shorter school days would make a lot of people happy, mainly the kids. Kids go crazy in school because they’re there for eight hours every day, with two day breaks every five days! That’s just not fair, and I know that ‘life isn’t fair’, but I don’t care! We have harder work than back in the day, and a lot of people don’t understand or seem to care about that. Another reason that shorter schools days would be great would be because it would save a ton of time! Between problems in class, hallway transitions, lunch, unnecessary talking by teachers (no offense!), that’s about three hours (maybe more) that I feel is wasted every day, no joke. And I’m not even going to try to figure out how much time is wasted by socializing! What I feel would be the best solution would be to just make a whole new system. You go to school on Monday, get your class syllabus from your teacher, and then go home until next Monday. That’s it. You just do the work at home, and then turn it in every Monday. If some people don’t do it, that’s their problem, but they should be grateful that they don’t have to go to school every day. No one is going to go for my idea, though, but I still think it’s a good idea. Anyway, I hope people understand why I feel it would be great to have shorter school days, even though I know some of you want school all the time. I don’t judge you for your choices; I just hope you understand mine.

Photo by Jazmine Scott

Writing from the Imagination By Jazmine Scott Zoey Henderson is now a rising junior at Burke High School, who is 16 years young. Zoey mentioned that English is one her favorite subjects in school. She enjoys the fact that she can express her feelings through writing. Zoey loves fiction writing. "I like how I can make up anything that wouldn’t come true or be in my imagination," Zoey said. Zoey has a lot of potential in starting a writing career because she is a very intelligent and outgoing girl. Zoey said she has strategies to make her writing better by “being constantly engaged and more focus." Zoey also said, “I need to stop being lazy and stay on task to make it better." Zoey enjoys poetry, comedy, and things that wouldn't happen in real life. She likes to explore and picture different things that will not come to real life. Although, Zoey said she has a weak spot in her writing. She said, “Trying to think of things that is unusual or most likely not to happen.” Zoey said she would like to get a degree in English. She said she likes to be creative in her writing, such as making her ideas known. "Writing could better me in the long run," Zoey said. "I could become an outstanding writer or publisher.” Her good techniques and writing skills could possibly get her far in life. Zoey said, “Hard work always pays off in the end.”

Embracing her Cat-ladiness By Khyla Brown Most people don’t like even looking at cats or can’t stand to walk near one. But Essence Holmes, a young lady from Charleston who is a rising junior, wants to embrace her catladiness. Sometimes people wonder, what does she see in loving cats? But who am I to judge? It's not really something that you can put into words; it's a feeling I suppose. A cat is a pet that becomes a part of the family. It isn't what does a cat do, or that they are useless because they aren't. Most cats give you love and affection, play with you, and make you laugh. As Essence said, “In 10 years, I see myself living with a house full of cats." While she doesn’t have a place of her own yet.. Who said she couldn’t have a room full of fake stuffed cat animals? For example, Hello Kitty. It's just something that grows on you. People are just born to love cats. It isn't something that anyone can explain to you. In addition to her cat love, Essence enjoys writing and photography. She also likes dancing and all types of art. She loves her pizza with bacon and banana peppers. She dislikes narrowminded people and sloths. She’s one creative person... who also loves cats.

Photo by Diaje Brown

Against the Current School System By Diaje Brown School isn’t always a walk in the park, especially for Paul Thieman. Paul is a 15-year-old rising sophomore at Stall High school. His favorite subject in school is math. Paul’s favorite place to eat is The Chinese Buffet and his favorite color is black. In Paul’s down time, he likes to play video games. But school isn’t fun for Paul at all. He said, “Stall sucks like any other school.” One of Paul’s main reasons why he doesn’t like school is the teachers. He said, "They will label you before they know you and they will expect more or less from you based on attire.” Another reason why school is a sore for Paul is technology. Paul is a very busy person and walks to the library can mess up the progress of what he has to accomplish. He knows what needs to be done, but it’s a hassle. Paul can see a future in liking school. He better because he has three more years of those teachers, technology and he has a lot more work. Paul said, "If people try more and try to fix the problem in schools instead of ignoring it, then I think I would actually like school.”

Photo by Khyla Brown

The Power of Music

Always Room for Improvement By Paul Thieman Diaje Brown likes to participate in band. She thinks that it is a great way to spend a lot of her free time. She also says that she thinks that she is very good at it but that she still could improve herself a lot more. Diaje said, “There is always room for improvement.”

Photo by Nick Hannah

By Nick Hannah Music has a huge impact on so many people in today’s generation. Whether it’s to help them get through their day, to motivate them before a football game, or just to inspire a young artist who loves music. Taylor Prioleau is among these young artists who all share something in common. Their love of music. Taylor Prioleau, 15, is a rising sophomore at North Charleston High School, and she’s all about music. She has a wide variety of preferences in music; from hiphop to classical, she loves it all. Ask her what she’s listening to one day, then the next day, I guarantee it'll be different.

She also said that nothing HAS TO BE but that if she herself had to change something about the group though it would be the overall participation value of the group as a whole. She said this because she knows that they can try harder as well as do better. She also said that there is a vocalist in the band and that their instructor that they have right now is very good right now.

Not only is she very much into music, but she is also influenced by it as well. When asked how big of an influence does music have on you, she answered, “It has a huge influence. Some songs just change my mood." So you can see that music has a big influence on her. An influence so big that she might decide to go into the music industry. When asked would you ever go into the music industry, she answered with "yes." Her love for music and the feeling it gives her only make it more of an exciting dream to work with various artists like Eve and Drake, and Chris Brown. To Taylor, music is relatable and makes her understand what the artist is saying. When asked what artist can she relate to the most, she answered “Drake, definitely.” Someone who loves and enjoys music this much definitely has an eye for it as well. One of many music lovers problem with today’s generation is the fact that music is changing from the inside out. There’s no heart in most music today, especially in hip hop. It’s sometimes not relatable and is more about getting money and girls. Taylor is one of those people who would like to see hip hop go back to how it used to be where rappers were actually talented and had great word play in their rhymes. When asked if she likes music how it was back then compared to now, she answered with, “for different genres, it’s a half and half." Taylor Prioleau is a lover of music. It influences her in positive ways and inspires her to make music. Taylor will continue to enjoy music and hopefully one day will make it big as an artist.

Photo by Paul Thieman

Oh the places art can go... Many people think of art as a way to be free and creative without holding back from what others think about it, but for Nick, he looks at art as a way to interpret real life situations. Not only do his creations come from situations in his everyday life, but also from the emotions he shares with his friends, family, and even strangers along the way. Nick’s uncle inspired him to do art. His uncle would often do sketches and photography, so Nick wanted to give it a try and now art has become a part of him.

As an artist himself, Nick likes to paint and draw self-portraits. Some portraits have a meaning to them while FEW came from the top of his head, he explained. While in the interview, he also noted that even though he got inspired from his uncle, his artistic skills came naturally. He also took advantage of the thought of taking a chance to become an art teacher, if it was a choice.

Although making art may seem fun and dandy, according to Nick, he explained that it takes a lot of time to get the actual full picture out of your mind and that you By Taylor Prioleau “I sketch drawings mostly during my free have to be really focused on what you time or use art to express myself in difThere is about a handful amount of want to create. Not being focused accuferent ways,” Nick said. But with a busy rately, when you are making your art ways art inspires someone to express their self; whether it is through the use of schedule, does he really have “free invention, might not come out the way their senses or the ability to change any- time?” you picture it to be. thing into an art structure. Whatever it is, It is always good to cherish ones’ artistic the only thing that matters is the dedica- Nick was asked in an interview “if your whole life revolved around creating art, skills. If there wasn’t art, how would othtion of one’s creativity. how would you feel about it?” He reers become different? Art varies in differsponded without hesitation, saying “that ent types, not just drawing and painting, I introduce you to Nick Hannah. He is would be pretty interesting.” Pretty inter- but also in sculpting, music, landscapvery fascinated with art. Without it, he esting indeed. I believe it is a better way ing, designing, art has many forms that could be lost like a balloon flowing through a windy sky. With it, he is like a to see what someone is capable of relates to it. Art is the root to something little kid excited for the arrival of his new when it comes to showing what you are beautiful. Now cherish it. made of and what you are into. pet. Photo by Taylor Prioleau

Life Beyond The Eye: RJ Garcia By Miracle Washington Some people may look at the world in black or white, 2-D or in different angles. Well, not RJ Garcia because “shapes become pictures and ideas” says the rising artist. At the age of eight, he began his passion for drawing. RJ uses pens as a tool when drawing. A rising sophomore attending Stall High School, some may mistake him as a strange teenager. “When you get to know me I’m real cool," RJ said. He often draws Monday through Friday only during the school year when he’s not attending the Upward Bound program during the summer. Many artists plan out what they want to draw before they begin. RJ said, “I draw whatever comes to mind.” RJ also said that there is a reason why he started drawing. “My cousin Jacy motivated me," RJ siad. "He showed me all of his cool drawings and I wanted to be like him." Although RJ's cousin may have motivated him, he still gets inspired every now and then by urban street artists. While RJ loves art, he does not see a future in it. He said, “No, I would like to become a health scientist, but I would also like to pursue a career in art.” Photo by Miracle Washington

If you give Khyla a camera... By Essence Holmes You might notice her with a camera in hand, asking you for a picture or even posing with tourists. Meet Khyla Brown,a fashion icon, a fun-sized, party-loving, future professional photographer…well, maybe. Khyla has a lot of potential for photagraphy, but her main goal is to go into nursing. “I want to become a travel nurse,” Khyla said. “Maybe photography on the side. No marriage though! You can’t trust boys these days. And no kids!”

The 5’3 New Yorker moved to Charleston recently and is hasty about going back. When asked about her preferred location, Khyla replied, “New York, ‘cuz Charleston is boring and New York is fun. And New York has more opportunities for photography.” When it comes to parties, Khyla is always there, wearing the latest styles from the Concrete Jungle. “I love partying! I love surrounding myself with party people,” Khyla said. She said she is open-minded and is always looking to meet new people. Khyla has a weird side too. “I like dead things and spirits and paranormal things,” Khyla said. “Probably because I like horror movies and stuff. I don’t know, the’re just entertaining.”

If you see her around campus you should say “Hi.” Who knows, maybe she’ll ask you for a picture?

Photo by Essence Holmes

Beauty, Brains and Talent By Kya Green Stacy Robinson is a rising sophomore at Stall High School and is a participant in the Upward Bound program at the College of Charleston. Stacy is a newcomer in the Upward Bound program and has already made multiple friends here. Not only is Robinson friendly she is blessed with the gift of singing. By the age of seven, Robinson realized she was able to sing and began to sing everywhere. “I could just be sitting down and I’ll just start singing out of nowhere,” Robinson said. When asked if she would pursue singing she said, “I would sing in the background of a song, like in a studio.”

Photo by Kya Green

Not only can Robinson sing, she can dance as well and it is something she likes to do in her free time as well as act. She also said, “I love to laugh as well as making other people laugh” and as we all know laughter is the best medicine.

Cultural Thursday:

The Charleston Museum

An Aspiring Doctor: Miracle Washington By RJ Garcia

Photo by Stacy Robinson

What makes your heart beat? By Stacy Robinson At four or five years old, you usually get a kid that only wants to color, finger paint, and play outside. But that’s not the case for 17-year-old T’Kya Green. From her bathroom to her church choir, she could be singing a tune. At the tender age of five, she was already dedicated to singing. I began to get the background knowledge on why she chose singing as her favorite activity. She said, “Ever since I heard Mariah Carey’s song ‘Vanishing’ I knew I loved to sing!” Would you pick singing as a career choice or just as a fun activity? Well, many people would say yes with no hesitation, but T’Kya took some time answering this question. “I would, yeah, possibly,” she replied. She then went on to say she’s going to finish school first and then worry about singing as an actual career choice. Singing isn’t an easy thing to do for many people. It usually runs through their family or is just a gift from the big man himself. In T’Kya’s case, her gift wasn’t from anyone in the family. “I’ve rarely heard people in my family sing, so I’d say it comes naturally,” T’Kya chuckled.

In the Upward Bound program at the College of Charleston, there’s a lot of interesting and new people. Like this person named “Miracle.” An interesting name, right? There’s an amazing story behind her name. . . she said, “I died three times when I was born. That’s how I got the name miracle.” Life to Miracle is normal and could be stressful and busy at times. However, she said there was an event that she will never forget. Miracle said, “When I was 13, I broke my bone.” Everyone aspires to be someone amazing. Miracle said, “My dream job is to become a doctor because I like to help people out.” During her free time, Miracle goes to the beach. She said “I like the beach. It’s a place where you can become a free soul.” Her goals are to become successful and finish school. She said, “I will be starting my career as a doctor.” Her biggest inspiration is her grandma. Miracle said, “My grandma raised me and she’s my biggest inspiration and she’s always been my role model growing up.” Miracle is a nice person to hang out with, and her personality is different from those I see around. She’ll help anyone in need and will never ignore a person that needs help.

Further on in our interview, I wondered if she had other interests. An interesting girl like her had to like more of course. “I love to babysit, shop, and spend money,” She said. But I could sense there was another thing she wanted to say. “Well I also… Don’t judge me but I stalk celebs,” T’Kya said with a bit of embarrassment, smiling. Through many years of dedication, I asked T’Kya if she ever planned on stopping and she said, “Never, singing is my heartbeat!” T’Kya Green is a very bright, intelligent, funny, and as you can see, talented girl. She is a great inspiration to many, including a girl like me who enjoys singing! I commend her for doing what she loves to do the most.

Photo by RJ Garcia

Cooking as a Hobby By Bria Ford Leah Turner, a rising junior at Goose Creek High School, enjoys cooking. She is a student in the Upward Bound program at the College of Charleston. She is a typical teenager, but she enjoys what she does. Leah’s favorite colors are pink and purple. During her free time, she goes on Twitter and cooks. Leah started cooking when she was 14 years old. Cooking is not doing it just for fun. Or is it? Right. It’s doing it because you want and desire to. One of my questions to Leah was, “Why do you like cooking?” She said, “It’s fun, and I like to eat.” As me being a funny person, that really didn’t come to my mind as being a teenager. The question that pops up in my head when teenagers say that they like to cook is will you ever start your own restaurant. When the question was asked to Leah she said, “NO!!” That startled me because usually most teenagers would want to start their own restaurant because it involves money. She takes food and nutrition classes at Goose Creek High School. Another question to Leah was, “What is your favorite part of cooking?” She said, “Tasting the food before it is done.”

Photo by Bria Ford

The most important thing is that Leah enjoys what she does, and has fun doing it. She is very committed to cooking, and will not give up for nothing or anybody. Her mom inspires her to do what she does, and she does it every day. She really enjoys it. On any given day, she will just get up and cook for everybody in her family. She loves living her typical teenage life.

Antonio’s Potential: Undecided but full of possibilities By Kimberlin Green Antonio Brown is a 18-year-old rising senior. He attends North Charleston High school. In his spare time, Antonio likes to play the drums and ride dirt bikes. He also is involved in school sports.

After high school, Antonio plans on attending Savannah State University, located in Chatham County Georgia. When asked, what do you want to major in, Antonio replied, “I’m not sure.” However, after college, he wants to join the U.S. Military. Photo by Diaje Brown

Cheerleader on the Rise By Leah Turner Bria Ford could have been spending her time reading a book, going shopping or just hanging out with friends. Instead, her mother encourages her to do cheerleading. Ever since then, Bria has fallen in love with it. Bria enjoys cheerleading for Goose Creek High School and enjoys doing fundraisers with them too.

Photo by Leah Turner

Bria is a rising junior at Goose Creek High School. I ask Bria who inspires her to do cheerleading. Bria said, “My mother because she thinks it is better to keep me active instead of being home all the time.”

Bria is a fantastic role model for girls who want to do cheerleading when they come to high school. Bria enjoys spending time with her friends at the games. Will Bria continue doing As I spent more time with Bria, I cheerleading in college? Or will got to learn a little more about she stop in her high school her. Bria’s favorite color is pink. days? Only time will tell.

Ferry Ride to Fort Sumter

Shopping: Defining a Personality By Valaiyya Smith-Rivers Nowadays, people think that all teenagers are rambunctious and easily influenced by others, but 10th grader Shaniyah Wrighton doesn’t have to speak, use words or act out to express her personality because her clothes do it all.

By Shaniyah Wrighton

“I’m not influenced to dress the way I do from celebs because I like to express my personality,” Shaniyah said. Clothing is really important and valuable to her internally as well as externally. Shaniyah said, “Shopping is an outlet and I am addicted.” “High waist shorts,” Shaniyah said is her favorite piece of clothing to wear. She considers herself a leader because she says she dresses differently. Which everyone should allow themselves to personalize their wardrobe… right? Shaniyah prefers to shop with friends rather than with family or by herself because it’s more fun and interesting, which many teenagers rather do. It’s very enjoyable to her and such a

Are you addicted?

Photo by Valaiyya Smith

powerful outlet. When asked why do you like shopping, Shaniyah replied, “It makes me feel happy. When I am sad, it makes me happy,” which most women can agree with. Many people value shopping because it’s a fun and easy way to let go. And in the future, shopping and fashion will still be a necessity to Shaniyah’s life.

The New Multimedia Expert By Peyton Edwards

a big part of the world.

Technology is always changing. That’s what drew Pablo Leyva into multimedia. He thinks that this world will be better with new technology. He wants to become a multimedia expert. In 10 years, he believes that multimedia will become

Pablo is very talented and does well in school. He takes computer class at R. B. Stall High School. He decided he wanted to go in the multimedia profession at Hampton University because he enjoys working on the computer. Pablo’s encouragement came from his teachers from school. They pushed him to pursue his dreams.

Much like the average teenager and college student, keeping up with the latest trends is a must! Valaiyya Smith-Rivers, a rising 11th grader, is a prime example of such. She loves shopping at Wet Seal and American Eagle, some of the most profitable clothing lines selling predominantly to females and males between the ages of 13-25. “Wet Seal and AE clothes are unique and different," Valaiyya said. "They allow me to express my personality perfectly!” Hey! Who can blame her? It’s not about the brand or if you think someone has style or not! Every being is different and our personalities show in the way we dress. I, being a fashionista myself, got more in-depth with Valaiyya. Shopping can be an addiction. She said, “I go shopping at least five times a month, spending about $175 altogether, but it is very much a hobby.” Some people go shopping to socialize with friends and family. Others do it because it’s a necessity in their life.

In a couple of years, he plans to move to the West Coast. He said, “They have more to do with multimedia.” He also said, “Multimedia will become more and more advanced in the future.” His personal goals consist of going off to college and getting a better understanding of multimedia. Pablo also enjoys learning math and enjoys being with his friends after school and on the weekend.

Photo by Peyton Edwards

Some people think being in multimedia is boring, but not to Pablo. It is good that he already knows what he wants to do in life and he’s only a sophomore.

By Shaniyah Wrighton

Star Athlete: A pro in the making By Zoey Henderson

Volleyball and softball are the two sports in Scott’s life, and she loves playing Jazmine Scott, a rising sophomore at them. She isn’t as committed to volleyStall High School, could be mistaken as ball as she is to softball, though, bean ordinary, transparent teenager. Her cause it’s “not my most important sport.” favorite subject is English, her favorite When asked how softball and volleyball color is blue, and she likes macaroni. In differed in terms of her dedication, she her free time, she likes to listen to muanswered, “I’m dedicated to volleyball, sic, be on Twitter, and step. It sounds but it’s not a priority. In softball, I’m more like regular old teenager stuff, right? engaged, involved, and dedicated.” Wrong. Jazmine Scott is also an exThough Jazmine isn’t as dedicated to tremely athletic individual, which isn’t volleyball as softball, she still doesn’t always something that’s found in a lot of quit, and that’s an admirable trait. If she teenage girls these days. quit volleyball, she would have more time for herself or softball, but she hasAt fifteen years old, she has dedicated n’t because she made a commitment herself to the sports of softball and vol- and she’s sticking to it. leyball. To commit yourself to something so strongly isn’t always easy, especially Not only does Jazmine commit to two when you’re a teenager. When asked sports and try her best, she also isn’t why she liked playing sports, Scott recompetitive and doesn’t get angry if she plied, “It keeps me active and I’m good loses a game. It was unbelievable to at it; it’s something for me to do.” And to me, but she simply said, “You gone win think she only got into volleyball besome, you gone lose some.” Now, don’t cause her friend said she needed to try get me wrong. Even though Jazmine something new. Admiration ran through isn’t a competitive person, she still me during this interview because it works to succeed in her goals, her exact takes a lot to make a commitment to words being “Extremely hard; to the something with no real reason to follow fullest.” When getting ready for a game, through.

A Future Planned Out By Pablo Leyva Some students do not know what they want to be after they graduate. But Peyton has had her whole future planned out since she was in middle school. She wants to be a pediatrician (a specialist in the care of children) when she grows up, but if that doesn’t work out for her, she can also become a physical therapist. “I like kids, so I want to work with them” Peyton said. Before she can pursue her dream job, she has to finish high school. After that, she has to do four years of undergraduate courses in college. Then she has to do four more years of medical school. After all those years of school, she have to do three years of “residency,” whitch means she will learn about medicine. After high school, she will have to study 11 more years, but all of that will pay off because she will make about $167,640 per year. If she decides to be a physical therapist, she will have to do the same eleven years of studying, and she will make about $78,270 a year. After all that work in the future, she will settle down. “I want to have two to three kids,” Peyton said. “I don’t want them Photo by Pablo Leyva get lonely.”

By Zoey Henderson

be it softball or volleyball, she gets in the spirit by stretching, running laps, and listening to music. Me not being athletic at all, I find Jazmine to be a good example and an inspiration to all.

Michael Burns: The Amazing Photo Editer By Jordan Geddis When most people think of pictures, they don’t think about the process of how the image came to be, but Michael Burns does. When I interviewed Michael, I found it very interesting that he liked to crop pictures and edit them. Michael Burns first got interested in pictures when he saw his little sister editing them on to her Instagram account. That’s when Michael knew that pictures were something that he really liked. When interviewing Michael, I could tell that he was really interested in pictures. When I asked Michael what was his favorite thing about it, his response was the cropping part. He told me that is the most important part of photography because it gives him the chance to cut out anything in the picture that he doesn’t want in. That was interesting to me, but what I found the most interesting is when I asked Michael how taking pictures makes you feel. He told me that it fills in an empty space inside of him. Michael likes to take all kinds of pictures, but his favorite kinds of pictures are selfies, which are pictures that someone would take of themselves. While interviewing Michael, I found a lot of what he said interesting, and I learned a lot about Michael that I didn’t know. Michael taught me a lot about pictures that I didn’t know before the interview. He is a very interesting person and I wouldn’t mind interviewing him again.

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Upward Bound — Summer 2013

Most Athletic Kayla Glover Jonah White Most Talkative Jarrell Davis Most Creative RJ Garcia Baridapdoo Wiwuga Most Cheerful Alexsys Smith Most Compassionate Destiny Brown Most Competitive EJ Ladia Most Friendly Baridapdoo Wiwuga Most Changed EJ Ladia Best Dressed Shawna Ross Best Smile Eldrick McLean Jalai Smalls Best Hair Tyla Watts Best Eyes Raquel Pringle Shaniyah Wrighton Best Poet Natrese Dorsey

Best Personality Destiny Brown Ala Saadeh Miracle Washington Best Listener Kierra White Best Laugh Brittany Grant Most likely to make you laugh Tamija Hampton Jalai Smalls Leah Turner

Most likely to become president Daquan Brown Most likely to become famous Stacy Robinson Kierra White Most likely to take the lead Kayla Glover Most likely to be late Michael Burns Most likely to trip or break a bone Jasmine White Most likely to get straight As Terrence Thurman Kierra White Most likely to travel/see the world Kierra White Most likely to be a ninja Terrence Thurman

Upward Bound Newsletter (Summer 2013)  
Upward Bound Newsletter (Summer 2013)