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Task 1. 2-Last week my family and I had just finished eating and we got a call from my grandmother.

She told me my little cousin fell down and hit his head, he was in the

hospital. 3-Immediately my mom and I went to the “hospital Angeles” which is in Interlomas and we caught some TRAFFIC 7- Finally we got to the hospital, my grandma was there and my uncle and my aunt were inside the emergency room with my little cousin. 10- We were chatting with my grandma while we were waiting for my aunt or my uncle to tell us what was going on…. 11- After a while my aunt came out. She told us the baby was ok but he had hit his head really hard and he fractured his head, just above his eyebrow. 16- I went inside the room to see the baby, he was ok, he was perfect… 17- After that me and my mom went home and the baby with his parents got home about 2 hours later.

Last week when we finished eating, my grandmother called my house. She told us my little cousin fell and hit his head. He was in the hospital. My mom and I decided to go. We got ready, and left my house. On our way we caught some traffic getting to the hospital which is in Interlomas. When we got there I was really nervous because I didn’t know what was going on. We got into the emergency room and my grandma was there. We waited in the waiting room for my uncle or my aunt to come out and tell us what was going on.

After a while, my aunt came out. She told us the baby had fallen from the kitchen counter and hit his head really hard and she got scared and brought him to the hospital. They made some xrays and then the doctor told them everything was ok but he fractured his head. He would be ok in a little time.I went inside the room to see the baby, he was ok. After a while my mom and ii left and the baby would leave in about 2 hours.

Task 2.

LETTER Dear Michelle: It’s been a long time since we’ve spoken. I miss you, how are you? I wanted to tell you about my job. It’s in a school, here in the United States. I work with a kid called Christopher John Francis Boone. This kid has aspergers syndrome. I never thought I would work with a kid like this. Working with this kid has made me change Ive learned a lot from him , he is a very lovely person. Christopher opens up to me, he tells me what’s going on, on the inside of him. Even though he is different in a special way he is an awesome kid. We tell each other everything, we have a very healthy relationship where I am like his kind of like “psychologist” and best friend at the same time. Christopher is very different, he is intelligent and organized. He has a hard time interacting with people and trying to tell how he feels. This job is the best one I’ve ever gotten. Hope to hear from you soon. Love, Siobhan

Task 3.


Its this feeling of sandness Consuming me I need my mom To get my happiness Shes got it all

I wish shed be here I look for her everyday Shes only in my dreams I wish shed be here I miss her every day

It’s the memories of you that make me happy It’s the memories of you that make me smile Im trying to find my way back My way back into you I miss you more than yesterday…

I need a hug Like the ones I got from you

Please come back mom My heart longs for you I need you here‌.

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time  

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time