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Scope of work The scope of work for the current study states that one of the goals is to “create a framework for orderly university development and to give the university integrated access to the multiple data sources it needs to effectively set priorities for capital improvements.” The tasks for this phase of the master plan are described below.


Historical Resources Assessment

A historic resources assessment includes a survey of the university’s building stock categorized according to historic significance and important features. The assessment provides a resource for restoration, renovation, and reuse, and will determine which buildings are appropriate for removal or replacement.


Mobility Plan

A campus-wide mobility plan integrates pedestrian, bicycle, vehicle, transit, and transportation demand management (TDM) strategies, and service-vehicle circulation. The mobility plan tests a range of mobility scenarios to address the complex mobility systems that converge on campus, and recommends an integrated strategy to address current and long-term conditions.


Sustainability and Energy Conservation Funding Strategies 3

Sustainability strategies integrated fully with the overall master planning process and coordinated with the efforts of the President’s Sustainability Steering Committee. The focus of the sustainability task is to integrate the UT Natural Resource Management and Conservation Strategic Plan with other sustainability initiatives. It involves establishing baselines and goals based on the University’s AASHE STARS submission, identifying metrics, and setting priorities around a variety of sustainability initiatives. As a related effort, the master plan includes creation of an energyconservation funding strategy. Working with UT Campus Planning and Facilities Management (CPFM) staff, a baseline for future energy consumption by building and use type is identified. Goals are set for future building energy use, and energy use intensity (EUI) targets are established based on the need to meet the energy use goals. These targets lead to recommendations for energy-conservation funding strategies.

University of Texas at Austin Campus Master Plan  

University of Texas at Austin Campus Master Plan, Fall 2012

University of Texas at Austin Campus Master Plan  

University of Texas at Austin Campus Master Plan, Fall 2012