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It would be hard to write a journal about innovative and important art and architecture withouth mentioning the Master Frank Lloyd Wright. In his time he created so many new ways of approaching architecture and engineering that he, one man, challenged the world to think differently. His work, such as Falling Water

pictured above is celebrated for its engineering and architectural genius of the great horizontal cantelevering balconies and roof lines so intrinsic to his style. His work has been recognised by so many people he has even beem imortalised in the LEGO arhcitectural collection. The aspiration I am sure of many architects of today.

This project was concieved in 2010 during my first year of architectural study. The project asked for a headpiece to be created that somehow reacts to the body. The theme of my work was honeycomb. I applied a rule to the design process that enabled me to drape the hexagonal extruded forms over the head and dow n the side of the face. This rule was the idea of moving from the most regular form to the most irregular with the idea in mind that the honeycomb was reacting to the body by melting. This project was my first experience with computer modelling which I personally found both challening and eye opening to the way designing is becoming in 21st century.

The Swoosh Pavillion was design and constructed by second and third year students from the Architectural Association in London 2008. The curving nature of the pavilion appears to wrap around itself as it fulfills its brief of a place for 100 people with some enclosure quite dramatically. To see work of this standard from students in the equivalent year to myself is inspiring. These students have pushed their skills to build a 1:1 model of their project as a part of their university course.


Working Journal for ADS3:AIR University of Melbourne

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