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The Enchanted Life of I have to be passionate about the next thing I do. “

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In this revealing interview, she talks about her new play, her passion in life and her big future plans. Juliet O’Neill in her new play titled, Love Affair.


uliet O’Neill is sitting in the living room of her new high rise apartment in downtown Toronto. She just got back from rehearsal of her new play titled, Love Affair. “It’s a really exciting role for me to play. I am such a sucker for love so this play really pulls at my heart strings,” she similes. “The play is about this passionate love affair between a married women and this handsome man she met on a European vacation with her girlfriends. It’s very stunning and classic love affair. I definitely had to step out of my comfort zone to play this role. It is a lot more passionate and intense love story then I am use to,” she explains. Juliet admits that it was a little scary at first to put herself out there. But the likable 23-year-old is determined to transform her exposure with this play into a long, lucrative career. This is the first play that she has ever done. Juliet is most known to us through her roles in films, like Four Seasons and Lost Girls. She has been on the top of her game in Hollywood for the past five years. We couldn’t help but ask her why the sudden change in her career when she was doing so well. “I was losing the things I love about acting. It definitely became more of a job,” she says. “It used to be more fun. The passion is lost when you have to do a scene 13 times before it’s perfect. I have to be passionate about the next thing I do, something that makes me want to get up in the morning and smile when I go to bed at night.”

NO HOLDING BACK Juliet didn’t audition for her role in Love Affair—it was created for her by Four Seasons screenwriters Kate Connor and Susan Campbell after they approached her about collaborating on a project. “She was doing something special in her roles that a lot of actresses were too afraid to do, and that’s to really go for it,” Connor says. She pretty much always has. Juliet grew up in Toronto, Canada, dabbling in local theatre in high school. After graduating from the University of Guelph-Humber, she was cast as a lonely teenager who gets bullied in a low-budget drama film. Not exactly the dramatic role she was looking for, but it was a start. After moving to Hollywood to pursue acting, it was actually Juliet’s intensity that won her a breakout role in Lost Girls. She didn’t have a head shot, an agent, or a clue what she was doing, but when she auditioned, Juliet displayed an adoring optimism that inspired director Lisa Young to cast her as the misguided teen Leah mills. She proceeded to portray a string of love-struck

women until she realized that she was losing her passion for acting and decided to change paces and embark on a career path in theatre. “To me, it doesn’t matter where life takes me as long as I am happy and living my lifelong passion for acting.”

The logo that Juliet O’Neill always follows when acting. Emotions, Emotions, Emotions!

Juliet O’Neill at the 2010 Academy Awards.


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