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Post 16 Guide to the MRC

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Your Library Services There is so much information out there available to you:books; databases; images; journals; magazines; newspapers, and the Internet. Are you really confident that you know how to find everything that you need? We can help you find, organise, and use the information that you want.

This guide will help you find out what the MRC can do for you. I want to get good grades Using the MRC will help you to do well during your time in the sixth form - international research s proved this!

Help I don't know where to find things! Now you are in the sixth form your teachers will expect you to work more on your own. We can help you find the things you need- books, reference materials, databases, journal articles, newspapers, and the Internet are available. Plus if we haven't got what you need we will buy in new resources, or help you to borrow from places such as the British Library!

I Really need somewhere to study... The MRC is a really supportive place for you to work, sure you have your study area for group work, but if you need somewhere quiet to work on your own or to tackle a research task, then the MRC is there for you.

I really need some support... We all want you to get the best out of the MRC, so please talk to us about how we can help you. We can work with you to improve your research skills using a range of resources or the Internet. My work has been marked as outstanding by inspectors- so come and find out why!

I need access to a computer.... If all the computers in the sixth form study centre are being used then you may come and use one in the MRC if there are no other classes or groups booked in. We also have floors sockets for use with your personal laptops, and mobile devices are welcomed in the Gutenberg area of the MRC as long as usage is silent (no calls or music).

I really want to improve my research skills.... It is our job to help you. Have a look at the Oliver Homepage which is available on the VLE. This really is your first point of call when you start a new Research Project. It has links to our online database subscriptions, as well as quick access to the whole TDA catalogue. I can help you personally or work with groups or classes to improve your search results. Simply put search better and faster. I can also give you advice to help you make surer that you do not plagiarises when you are writing coursework- just drop me a email to make an appointment or pop into the MRC to see me! The Oliver Homepage is available on the VLE (Student Home or MRC Homepage).

Who runs the MRC? I am very experienced professional librarian. I have a degree in librarianship, am a chartered librarian, and am a trainer for other school librarians. I lead an enthusiastic team of staff in the MRC who enjoy helping and guiding you to achieve excellence. Please talk to us as we are very happy to help you!

When can I use the MRC? You can use the MRC during your study periods throughout the day for quiet research, we are open from 8am to 5.45pm (closing earlier on Fridays). Sometimes there will be classes or groups booked into the MRC and then you will have to go to another room. The bookings sheets on display at the main counter or you can check with a MRC team member. You are welcome to stay in the MRC over lunch, again for quiet research or reading, although you may find lunchtimes (periods 4a & 4b) very busy with younger students! Please don't leave your things in the MRC when you are not in here as this can inconvenience other people. Your teacher may also book you in as a class.

What about borrowing? You can borrow the following items from the MRC. Books - 12 items for 4 weeks Text books - either for a term or year Reference stock cannot be borrowed. Please bring anything you wish to borrow to the main counter even if you only want it for a few minutes. You just need your swipe card, planner or other Named ID. Remember you are responsible for any items borrowed in on your card, please look after them and bring them back in on time - handing them in at the counter.

Reservations Resources can be renewed and reserved online and in person.

Fines We do not charge fines, but please bring resources back on time, because other students may need them. If you lose or damage anything then we will have to charge you the full replacement cost. This includes your textbooks so please do not swap them with your friends.

So, remind me, what does the MRC have for me to use? Physical Resources Facilities and equipment General and Young Adult fiction. Computers, Printer, Scanner. Reference and Information books. Floor sockets for use with your Newspapers, magazines and journals. personal laptops. Playaways (audio stories) Professional services Virtual Resources Supportive working environment. Oliver catalogue Professional staffing. Research Guides Help with resources and research Subscriptions to essential online skills. databases. Advice with technologies. E-books.

How are we expected to behave in the MRC?

Respect the needs of other students to study in comfort and quiet. Take your stuff with you when you leave the MRC. You may bring in water bottles but no food. Mobile phones need to be on silent. Be aware that the MRC may be booked. Remember to ask if you need any assistance.

How are we expected to behave in the MRC? Respect the needs of other students to study in comfort & quiet. Take your stuff with you when you leave the MRC. You may bring in water bottles but no food. Mobile phones need to be on silent. Be aware that the MRC may be booked. Remember to asking you need any assistance.

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