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Meagan Lemons is a precious 14 year old girl that was hit by a car one morning while waiting for the school bus. The car was going 35-40 mph throwing her 30 feet. Breaking her leg in two places and causing brain injuries. She has recently awakened from her comma and is improving everyday....due to her parent’s unfailing faith in God. The Lemons have had some obstacles during this tragic time. While moving their family to an apartment (to be closer to Meagan) their truck was stolen with many of their belongings. They are in need of a vehicle most of all. The Lemon family has complete faith that God will heal Meagan and that their lives will be back to normal. Let's help them feel just a little more of

For information please call: Kristen Nelson (281) 900-4203 Sarah Reid (281) 794-5314

All Alldonations donationscan can be deposited at be deposited at Chase ChaseBank Bank account: account: 893878066 893878066 Darren Darrenand and Cathleen Lemons' Cathleen Lemons'

God's love by helping them through this difficult & stressful time.

Meagan Lemons