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My Family My family is the worst. I wouldn’t say I love my family. My family makes me live in a box. It isn’t the truth that My family gives me shelter. I support that My brother is aggravating. It is impossible to say My brother is cool. I feel that My family would forget about my birthday. I definitely do not believe They think of me often. The truth is They don’t care if I get an F. It’s foolish to presume that They help me with school work. It’s a fact My family thinks I lie all the time. It’s hard to believe They trust me. I support that they Want me to be a lonely person. It’s unrealistic to say that They would let me have friends. I will be the first to admit that My mom isn’t cool. Do not assume My mom is cool. I wish this would reverse. By: Deshaun Keeble

Deshauns reverse poem  
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