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PERSONAL | 2009 - 2010 I make art with the purpose of beautifying environments, so I always create with a piece’s future context in mind. Most of my art is large scale and characterized by bright colors, use of concentric circles, and organic subject matter.

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clockwise from left: “morning sun” 36” x 48” acrylic and pastel on canvas, 2010 “four green hills” 60” x 24” tryptech, acrylic and pastel on reclaimed wood panels, 2010 “ochre ovals” 12” x 42” acrylic and pastel on reclaimed wood panel, 2009 “blue towers” 30” x 48” pair, acrylic and pastel on torched wood panels, 2010


PERSONAL | 2008 - 2010

cw from left: “autumn circles”, 24” x 36” acrylic on canvas, 2009 “satterlee residence” 48” x 60” acrylic and pastel on wood panel, 2008 “galaxy circles” 36” x 36” acrylic and pastel on canvas, 2010 “bloom I” 42” x 18” acrylic, pastel, pencil on reclaimed wood panel, 2009

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PERSONAL | PAINTING | 2008 - 2010

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from left: untitled series, 18” x 24” each piece, acrylic and pastel on canvas, 2008 “april” 24” x 36” acrylic and pastel on canvas, 2010


PERSONAL | PAINTING | 2009 - 2010 Much of my work is commission, which requires close client collaboration. I explore the colors and textures of the client’s environment and ask for meaningful words or symbols to include. I do pen and watercolor preliminary sketches to offer options before beginning the piece and continue to ask for feedback along the way.

cw from left: preliminary sketch for painting for babo residence “darkness and light” 72” x 42” acrylic and pastel on wood panel, 2009 closeup photo from the painting process preliminary sketch of “infinite souls” finished painting in pinson residence “infininite souls”42” x 42” acrylic and pastel on wood panel, 2009

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cw from left: “katie’s teapot” planar sculpture, foam core, 2007 “ripple” [closeup] “ripple” brazed wire sculpture, steel wire, acrylic paint, 2007 model for “katie’s teapot” “katie’s teapot” deconstructed to show planes

creative liturgy

PERSONAL | UNIVERSITY BAPTIST CHURCH | SPRING 2010 PROJECT: Installation featuring a creative representation of the Stations of the Cross; part of church-wide Season of Lent preparations

from left: station 3: jesus falls for the first time station 4: jesus meets his sorrowful mother station 8: women of jerulsalem weep over jesus multimedia posters, 2010

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capturing a sense of place PERSONAL | SKETCHING | SUMMER 2007 Florence, Italy

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cw from left: ponte vecchio two arches [old + new] tourists at piazza del duomo field sketches, pen + ink + watercolor

capturing a sense of place PERSONAL | SKETCHING | FALL 2009

from left: pokot house mukuru south b slum house field sketches, pen + ink + watercolor

Nairobi, Kenya + Pokot, Kenya

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capturing a sense of place PERSONAL | SKETCHING | FALL 2010 Waco, Texas

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cw from left: washington avenue at 5pm columbus avenue baptist church house on 11th and james field sketches, pen + ink + watercolor

cw from left: quick 3D model used in schematic design, floorplan for 8plex unit, rendering [done by Concordia Architects] of development

rethinking neighborhoods

PROFESSIONAL | MSH ARCHITECTS | SUMMER 2008 PROJECT: The Groves at Mile Branch Creek, Covington, LA ROLE: Drafting Intern

Working in conjunction with Concordia Architects, Volunteers of America, and Habitat for Humanity, MSH Architects developed a plan for a single and multi family mixed-income housing development. The plan includes 22 units and a community center, and is designed to blend appropriately into the historical vernacular architecture of the surrounding community. Specific contributions: As an intern, I designed preliminary space plans for multiple unit types, modeled 3D versions of plans, and assisted with general design development.

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cw from left: rendered elevation of original plan “Haythorne,” photographs of existing NeighborWorks homes built 2009, existing elevation of popular plan “Barlett,” new revised elevation of plan “Barlett,” research photographs of historic Waco architecture

rethinking neighborhoods

PROFESSIONAL | NEIGHBORWORKS WACO | SUMMER 2010 PROJECT: Revamp New Home Construction designs ROLE: Construction Services Intern

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NeighborWorks Waco is a nonprofit organization that provides programs and services to first-time homebuyers. My role as the Construction Services Intern was to evaluate current new home contruction as related to sustainability and historic neighborhood context, as well as design original plans for new homes. By adapting styles from surrounding historic homes, altering roof lines, and paying attention to details like size of trim and fasica, I was able to come up with several original plans that could still be built on a low budget and blend better into the community.

rethinking neighborhoods

PROFESSIONAL | NEIGHBORWORKS WACO | SUMMER 2010 PROJECT: Story-and-a-half home design ROLE: Construction Services Intern

cw from left: sketch of original plan “Julia” in a prospective location, “Catherine” floorplan, sketch of “Catherine” exterior NeighborWorks specifically requested a story-and-a-half home design to add to their plans library, with the goal of having a lower construction cost for more square footage, as well as building “grander” looking homes for older parts of town. I designed several plans, two in a craftsman style and two in a tudor style, as requested. The plan above, the Catherine, has a spacious open feel, maximizes slab square footage, and provides conveniences like a half bath and large master bath, with the added character of the sloped ceilings on the second story.

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top: photos of existing building and lot on 18th St. from left: model of KL Community Center, view of site plan and building

rethinking neighborhoods

PERSONAL | UNIVERSITY BAPTIST CHURCH | SUMMER 2008 PROJECT: Univeristy Baptist Church outreach: Kyle Lake Community Center

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UBC wanted to explore possibilities for turning a vacant pawn shop near the church into a community center. The building would house classrooms for tutoring and afterschool programs as well as hang-out space for neighborhood kids and teens. The lot around the building would provide space for a soccer field and a community garden. I created a prelimenary plan and produced SketchUp renderings to support fundraising efforts.

cw from left: process sketches, rendering of entry, floorplan

designing interiors

ACADEMIC | CONTRACT I STUDIO | RETAIL | SPRING 2008 PROJECT: Institute of Store Planners 2008 Design Competition: Store Design and Prototype

HEJ is a high-end jeweler with franchises throughout nationwide malls and shopping centers. The new design is focused on building a brand identity promoting timelessness, true value, and trust, emphasizing the idea that jewelry tells a story that bridges generations. The store prototype will not only be highly functional providing ease in operations and security of valuable merchandise, but its prefabricated elements will enable adaptability to a variety of sites and a low cost of construction.

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cw from left: floorplan, axonometric of workstation, rendering of conference room

designing interiors

ACADEMIC | CONTRACT II STUDIO | WORKPLACE | FALL 2008 PROJECT: Remodel for the law offices of Fowler, Bradshaw, Kenton, and Rider

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The law partners of FBK&R wanted a traditional feel for their new office. They were inspired by American artist Frederick Remington, who is noted for his skilled use of texture and treatment of movement. Materials and furnishings were chosen based on texture and pattern, such as the intricate chair backs and boucle upholstery. The color choices are natural and warm, and the rich wood grains add a feel of strength and permanence. The space plan emphasizes movement and openness with wide high traffic areas and a spacious community library and central work/ study area. Low shelf heights let more sunlight into the inner areas of the office.

cw from left: guestroom elevation, bar entry elevation, exterior entrance elevation, Rhinestone Cowboy music venue sketch, rendering of guestroom

designing interiors

ACADEMIC | CAPSTONE STUDIO | HOSPITALITY | SPRING 2009 PROJECT: Design a new boutique hotel for a historic converted firehouse located in downtown Nashville

The Nashville Sound is a luxury boutique hotel, restaurant, and music venue. With only nine guest rooms, each guest receives more attention and more freedom. Public social areas are found throughout the space so guests are encouraged to mingle. Taking its name from the folk/pop blend music movement of the 1950s, the hotel has a glamorous feel while still maintaining its country roots. Metallic wallcoverings, crystal chandeliers and luxurious fabrics are juxtaposed against natural materials like burlap and antique fixtures. Photos and instruments of the music legends from the era adorn the walls.

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cw from left: gold 6-in-1 necklace, “embrace beauty” braclets, mbili earrings, tie-dyed tote bags, beaded headband, repurposed plastic bag laptop cases. all original designs

social enterprise

ROLE: Co-founder, Director of Production and Design

Kianga, LLC is a socially proactive business focused on improving the quality of life for Kenyan women and men living with HIV/AIDS. Our goal is to help them live fuller, healthier lives through partnering with local HIV support groups, empowering them with creative design training, and providing markets for their goods.

Kianga Project was started as a grassroots organization by four Baylor grads in conjunction with City Harvest Ministries in Nairobi, Kenya. I work on the ground here designing and marketing products, and I’ve 6 months living in Kenya working with our groups to research materials, teach new designs, train leaders in quality control and organization, and encourage our friends and partners. [photos by Katie Pinson]


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social enterprise


Products must be designed so that they can be taught across language barriers to women and men with almost no reading or math skills. Almost everything must be explained visually through very basic drawings and diagrams. I sketch things on the spot to show how something should be measured or what color combinations are needed. To standardize the production process, I also developed a manual with photos, drawings, and checklists, for group leaders to use to teach and maintain quality control.

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