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H ow to F ind it…. Use the quick link on the student homepage to find Oliver

I nfoT r ac Student Edition Conta i ns.... over 1100 titles this multi-source database is designed for school students providing you with access to a variety of full-text magazines, podcasts, reference books, historical images and full‐colour Rand McNally maps.

You can search for your keyword(s) as normal

M RC Advanced R esear ch sk ills

U seful for....

“students sometimes fail assignments or get poor marks because they rely too heavily on search engines or social media for their research and miss key academic sources, or because they do not evaluate the information they find online and cite inappropriate sources. Don't fall into these traps!” Intute 2000-2011

and then select alternative provider. finding information on curriculum topics including: current events, the arts, science, health, people, government, history, sports and more.

I nfoT r ac Student Edition

Or you can scroll down and find the quick link on the Oliver Homepage (Column 2)

Advanced Research Skills Series

Advanced Research Skills Series

Advanced Research Skills Series

I nfoT r ac H ow to Sea r ch A single search box appears of the home page, you can select from the most widely used search options, and have the optional ability to use search limiters. Enter one or more words in the Fi nd box, select a search option by clicking one of the radio buttons below the Fi nd box: Subject, Keywor d or Enti r e document. Optionally select from the Li mi t Resul ts options and/ or limit your search by Publ i ca ti on D a te(s). Then Click the Sea r ch button If your search is successful, the system will display the Search results page matching your search criteria organized on the right-hand side of the page. In the left-hand sidebar, you'll be able to further refine your results and view multimedia content. If the system cannot find results matching your search terms, a link will provided to revise your search. To per for m a n Adva nced Sea r ch click Adva nced Sea r ch (top orange border) Enter your search term(s) in the top-most input box then select an index from the drop-down menu. Optionally select a logical operator (AND, OR, NOT), enter additional search term(s) and select an index. You may add as many rows as needed by clicking Add a r ow

Click the Sea r ch button (clicking Reset removes what you have entered and starts over with a blank form)

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