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hello My name is Sarah McCormick and I am an enthusiastic and conscientious student looking to continue my education in the fields of architecture, design and development. I am passionate about the built environment and how it impacts health and well-being. My career goal is to design and develop architecture that optimizes health and wellness within a community. My dream is to establish a multi-disciplinary design-build firm that emphasizes collaboration and the common good. So far I have most enjoyed my work in healthcare, residential and religious architecture but I look forward to exploring other projects as well. I am looking to develop a long term relationship with an institution that shares my same values and will show me first hand how professionals in the design and development industries are able to positively impact their communities.

Personal Interests Travel, Volunteer work, Reading, Animals, Antique shopping, Crafting, Texas country music, Web design, Pinterest, Digital organization

Curriculum Vitae Awards & Affiliations

Sarah McCormick 205 Capps Drive College Station, TX 77845 +1 (512) 745-7123

MENSA Member 2010 - Current

Habitat for Humanity | Volunteer Aug 2011 - May 2014

AIAS | Member 2019

“Architecture for Health” Visiting Lecture Series Aug - Dec 2019

Education Texas A&M University Bachelors of Environmetal Design Minor in Urban & Regional Planning Aug 2014 - May 2020

Saint Michael’s Catholic Academy | High School Diploma Aug 2011 - May 2014 Graduated with Honnors

Work experience Interior Designer Modsy | Pencil & Pixel Inc. Design customers’ rooms using 3D modeling software Render images to communicate design ideas Consult with clients over design styles and individual needs

HKS Architecture Aug - Dec 2019 Collaborated with Norman Morgan and Mark Buda in designing a Women and Children’s Hospital for Cook Children’s

Presidential Volunteer Service Award | Gold Level 2014 For 100+ hours of community service in one year

Strengths Sociability

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe InDesign


Adobe Illustrator



Team Work






Table of contents

01. healthcare

02. cultural

03. residential


01. COOK CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL a women and children’s hospital

Cook Children’s hospital is a collaboration project between Cook Children’s and HKS architects. The project is a 300k square foot hospital facilitiy in coordination with an existing Cooks medical campus in Denton, Texas. This project seeks to add specialized services for women and children with a connection to the existing facilities on site. Cook Children’s requested that the building act as a landmark for the campus and communicate the Cook brand to the community.

Course: Integrated Studio I Instructor: George Mann Location: Denton, Texas Team members: Rachel Woodruff Completed: December 2019 responsible for the production of digital drawings & content

patient room plan view

nurses’ station & play area plan

The concept for Cook’s Women and Children’s hospital begins with the design of patient spaces. Pediatric inpatient rooms use interactive technology and imaginative design elements to revitalize children’s spirits and a distinct living space restores normalcy for parents. This continues in the hallways and public spaces. The entire patient floor is a giant playground with restorative grown-up spaces tucked away throughout.

concept diagrams

structural wall section

Levels 3 & 4

Level 2

Level 1

circulation public & administration diagnostic & treatment logistical & support inpatient nursing

floor plans

underground parking

Vegetation Growth Substrate Filter Fabric Drainage Element Protection Layer Root Barrier Insulation Layer Waterproofing Membrane Roof Deck

roof garden section cut

structural building section

window unit detail


patient room

atrium park

01. Continued Care Community The continued care retirement community focuses on providing elderly care for all levels of need. The community provides housing opportunities for families and all age groups to promote inter-generational interaction and help promote longevity. The types of housing include the following: dementia/memory care, skilled nursing, independent living and family housing. The master plan design focus is on walkability and includes a mixed use marketplace and pedestrian promenade that is accessible to all residents. skilled nursing patient room render

Course: ARCH 206 Instructor: Susan Rodiek Location: Kitakyushu, Japan Team members: Bailey Sullivan Landscape architects:Logan Kidwill Annamarya Rojas Blaine Mikulik Clayton Blout Completed: Spring 2017 responsible for the master plan concept and design and development of the skilled nursing facilities Design Concept: eternity

skilled nursing level 1 floor plan

skilled nursing private room entrances

skilled nursing room entryway

community master plan


Sundance Square Pavilion The sundance square pavilion project is a proposal for a new pavilion installment in the popular Sundance Square in Fort Worth, Texas. The project aims to optimize comfort in the square in all weather conditions and represent the culture of Fort Worth. This pavilion proposal is made of a steel frame and semi transparent fabric woven with LED lights. The surface can act both as unobtrusive shading or a festive display screen to highlight the strong architecture and community values of the area.

design inspired by the famous stockyards


Course: ENDS 106 Instructor: Livia Loureiro Location: Fort Worth, Texas Team members: Frank Abbott Completed: Spring 2017 responsible for the design and digital models of the pavilion

dog park auditorium & activitypark

sports courts

Bryan Community Center The Bryan Community center is a proposal for a new community and activity center in Bryan, Texas. The project involves the development of a vacant golf course into facilities that will attract community members and college students from the Bryan andCollege Station areas. The program was developed with the help of community members and includes sports courts, an outdoor auditorium and park, and a facility for indoor recreation and meeting spaces.


conference room

floor plan level 1

floor plan level 2

Course: ARCH 305 Instructor: Katari Stewart Location: Bryan, Texas Completed: Spring 2019 responsible for surveying the community, designing the community center’s main facility and developing a site proposal



Disaster Relief Shelter The disaster relief shelter is a project inspired by Alejandro Aravena’s social housing designs. The relief shelter is completely customizable and must fit within a 3m x 3m space. This proposal includes multiple levels that can fit a family of four. Each unit comes with its own “front porch� that can be assembled adjacent to others, to create a larger communal space.


interior render

Course: ARCH 116 Instructors: Livia Loureiro Shermeen Yousif Completed: Summer 2016

responsible for the design of one disaster relief unit and the proposal for its communal configuration

floor plan

side elevation

site plan

front elevation

render of floor plan

Single Family Home This project is a 2500 square foot home on a corner lot in the Southern Point Community. The design should respond to the climate and incorporate open family space. The home focuses on a balance of public and prive spaces with a seguay between the two. The facade design provides abundance natural lighting while maintaining the privacy of the family.


responsible for a collaborative design process, interior and outdoor design and section-cut images



Course: ARCH 205 Instructor: Dr. Jong Bum King Location: Fort Worth, Texas Team Members: Leon Contreras, Aaron Escobedo Completed: Fall 2016

concept diagrams

floor plan level 1 floor plan level 2

living room render


A profound design process eventually makes the patron, the architect, and every occasional visitor in the building a slightly better human being. - Juhani Pallasmaa


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