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The Secret to a Green Thumb Sarah Parillo

Project Outline Introduction Using a metaphor, I will demonstrate how important the role of a supervisor is towards the performance of their employees. I will illustrate the roles of a gardener and how they directly affect the performance of the plants in the garden. This presentation will provide the objective view of employees (the plants) that a supervisor should utilize when interacting with them, as well as taking into consideration the specific needs and personalities (species) that they have as individuals. Theme The secret to achieving a green thumb. Purpose To identify the roles of a supervisor and how they affect employee performance, as well as recognizing different approaches to communicating with different employee personalities. Objectives I will demonstrate why a gardener is necessary for the health of the garden. (A manager is necessary for the workplace and the employees.) Demonstrate how different types of gardens require different tools/garden-management styles. (Relate to: Differing management styles and when they are necessary.) I will show examples of a plant “telling” the gardener if it is not well or is in need of something. (Relates to: open communication and understanding employee needs are important in the workplace and why.) I will show the productive, healthy environment that is created when plants are cared for properly. (Increased productivity from motivated employees.) Interactive activities Quiz the class on choices the gardener can make in regard to the plants the gardener is caring for and show what the outcome is based on the class’s choices. (Every employee, like every plant species, has different needs and the supervisor’s choices can directly affect each employee/plant differently. Known your employees!) Challenges Show a scenario where the gardener has no power of the life or death of the plant. (Sometimes the employee is not interested in performance improvement)

Overview • • • • • •

What A Garden Needs Know Your Plants Building Your Garden Maintenance Troubleshooting How This Applies To Leadership And The Workplace

What does your garden need? Green Thumb Grandma!

Hello, kiddies! I’m your gardener extraordinaire!

Get To Know Your Plants • Different species have different needs

• Companion planting puts plants together that benefit one and other – Small-scale permaculture


Building Your Garden Take into account: • Gardener’s Interests • Landscape, Climate, Space, Soil, Season

Maintenance- Important Tools Every Gardener Needs Garden Spade



Trowel Garden Hose

Troubleshoot Q: How is a green potato grown? Is it still edible? A: A green potato is sunburnt. It contains high levels of a toxin, solanine, which can cause nausea, headaches and neurological problems. Q: What is on the leaf pictured to the right? A: APHIDS! They have two roles: eat and reproduce. A female can give birth to 12 live offspring a day. They suck plant juices out of the leaves, stems, and roots of plants and are an enemy to your garden. Know how to identify and deal with these guys.

Application to Leadership Guidance and care=optimal performance Know Plants = Know Employees


KNOW HOW TO: Empower Delegate Build Partnerships Team Build Manage Conflict

Highly Trained Team = “Permaculture”

Tangible Tools = Intangible Tools

BASED ON: Personal Feelings Employee Performance Work Environment

Garden Style = Management Style

Sometimes things are out of your control‌

"As is the gardener, so is the garden."

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