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Photographic Print Auction 27th November 2013


27. 1 1 . 1 3 hosted at The Lounge Function Room

Arrive at 6PM for bidding to commence at 7PM Bar Available Entertainment Provided Auctioneer: Paul Clark (Kindly providing us with his services for the evening)

RAISING FUNDS FOR Welcome to the 2013 Photographic print auction.

Free Range Show at Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London

20.06.14 - 23.06.14 Private View 19.06.14

Each year undergraduate students on our BA Honours Photography programme devote their time and energy to planning and organising this exciting event, held to raise funds for the exhibition of their work at Free Range in London. This is a student-led initiative, an integral part of the curriculum designed to develop and challenge our students’ personal and professional skills. This year our passionate and determined cohort have worked hard to obtain valuable prints and signed books from a diverse range of practitioners, including renowned photographers such as Charlie Waite and Simon Roberts. Tonight you will see, and have the opportunity to buy, a selection of high-quality photography and we hope you will be keen to bid and support our students’ efforts. Our thanks go to all of the generous supporters and contributors who have made this evening possible, including the Treasury Bar for kindly agreeing to host the event and provide hospitality. And, thanks to you for attending tonight, your support is greatly appreciated.

Tim Gundry Programme Leader, BA (Hons) Photography



Plymouth College of Art


Handling and Collection Please be ready to transport your lot from the auction on the evening, suitable packaging will be provided. If unable to do so then you will have 10 days to collect from Plymouth College of Art - details will be given to you via email, phone or on the night as to how to collect and when. If you wish the lot to be posted to you then there is a ÂŁ10 postage fee.

6:00pm - Registering 7:00pm - Bidding commences Lots 1 - 12

Absentee Bids

7:30pm - Interval with Entertainment

These must be received at least 24 hours before the auction begins. We will confirm all bids via email, if you have not received a confirmation within 1 business day then please contact

7:45pm - Lots 13-24

View the image gallery and leave bids online at

8:20pm - Interval with Raffle 8:35pm - Lots 25-47 9:00pm - Bidding finishes

Conditions of Sale This auction is subject to Important Notices, Conditions of Sale and to reserves. Buyers are recommended to inspect the property themselves.




Music photographer Andy Willsher is one of the NME’s most influential and relied upon photographers. A true cornerstone of the magazine. He has covered every up and coming band over the last two decades from Oasis to the White Stripes and recently shooting the official press shots for the mighty U2 on their new tour. Taking up photography in school, his love for pictures grew in tandem with his enthusiasm for the burgeoning music scene of the late 1980s. A job in his local camera shop started him off printing his own pictures and sending them to various music publications. His talent was quickly recognized and he was soon picked up by NME to shoot at various events. Andy has traveled all over the world taking pictures of leading bands.

Lot Details: ‘Paul Weller’ 12 x 8 inches Unframed Printed on FujiFilm Fine Art Photo Rag



John Curno has made black-and-white photographs of the British landscape since the late 1970s, inspired by opposing American traditions of landscape mysticism and realism and by European romantic ideas around decay. If there is no especially distinctive voice here and minimal conceptualisation, his best work is nonetheless very well seen and realised, and stands honourably alongside that of slighty older contemporaries such as Cooper, Blakemore and Godwin. This monograph of Curno’s life’s work is the first book published by Fotonow, a community photography organisation based in Plymouth.

“Dartmoor has a harsher beauty, more difficult to capture. This is Dartmoor in a different light and spirit, blending rocks, moor, fields and trees together in an abstract form, letting people see it as I often do. The altered landscapes of Dartmoor, the decay, death and rebirth of the moors, fascinates me.” - John Curno Lot Details: ‘Ponies on a Hill’ from ongoing Dartmoor project, recently shown at Devon Rural Archive. Printed on Fujifilm Fine Art Photo Rag. 14 x 9 inches Hardback book ‘It’s About Time’ signed by the artist. Publisher: Fotonow, 2012



Brett White is a photographer who has recently moved towards the world of abstract art. Injection is an experiment involving ink as it glides through water. The image is linked to representation and is seen in a different perspective to each person that looks upon it.

Lot Details: ‘Injection’ 16 x 12 inches Framed 20 x 16 inches Limited Edition 1 of 25 Printed on Fujifilm Fine Art Photo Rag



Prior to commencing her role as a photography lecturer, Vanessa Griffith was a freelance portrait photographer. She joined Plymouth College of Art as a lecturer in 1998 and has since taught across Further and Higher education, her specialism being the printing of black and white film based imagery. Griffith has exhibited her black and white photographic portraits extensively in the Southwest and had work shown at the Association of Photographers’ Gallery and the Design Centre in London.

Lot Details: ‘Pat Kitto’ - co-founder in 1978 of the Totnes Natural Health Centre, the first of its kind in the UK’. 4.5 x 5.5 inches. Silver Gelatin Print.



In 1996 Andrew Nadolski began photographing the unique landscape of Porth Nanven, a remote beach on the west Cornwall coast. What began as an intensely personal set of pictures has grown to that of major exhibited work keenly sought by collectors. Published in book form, together with a fascinating essay by Dr Richard Scrivener of the British Geological Survey and a passionate foreword by Tim Smit, the work takes on an extra dimension. Here we see the interaction of land and sea that so fascinates Nadolski, not as isolated images but sequenced as a visual poem. The End of the Land is a powerful body of work that extends the boundaries of the photographed landscape and begins to question our understanding of humanity’s place in the universe and indeed, our perception of time itself.

Lot Details: A signed copy of his book “The End Of The Land” Hardcover: 129 pages Publisher: Headon House; 1st edition (18 Jan 2005) Product Dimensions: 29.2 x 29 x 2 cm



Christopher Sutherland is a professionally trained photographer with an ambition for the industry. This started at a young age, inspired by his grandfather who often brought with him his old Kodak for family walks amongst the beauty of nature. Currently his work is orientated around a topic close to his heart, food and people. By being able to grow up in this environment he has a complex understanding to capture beautifully arranged photographs of food and drink in settings that are familiar to many of us. Sutherland however takes this further by documenting the journeys undertaken and those individuals involved, a process he labels ‘source to plate’.

Lot Details: ‘Coffee Art’ 11 x 16 inches Unframed. Printed on Fujifilm Photo Satin



Sean Power is a freelance photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya. He entered into the photography world at a late age after his path crossed with a writer and photographer from The Times who were embedded with his Royal Marines unit in Afghanistan. Listening to stories about their adventures, Power decided he wanted some of the same and so handed in his notice and enrolled in a Photojournalism degree at the London College of Communication. He has had worked published in The Times, Sky News, The Independent, and has worked extensively with the Royal British Legion including an exhibition of work from Afghanistan in a Mayfair gallery. When photographing he likes to spend time with the subject, slowly getting to know the story and the people he is trying to portray within it. Every person has a novel within them, Power likes to find the portrait that best illustrates what chapter the individual’s novel is on.

Lot Details: ‘Minesweeper’ 16 x 10 inches Unframed Printed on Fujifilm Photo Satin



For over 20 years Tony Plant has created temporary, ephemeral works. Through subtle interventions he is able to tangibly alter the space within each of the works, ensuring each has its own presence. Like his contemporaries who graduated from Chelsea school of Art in 1990 he continually challenges the traditional understanding of artistic production by taking art out of the studio and into the everyday world. He often works in the margins, and through his use of ‘inquisitive experience’, creates works that are quiet, transient, simple but powerful.

“Tony Plant is an environmental artist, photographer and surf creature whose imagination stretches to the far and hidden corners of the coastline” - Surfers Path

Lot Details: ‘Fergal Smith, West Ireland’ 12 x 8 inches Unframed Printed on Fujifilm Photo Satin



Sean Currey has been taking photographs for 22 years. It all began when he witnessed a police officer assault an elderly woman at an animal rights protest, “I found that when I told people what I saw they would not believe a police officer would hit an old woman.” With this in mind he purchased an old Minolta 7000 and started to take photographs in order to provide evidence of the scenes he witnessed and became a regular at protests all over the South East. Since then he has progressed into landscape and various other genres in order to explore the world around him.

Lot Details: ‘Camors Brittany, France’ 10 x 8 inches Limited Edition 4 of 10 Printed on Fujifilm Photo Satin


LOT NO: 10

Martina Rooney’s recent practice explores and investigates themes of cultural change, patriotism, religion, and economic decline in 21st Century America.

Lot Details: ‘Trucks & Cars. Highway 89 nr. Kanab, Utah’ (2010) 19 x 7 inches Limited Edition 1 of 25 Silver Gelatin Print produced on premium quality Fibre Based Paper Print Produced 2011


LOT NO: 11

Monika Fischbein is an image-maker, who creates narratives using her passion for traditional photographic methods. She has a transitional career, over the past few years she developed from fashion photography to cinematic constructed projects. The notions of beauty and the perceptions of youth are present in her photography. Her images are about creating and communicating a feeling, mood or an emotion.

Lot Details: ‘pferdefuß - not everything as it appears’ (2013) 16 x 12 inches Unframed Digital C-Type print Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive


LOT NO: 12

Nicholas White is an Okehampton (UK) based photographer whose work is themed around landscape, exploring narratives related to human intervention, the environment and the ways in which we interact with our natural spaces. His debut series, The Militarisation of Dartmoor, was shortlisted for Millennium Images’ Peaches & Cream III and won the Magnum Photos Showcase in association with IdeasTap. Nicholas was also awarded the South West Graduate Photography Prize in 2013 for the same project. He assisted Chris Steele-Perkins on the Magnum/Multistory collaborative project Open For Business and worked as a re-toucher for John Kelly’s Body of Art. Nicholas White graduated from Plymouth College of Art in October 2013, with a First Class Honours degree in Photography and is available for commissions.

Lot Details: ‘Winter at Moor Brook Head’ 20 x 16 inches Unframed Printed on Fujifilm Fine Art Photo Rag.



LOT NO: 13

A vintage collection of prints by Magnum Photographers: Dennis Stock George Rodger Martine Franck Bruno Barbey Steve McCurry Werner Bischof Martin Parr Josef Koudelka Harry Gruyaert Henri Cartier - Bresson Rene Burri Larry Towell

Lot Details: Les grands photographes de Magnum photos - Hachette (signs of usage) 16.5 x 12 inches Total prints: 12


LOT NO: 14

Tomasz Kondracki is a photographer and photographic artist who is interested in portraiture, urban and rural landscapes as well as still life. He uses a wide range of digital and analogue media such as 4” X 5” format camera and Canon 5D MKII to create his pictures and installation. Tomasz’s work depicts loneliness, insecurity and alienation in a foreign country. In doing this his art is becoming his therapy.With this in mind his current work is an installation of portraiture of his family and friends surrounding him. Tomasz’s future aspirations involve exhibiting his photographic installations as part of a private show.

Lot Details: ‘Near Burley’ Limited Edition 2 of 20 Framed size: 30” x 23” Print size: 26” x 19”


LOT NO: 15

Sue Hall is a fine art photographer who lives with her two children and husband in South East Cornwall. Her work is diverse, including projects on ‘The Normandy Beaches’ and ‘Family Album’. This print is of Whitsand Bay, a landscape much loved and enjoyed by the photographer. Contact: 07825 630314

Lot Details: ‘Whitsand Bay Triptych’ Unframed 28 x 15 inches Limited Edition 2 of 50 Printed on Fujifilm Photo Satin


LOT NO: 16

Jack Long is a Liquid Sculptor/Photographer. I use the term sculpture because my entire goal is to create intriguing three dimensional fluid forms. Because they are fluid and happen so quickly, photography is the only method of seeing them. The photography portion is only the final stage in the creation of these images of fluids suspended in mid-air for a very brief period of time. The whole action takes just a fraction of a second. I work to create and capture the three dimensional fluid form at it’s most interesting shape and position. The form is captured with high speed flash photography that has a duration of as brief as 1/10,000th of a second. Even with complicated construction and extensive testing, the results are still often surprising and serendipitous. While there is a lot of technical aspects to the work, my goal is to always strive to create Liquid Art Photography. As an experienced photographer, the quality of light and form are extremely important in bringing out the characteristics and shape of the fluids. Lot Details: ‘Nacre’ from the Liquid Flower Series 12 x 8 inches Unframed Printed on Fujifilm Photo Satin.


LOT NO: 17

As a photographer I never really had an overall plan for my work nor a common theme I wanted to document. I considered myself more of a traveler with a camera, interested in the current affairs situation of the world. Most of the time I worked on the African continent, mainly in the East. I discovered then approaching other humans with real interest in their stories, rather then the need to visually document their existence, widens my understanding more then the pure documentary process. I’m a human first and photographer second. After acquiring a bachelor of arts of Arts and Design from the University of applied science of Vorarlberg, Austria, in 2007, Marc Hofer was working as a freelance photo- and videojournalist in Africa since 2006. Mainly working in East Africa, Marc covered the also the war in Libya and the beginning of the uprising in Syria. His main customers are The Associated Press, Al Jazeera, Arise News, The New York Times and Channel 4 News. He is based in Nairobi. Lot Details: ‘Rebel Fighter, Libya’ 10 x 8 inches Unframed Printed on Fujifilm Photo Satin.


LOT NO: 18

Matthew is currently studying for his B.A in photography at Plymouth College of Art. On his final year he aims to move into the documentary field, specialising in photojournalism. Previously he has had his work shown in the Telegraph, Western Morning News and at present is covering Plymouth Raiders and concerts at Plymouth Pavilions. Although he sees himself as a diverse practitioner he often uses the camera to express emotion and mood through landscapes. ‘’I don’t like to pin myself down to any particular style or genre, I don’t believe everything I do has to be justified. Sometimes it’s more about taking some time out to produce a piece of work to represent how I’m feeling.’’

Contact: 07876704615

Lot Details: ‘Steps’ 31 x 24 inches Framed (black frame) Limited to 10 prints Printed on Fujifilm Photo Satin.

Reserve Price: £30



LOT NO: 19

Photohub has donated a photographic print by D B Photography titled ‘The Ether’ “With a burning passion for photographic art and fine art reproduction printing I launched the Photohub galleries back in April 2012 where I began showcasing an exclusive collection of Limited Edition Fine Art Prints created by a small selection of emerging local and international artists. Since then, I have taken on a small team to help curate and market our artists’ work but I continue to be involved in every aspect of the business.” - James Avery, Art Director and Founder of Photohub

Lot Details: ‘The Ether’ by DB Photography 22 x 16 inches Giclee Print Limited edition 1 of 50


LOT NO: 20

Tony Fitzsimmons is currently in his final year at Plymouth College of Art studying a BA (Hons) in photography. Much of his work combines his three favourite passions, landscape, weather and the animal kingdom, with an aim to showcase the power and beauty of our natural world. Taken in Tsavo West, Kenya, of a group of Zebra around a watering hole.

Contact: 07814 799294

Lot Details: ‘Thirsty Three’ 24 x 15.5 inches Black frame, white mount Frame size: 29.7 x 21.3 x 0.5 inches Printed on Fujifilm Photo Satin


LOT NO: 21

Tobie Loates is the joint Course Leader for the Extended Diploma in Photography and an experienced commercial photographer. Along side, this he pursues his interest in the marine landscape, regularly photographing the Devon and Cornish coastline. A recent body of work entitled “Watervisions” explores dispersed energy and the interaction of water and land. It has been exhibited in several exhibitions and featured in local press such as Devon Art magazine and the Western Morning News.

Lot Details: ‘Rushing Gulley’ Polperro, Cornwall 12 x 16 inches Mounted unframed Printed on Fujifilm Photo Satin


LOT NO: 22

Gideon Mendel is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading contemporary photographers. Born in Johannesburg in 1959, he studied psychology and African history at the University of Cape Town. Following his studies he became a freelance photographer and was one of the young generation of ‘struggle photographers’ documenting change and conflict in South Africa in the lead-up to Nelson Mandela’s release from prison. In 1990 he moved to London, from where he has focussed on social issues globally. He first began photographing the topic of AIDS in Africa in 1993 and in the past sixteen years his ground-breaking work on this issue has been widely recognized. His intimate style of committed photojournalism, whether in black and white or in colour, has earned him international acclaim. He has won six World Press Photo Awards, first prize in the American Pictures of the Year competition, a POY Canon Photo Essayist Award, the Eugene Smith Award for Humanistic Photography and the Amnesty International Media Award for Photojournalism. He has worked for many of the world’s leading magazines—among them National Geographic, Fortune Magazine, Condé Naste Traveller, Geo, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Guardian Weekend Magazine, L’Express and Stern Magazine. Since 2007 he has been working on a major project addressing climate change, entitled ‘Drowning World’ which involves travelling to a variety of flood ravaged locations around the world.

Lot Details: ‘Cavendish Street, Yeovile, 1986’ 12 x 16 inches Silver bromide print The image was made in 1986 as part of his ‘Living in Yeovile’ project. It is a recent edition (41/60) that was made for the Haus der Kunst Museum in Munich. It was for a print sale supporting the ‘Rise and Fall of Apartheid’ exhibition that featured much of Gideon’s work.


LOT NO: 23

Robin Maddock is an English photographer, based in London and San Francisco and he describes himself as a “social documentary photography … for now”. He’s published two books – Our Kids Are Going to Hell (Trolley, 2009), and God Forgotten Face (Trolley, 2012). He has an MA in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster: he says that not only is photography a means of expression and a way of making sense of the world but that it can “connect us to the past and help us think differently about the future”. Amongst other honours he’s been nominated for the Deutsche Börse Award in 2010 and selected by Martin Parr as one of the ‘rising stars of photography’ for the Smithsonian Institute: “Maddock’s views and snatches of life are both surreal and individual. He has the enviable ability to turn nothing much into something quite profound.” God Forgotten Face, is a series of pictures taken over a number of years in Plymouth, a city in the west of England that was heavily bombed during the Second World War and subsequently the test bed for radical 1050’s utopian reconstruction. The target of the bombing raids, the Dock Yard, was drastically downsized in the 80’s with the loss of nearly 30,000 jobs. Maddock chose the city because of personal ties (his father was born there) and ”a desire to do a project about England”. Another factor was the fact that he “felt quite outside and alienated by the city.”

Lot Details: Image: 20 inch high One-Off artist’s proof print taken from his new book called ‘III’ Book: Hardcover: 128 pages Publisher: Trolley; First edition (31 Oct 2011) Language: English Product Dimensions: 22.1 x 17 x 2 cm


LOT NO: 24

David Ward is one of Britain’s most notable landscape photographers. His eye for shape and form is without equal and produces work that is startling in its clarity and intensity. With more than 20 years’ experience in large-format photography, he has photographed extensively throughout the UK and in countries such as Canada, Iceland, Norway and France. Over the years David has photographed everything from dogs to food to racing cars, but the landscape has remained his passion. In recent years he has concentrated his efforts on leading photography workshops, taking groups to places as diverse as Utah and Norway. His emphasis in teaching is on the photographer’s vision, rather than on what equipment is being used, and he passes on his knowledge in a uniquely humorous and accessible manner. David’s photographs are distinctive for their graphic simplicity and superb technical quality. He is fascinated by deeper questions about photography, asking why we do things rather than how. David’s first book, ‘Landscape Within’, a philosophical look at photography, was published by Argentum in the Autumn of 2004. In 2008 ‘Landscape Beyond’ was published in which David looks at what he considers to be the three essential ingredients of a photograph: beauty, mystery and simplicity.

“The small town of Casteluccio sits on the edge of a bowl carved from the lofty Appenines. For me it is one of the most real places that I visited in Umbria; the notion of progress seems not to have reached this high into the mountains, buildings have not been over-restored, the populace is not concerned with the tourist dollar. But the outstanding thing for me was the almost barren rolling landscape leading to towering mountains on all sides. A wonderfully abstract combination of curves and muted colours.”

Lot Details: ‘The view from Casteluccio’ (2005) Limited edition 1 of 10 - Unframed Paper size: 27.5 x 36 inches Image size: 19 x 24 inches


LOT NO: 25

Based in the South West photographer Andy Ford’s images serve as a means of exploring contemporary culture and his physical environment, forming a conduit for his passions, fears & opinions. This manifested itself in his early photographic work based in Cornwall where he documented British Surf culture & investigated the rugged landscapes of the North Atlantic Coastline. After part-time study in Truro Ford embarked on his first major body of work, an exploration of the underground music scene across the South West with a series of images that sought to express the raw energy of the live experience. This distinctive music & subculture work has lead to a flourishing career in the music industry working regularly for prominent music publication the NME as well as a number of other domestic & international publications. In his personal work Ford continues to create personal bodies of stark landscape & portraiture work which balance his commercial endeavours. Lot Details: ‘Seamist, Plymouth Sound’ 18 x 12 inches Unmounted Printed on Fujifilm Photo Satin Open edition


LOT NO: 26

Paulina Wysocka is a third year student at Plymouth College of Art. Originally from Poland, she is bringing her roots and experiences into her work. As an emerging artist she is working within fine art photography. The photograph is an outcome of an extended study for the final project of the foundation degree that Paulina completed earlier this year. About Hope: Any photograph, regardless of source, can function as a connection to someone, sometime, someplace. This photograph was very significant in the production of ‘Nothing is coming’. Within the investigation I undertook, I found that we can learn to see in vibrant colours if we really want to. What can be first read from ‘Hope’ is darkness, a dull and dirty window, broken glass. All the elements are dull and depressing and the part that I brought into the image gives it a different meaning. The window is an entrance to somewhere unknown and the sunflower suggests that there is something good behind that window. It’s warm, yellow petals symbolise that little hope, hope for the better. Contact: 07923377572 Lot Details: ‘Hope’ 16 x 11 inches Unframed Printed on Fine Art Paper


LOT NO: 27

Marcus Davies is a fine art photographer who has exhibited extensively in the UK. He has had a solo exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery, London and his work is included in many key collections including The Victoria & Albert Museum, The Saatchi Collection, London and CitiBank, London and New York. He has also exhibited in Europe at Hug Gallery for International Photography in Amsterdam as well as representing The Photographers’ Gallery at the prestigious Paris Photo in the Carrousel du Louvre. In 1998 he started experimenting with colour abstract photography. He made photographs by cutting geometric shapes from coloured acetate and leaves. His most recent photographic work has involved the use of unspooled lengths of film from his collection of super 8 football films – here a link was made between the predominant colours of the football team’s shirts to the geometric acetate shapes. Lot Details: ‘Marbles’ 8.5 x 9 cm Handmade book, signed by the artist Features some of his latest lightbox work.


LOT NO: 28

Tim Gundry is Programme Leader for HE Photography at Plymouth College of Art. An experienced commercial photographer, Tim also maintains an active personal practice concerned with the social and cultural history of the South West. Part of a body of personal work exploring landscape and memory, this image was published and exhibited in the Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards in 2008.

Lot Details: ‘Sandplace’ (2007) 16 x 12 inches Digital C-Type print Printed on Kodak Endura Metallic


LOT NO: 29

This image has been shot specifically to challenge the printing process. It is a print test card. It contains RGB and CMYK as well as an array of complex tones and textures. Twelve examples of this image have been printed through six different processes. These processes include three colour gum bichromate and UV solvent inkjet.

Lot Details: ‘The crafting of a digital ‘art’ photograph’ Pigmented Inkjet Print on Hahnemühle Bamboo


LOT NO: 30

‘I like to let my work speak for itself and don’t often feel the need to explain much. This however comes to a head from time to time when people ask me whether I have manipulated any of my images digitally, and so I do have to give up a few words about my work now and then. All of my photographic images are printed directly from the negative and so are totally analogous in nature. I love the rich colour and grain which can be achieved through film photography. I enhance this through the use of creative techniques with film and camera.’ - John

Lot Details: ‘Benji’ 24 x 16 inches Limited edition numbered prints of 76. Shot at Daymer in 2005.


LOT NO: 31

Alex Thornton is a UK based time lapse photographer. Last year he worked on a project in Belfast for multi award winning filmmaker Danny Cooke, where he was commissioned to produce a series of interior time lapses of the newly opened Titanic Belfast museum. he also had the privilege of working with Danny again on artist Kurt Perschke’s Redball project. One of my favourite places to time lapse are natural landscapes, living close to Dartmoor National Park I have spent countless days exploring its many landscapes capturing sunrises, sunsets and even dark skies. These opportunities have allowed me to hone and develop my skills as a time lapse photographer.

Lot Details: ‘Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye’ 10 x 38 inches Unframed Printed on Fujifilm Photo Satin.


LOT NO: 32

La Belleza Del Equino “The purpose of my work is to show people aspects of the equine industry that they may not be accustomed to viewing. In this project I have also aimed to show the beauty, power and elegance of these majestic animals. This project is personal to me because every day these animals have provided me with unforgettable memories, which I will cherish forever. I cannot thank Troodos enough for all she has done for me – she is my ‘black beauty’.” - Lexx Adair

Lot Details: ‘Trudi’ 16 x 12 inches Unframed Printed on Fujifilm Photo Satin.


LOT NO: 33

Tom Oldham is a London-based photographer specialising in portraiture and music. In the past decade he has shot many of the worlds leading recording artists, from bona fide superstars to the hottest emerging talent. Tom regularly shoots for Mojo magazine, he’s responsible for 60+ front covers of the UK’s most popular music magazine, The Fly and has been the official photographer for V Festival for the past 5 years. Tom combines his core music work with commercial briefs for a range of leading brands, as well as more charitable and socially aware causes such as his work in Africa for Riders for Health and War Child.

Lot Details: ‘Alex Turner, Arctic Monkeys’ London, July 2013 18 x 16 inches Unframed Printed on Fujifilm Photo Satin.


LOT NO: 34

Roberts has been documenting the remaining pleasure piers using his signature landscape style and 4 x 5” plate camera, echoing the aesthetic and tone of his highly successful previous book We English. Pierdom addresses the historical significance of these architectural structures placed in comparison with their modern interpretation and functionality. Simon’s large format photographs are taken with great technical precision, often from elevated positions incorporating peripheral details and the elements, thus enriching the viewing experience of each print. Through formal devices associated with the picturesque; perspective, asymmetry and juxtaposition, the photographs engage us with contemporary issues about our uneasy and fragile relationship to both nature, and our urban environments.

Lot Details: ‘Pierdom’ book signed by the artist Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing, Sept 2013 Essay: Francis Hodgson Binding: Hardback Extent: 160 Pages Trim Size: 246mm (H) x 305mm (W) Photographs: 81 Colour



LOT NO: 35

The John Hinde Collection has been entrusted with scanning and digitally restoring a set of the original transparencies, by John Hinde Ltd, from the world famous John Hinde postcards. Taken by John Hinde and his trained team of photographers, Elmar Ludwig, Edmund Nägele and David Noble, the pictures depict some of the nation’s best loved domestic holiday destinations during the 1960s and 70s. John Hinde is considered to be one of the pioneers of colour photography. At the time black and white images dominated the postcard market, however as a trained colour photographer Hinde was determined to create bright and vibrant cards of English and Irish landscape. These were so in demand that by 1966 Hinde was running one of the largest postcard companies in the world. Each photograph was meticulously staged, sometimes taking weeks to achieve while waiting for the right weather conditions, and processed in Italy where colour technology was more advanced. Often considered kitsch and at a time when only black and white photography was taken seriously, Hinde’s pictures never received critical acclaim. In the late 70s colour photography finally began to receive acknowledgement from museums. Around the same time Martin Parr began to renew interest in Hinde’s work, hailing it for its documentary value and exceptional technical accomplishment.

Lot Details: ‘Tamar Bridge, Plymouth, Devon’ by Elmar Ludwig (approx. 1960-1975) Poster print as shown at South Bank exhibition in 2011 (Display copy) John Hinde Collection Ltd / John Hinde Ltd


LOT NO: 36

Tim Pearse is a practising fine art and portrait photographer based in Somerset. The synthesis of fine art photography and craftsmanship is the central creative methodology present in the making of his work, all else branching from this tactile method to produce unique, one of a kind art objects. Utilising a giant handmade camera combined with nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century technology, the representation of his artistic ideology comes to the surface, engaging with concepts of sustainability in the face of progressivism, through surrealist mirroring of semiotic contexts or direct positioning of complex thematic responses to personal thought processes. Specialising in ultra large format photography and the wet collodion process, Pearse works within studio environments and on location to produce creative responses to commercial briefs and individual commissions, as well as working on personal projects for exhibition on a national level. Lot Details: ‘Heart of Gold’ 4.6 x 3.6 inches Wet collodion ruby ambrotype Signed and in a presentation box.

Reserve Price: ÂŁ50


LOT NO: 37

Tracey Elliot-Reep grew up on her mother’s Shilstone Rocks stud farm in South West England. She now has her base producing cards, calendars and books in Widecombe-in-the-Moor on Dartmoor. After completing art college she worked and sketched the animals in a travelling circus and then travelled through Europe and North America, teaching horse riding before qualifying as a photographer in South Wales. For five years she worked as a freelance photojournalist for magazines, during which time she interviewed Royalty at Buckingham Palace, and she rode the length of New Zealand. Experience two adventures in one beautiful photographic book. Travel with two brave young girls as they ride for miles through the mountains, cyclones, floods and droughts of New Zealand with no backup except their mischievous packhorse Monty. Then return with Tracey and her beautiful palomino horses for another ride through yet more stunning scenery with many new adventures. Two delightful inspirational stories which are amusing and appealing to all ages.

Lot Details: ‘Riding by Faith through New Zealand’ (new edition) signed by the artist. 150 pages of stunning photographs and adventures. Bound in a tough flexi-cover with fold-over flaps for durability




LOT NO: 38


LOT NO: 39

The Photographic journal : official organ of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and the Photographic Alliance. A vintage collection of journals from the 1940’s.

Lot Details: 49 x The Photographic Journal - various years from the 1940’s (SIGNS OF USAGE)

Bidders are recommended to examine these lots before hand.

Lot Details: 3 x British Journal of Photography (vintage) 2 x Amatuer Photographer 1 x American Photography 1 x Functional Photography 1 x Good Photography 2 x Modern Encyclopedia of Photography Various books on the technical aspects of photography both hardcover and paperbacks. (SIGNS OF USAGE)


LOT NO: 40

“I’m thankful to have grown up in and around the sea in South Devon. When I was about 14, I got hooked on bodyboarding. I had a great pack of friends to surf and hang out with locally down here and up in North Cornwall, but as soon as I was able, I began travelling in search of the images I had spent my youth staring at in magazines.” - Ollie Howe

Lot Details: ‘Wave’ 12 x 8 inches Printed on Pearl Photo Paper


LOT NO: 41

Charlie Waite is firmly established as one of the world’s leading landscape photographers. His photographic style is often considered to be unique, in that his photographs convey an almost spiritual quality of serenity and calm. Charlie’s photographs are held in private and corporate collections throughout the world, and he has held numerous solo exhibitions at prestigious venues in the UK, Japan and the USA. Charlie was recently featured in Amateur Photographer Magazine’s series Icons of Modern Photography, and his images have received wide critical acclaim over many years. A recent article in Royal West of England Academy Art Magazine featuring Charlie’s work commented “Waite’s landscapes are rare perfections of light, colour and composition, and offer the viewer a luxuriant portrait of a planet at peace”. In 2000 Charlie was awarded the prestigious honorary fellowship to the British Institute of Professional Photographers and in early 2007 was presented with Amateur Photography’s Power of Photography Award, which is given to a photographer whose work is deemed to effectively demonstrate the powerful and memorable images of which photography is capable. Lot Details ‘Valensole in France’ 16 x 12 inches Open Edition Print


Photographer Phil Nicholls was born in Cornwall and studied at Falmouth School of Art and Bath Academy of Art. A passion for music and the related rock images of cult photographer Anton Corbijn lead him to abandon fine art and specialise in photography. In 1985, not long after leaving Bath Academy he received his first break in the music business scooping the Zigzag/Pentax Photographer of the Year Rock Portrait Award. This took him to London beginning his career as a freelance music photographer. He joined weekly music paper Melody Maker in 1985 and over the next 12 years became renowned for his gritty, intelligent portraits of rock celebrities, developing into a major figure in his field. His iconic images of artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Amy Winehouse, The Prodigy, Bjork and Courtney Love have appeared in Vogue, Uncut, Q, The Guardian, Telegraph, NME and countless other titles, while his work has been exhibited in London, Brussels and Tokyo.

LOT NO: 42

Lot Details: ‘Amy Winehouse, Louisiana, Bristol’ (1993) 25 x 20cm Signed by the Artist (Phil Nicholls)

LOT NO: 43

LOT NO: 44

Lot Details (Opposite Page) ‘Bjork, Rennes, France’ (1993) 40.5 x 30.5cm Signed by the Artist (Phil Nicholls)

Lot Details (Above) ‘Joe Strummer’ (1988) 40.5 x 30.5cm Signed by the Artist (Phil Nicholls)


LOT NO: 45

Regency Cafe, London SW1

Andrews Doors, Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1

Lot Details: ‘Classic Cafes’ 3 prints, each signed by the Artist (Phil Nicholls) 30.5 x 24cm

Central Cafe, Poultry Street, London E1

LOT NO: 47

LOT NO: 46

Lot Details: ‘Shane Meadows’ 29.5 x 21cm Signed by the Artist (Phil Nicholls)

Lot Details: ‘Untitled’ 24 x 30.5cm Signed by the Artist (Phil Nicholls)

Bretonside Copy is proud to have been providing customers within Plymouth (and further afield), with reprographic and print finishing services for more than 25 years.

Our full list of in-house services include: Artwork Design Service (Adobe CS3, Photoshop In Design, Illustrator, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, CorelDraw + All Microsoft Progs. etc.) Full Colour Laser Printing & Copying to A3+ (up to 4,000 Colour A4’s per hour) B/W Printing & Copying to A3+ (up to 18,000 A4’s per hour) Business Stationery: Letterheads / Compliment Slips / Business Cards Ticket Books / NCR Invoice Pads / Menus Large Format Colour Printing for Giclee Fine Art, Professional Photographic Enlargements / Posters etc. to A0 Plan Printing to A0 (Accurate Enlargements and Reductions Possible) Encapsulation (to 1 metre width & virtually unlimited length) on site Day-Glo Poster Printing (to 841mm width to 16metres length) Perforating / Slitting / Creasing / Drilling Folding / Guillotining / Booklet Making Binding: Wire / Plastic Comb / Plastic Slide / Thermal / Perfect Round Cornering / Stapling / Numbering / Padding Large format Colour Scanning & Writing to Disk / Memory Stick etc. Bulk / Volume Scanning & Archiving in B/W and Colour Photo Printing Service ... Mitsubishi Quality Prints 6”x4”, 7”x5”, 9”x6” Same Day or Next Day Service Board Mounting & Laminating (to A0) Ordnance Survey Mapping & Data Centre (On-Line)

The Treasury is set in a former 19th century converted city treasury building. Proprietor ‘Benjamiin Shearn’ has transformed and created a unique and exceptional cafe-bar-restaurant within a landmark listed building.

Plymouth’s finest and most sophisticated cocktail and champagne rendezvous...

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Foreword Photographic Print Auction 2013  

Foreword is a collective of talented undergraduate photography students from the BA Hon(s) degree programme at the Plymouth College of Art....

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