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A​ i​ s for… Aurora Express Bed & Breakfast

You can find this mobile hotel in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

B​ ​is for... Beckham Creek Cave

If you have ever wanted to live like a caveman or cave girl, this place is for  you. 

C​ ​is for… The Clown Motel 0&policyid=3& keyword=&url=d3d3LmZsa

This place is full of clown statues and other clown things.

D ​is for… Dog Bark Park Inn

Ever wondered what was inside a dog? Well you can experience that here.  

E​ ​ is for… El Cosmico ​

At this hotel, you can sleep in a trailer, OR a Teepee! 

F​ is for… Four Seasons Hotel

Known for its beautiful pools and great food. There is also a Four seasons hotel  in the Nile Plaza, which is in Egypt!    

G​ ​is for… The Grand America Hotel

This grand hotel is rated 5 stars and VERY big. You can find it at Salt Lake  City, in Utah. 

H​ ​is for… Halekulani Hotel

Rated 5 stars and located in Hawaii, this beautiful hotel has some expensive  rooms. Example: Executive Luxury  Suite! 

I​ is for... Inn at Manchester

Contains home cooked breakfasts, front   seat views of the Green Mountains, and  a home style pub. 

J​ ​is for… Jule’s Undersea Lodge

Here you can live underwater and swim with the fish!     

K​ ​is for… Kate’s Lazy Meadow Motel

At this motel, you can go back in time to the 60’s.

L​ i​ s for… The little Nell Hotel

  A 5 star hotel in Aspen, Colorado. This  hotel is anything but little! 

M​ ​is for… Montage Deer Valley

  An elegant mountain retreat​ ​with the  largest spa in Utah.   

N​ ​is for… New River Gorge Guesthouse

Owns a view of the New River Gorge  National River.   

O​ ​is for… Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort

Here you can live out all you Tarzan dreams. You get to live in treehouses!  

P​ ​is for… Park Lane Guest house

An eco-friendly organic guest house for  you and you organic family to enjoy.     

Q​ i​ s for… The Queen Mary

  A retired cruise ship that now serves as  a hotel for paranormal seeking guests.  

R​ ​is for… Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa

A Mexican ranch styled resort with  crystal clear pools and a humongus spa  for all to enjoy! 

​S​ ​is for… the Stanley Hotel

A hotel nicknamed “A disneyland for  ghosts” that includes underground  tunnels!   

T​ ​is for… The Twelve Oaks Georgia.html

They decorate the rooms to go with  upcoming holidays including, Easter,  Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. 

U​ i​ s for… Ultima Thule Lodge

An Alaskan Resort 5 minutes away  from an Alaskan airway.   

V​ ​is for… Village Inn of Woodstock

A beautiful victorian style hotel that  comes with a free breakfast! 

W​ ​is for… Waldorf Astoria Chicago

  A great hotel filled with modern rooms,  pools, and even modern art!   

X​ i​ s for… Dixon, Best Western Montis Inn


A classic hotel with a crystal clear pool and great views. 

Y​ ​is for… Yuma, Hilton Garden Inn m  

  A beautiful, but modern hotel worth  spending your money on.   

Z​ ​is for… Zapata, Lakeview Inn & Suites

It may look rough on the outside, but  it’s the features of this hotel that count! 

“American Hotels in Alphabet” is a learning  based book made to help  your child learn the  alphabet efficiently. Your  child will also learn many  famous and cool hotels  he/she might not have  known before.    -Author of “American  Hotels in Alphabet 

American Hotels in Alphabet  

“American Hotels in Alphabet” is a learning-based book made to help your child learn the alphabet efficiently. Your child will also learn ma...

American Hotels in Alphabet  

“American Hotels in Alphabet” is a learning-based book made to help your child learn the alphabet efficiently. Your child will also learn ma...