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Sarah Webb 11-15-10 Teacher Cadet

Today was my most interactive day with the class as a whole. Instead of watching the children do their morning work and then Miss Robbins go over it with them, I got to give them their morning work and then go over it with them after they had completed Mondays part. On these sheets there is a combination on math, language arts, and some history. To go over it I read some of the problems and asked them to read some out loud for the class. After that I would either ask them to raise their hands and answer it individually or I would ask for an answer from the whole class. I preferred asking for an answer from the whole class because I felt like only six or seven from the class of twenty two were raising their hands and wanting to answer the questions. On Mondays a lot of stuff for the week is laid out. One of these things is the “jobs� that each of the students receive for the week. Some of the jobs rotate from week to week and others are permanent for the entire year. Some of the rotating ones are library book holder, line leader, and hall and bathroom monitor. Some examples of the permanent jobs are key holder and lunch counter. The last thing that I did before I left for the day was give the students their pre-spelling test. On Mondays the students are given a pre-spelling test that has the same words on it that will be on the real spelling test that they will be given on Friday. If they get all of the words correct on Monday they are exempted from taking the test of Friday and therefore get to do something fun while the other students have to take the test. Unfortunately none of the students got a 100 on the pre-test this week, although some got very close. To give them this test I do exactly what I would do during the real test which is call out the spelling word, put it into a sentence, and then say the word again.