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BLACK MARKETS Bare Island, La Perouse Sunday May 4 and runs 1st Sunday of every month for 2014 Markets and workshops opens 9.30 Aboriginal dancers and entertainment all day. Stallholders include Esme Timbery, Marilyn Russell and the Jungah weavers. There will be Aboriginal designed clothes, artwork, bushtucker food and spices, dream-catchers and jewellery just to name a few.



Aboriginal tours & workshops Shell workshop

$70 per person 10am and 1pm (includes materials) Make your own shell-work art with celebrated La Perouse traditional shellworkers Marilyn Russell and Esme Timbery. Their work has won the NSW Parliament Indigenous Art Prize and more recently purchased by and exhibited at the Musuem of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

Spearhead Cultural Connections

$90 per person 9:30 till 12:00 or 1:30 till 4:00 (includes materials) Spear making is a traditional Aboriginal skill and important cultural activity linked to survival. Dean Kelly of Warada Kinship will share his knowledge and skills with workshop participants about the manufacturing and creation of this ancient tool/weapon. He will also explain where the spear came from and how it has evolved and continues to hold and set the direction for life’s journey and how its form can be used to continually set and achieve your intended goals.

Aboriginal Weaving Workshop:

$100 per person 9:30 till 3:00 (includes materials) Join talented master weaver, Steven Russell of Jungah weavers from La Perouse but now living on the South Coast of NSW as he teaches you how to weave your own basket in the traditional style from traditional grasses. Stephen has been weaving for thirteen years as well as making Aboriginal tools, canoes, paintings and possum skin coats. Using a range of materials found locally along the east coast of NSW, he does contemporary and traditional weavings.

Catch N Cook plant and artefact tour

10:00 - 11.30 for $25 per person Learn about Aboriginal culture past and present by taking our bush-tucker walk. Hear about the amazing way Aboriginal people used the things around them to make artefacts. All profits will go towards First Hand Solutions cultural reconnection programs for Aboriginal youth.

Catch N Cook kids fishing tour

1pm - 2pm / 2:30pm - 3:30pm- $25 per person Learn about growing up by the ocean as an Aboriginal child and the lessons about sustainability passed from elder to child through a catch n release fishing program.

First Hand Aboriginal workshops and Black markets May 4  

First Hand Solutions Aboriginal cultural workshops and Black markets are an amazing way for the whole family to immerse yourself in culture.

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