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Behind the Fence leeds

Working across a variety of mediums, my practice focuses on place and the objects and people that can be found at the sites I examine. The concept of a place being both public and private particularly fascinates me, as does the transient nature of particular locations. My current work concentrates on allotments, specifically those situated on Woodhouse Moor, Leeds. These features of the British urban landscape usually occupy awkward, otherwise unusable spaces.

Otherwise forgotten...

The casts translate otherwise forgotten or banal materials into articles worth looking at, they hold a residue of everyday life.

Allotments change through the seasons, with each user leaving their mark...

BA Art & Design (Ind), University of Leeds School of Design Degree Show, June 2012


Blog: Email: Mobile: 07772016504

Behind the Fence  

Behind the Fence is a catalogue for the artist Kathryn Cleverly. The catalogue is created to mirror the story that the artist is attempting...

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