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SARAH MELLOR Personal Professional Practice


Louis Vuitton ‘I AM LUXURY’

10- 13

Perfect white shirt

14 - 15

Diversity Now


Children’s fashion workshop

18 - 19

Bagel Nash coffee cup design


Past Collections

Luxury Travel

Taking inspiration from past collections alongside my personal interpretation of ‘I am luxury’. By looking into luxurious interiors, a more abstract and free illustration was achieved. The main point of inspiration being the beautiful curved staircases, which became influential on the garment design.

Exhibitor at Louis Vuitton ‘I A M L U X U R Y’

PERFECT WHITE SHIRT My design is inspired by architecture such as the Cairo Expo City. Looking into shape and structure I wanted to focus on contouring the body from different angles to produce a new take on the clasic white shirt. By incorporating a range of construction techniques to improve the general fit of the shirt along with movement and appearance, I wanted to achieve a more desired shape of shirt that gave the individual comfort along with the multi-functional aspect of being able to transform the look from day to night. Using contrasting fabrics such as a slightly textured, thicker cotton with a lightweight sheer fabric in order to achieve added shape and structure conbined with detail within the shirt.

FINAL DESIGN By having an adjustable strip down the back of my shirt,it gives the wearer the option of having a tighter fit shirt which can be easily transformed into a looser fit, giving multi functional looks. By combining a lightweight, flexible shoulder strip, it allows the individual more movement and stretch to give a lot more confort and decrease restrictions when wearing the shirt. Adding geometric darts in a subtle way gives detail to the shirt contouring aspects of the body. Having an elongated cuff also allows the sleeve to be rolled up easily giving different lengths to suit personal preference.

DIVERSITY NOW Looking into body image and the effect that it has throughout the fashion world. Stereotypes of the perfect figure has became a big issue in day to day life. My illustration reflects key words being associated to women of different size and how the pressure of peers and the media can lead to more serious issues.


Organisation of a fashion illustration workshop. Working with children between the ages of 8 and 11. Use of mixed media to encourage the children to produce their own individual T-shirt design which then developed into the realisation of creating the T-shirt and styling.



262.98 mm

198.82 mm

262.98 mm

198.82 mm


262.98 mm

198.82 mm

Start the day with a morning coffee in a fashionable way. By incorporating a modern reptitve print into my designs it brings the cup alive. Using a neutral colour palette with hints of colour to be attractive to the eye, aiming at a wider range of audience, suited for the younger market as well as older. My final print is inspired by coffee beans to represent the best coffee in town, but with an artistic and more abstract approach to produce a mirrored monochrome print.

PPP Portfolio  
PPP Portfolio  

PPP portfolio consisting of 5 projects, 3 live and 2 self directed.