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Sarah Lundy Master of Architecture 2013 University of Oregon Portland, OR


Visual Arts Northwest Academy College of Visual Arts NW 3rd and the ODOT Tracks Portland, OR Winter 2012 Don Genasci / Sean Cho

VANW’s site exists on the edge of Oldtown, straddling the grid shift, occupying the land between the city, the railroad tracks and the water. By continuing NW 4th and NW 3rd Ave through to the waterfront, the city grid is extended and the waterfront made accessible. The existing beach is enlarged, forming a cove that acts as a terminus to Tom McCall Waterfront Park as well as a soft, approachable edge to the river. The school itself adresses this new park space in form as well as program. The waterfront attracts people to the area and the gallery invites them to TUFQJOUPUIFXPSMEPGBSU5ISPVHIJUTEJGGFSFOUHFPNFUSJFT UIFTDIPPMTNBTTJOHSFnFDUTUIFDPWFTIBQFPGUIFCFBDIBOEFNCPEJFTUIFHSJETIJGU The train is incoporated into the rhythm of VANW’s daily life, running through the central courtyard and creating two distinct outdoor spaces: one for public use and one for student use.


general  public   VANW  students  

arts  community  

creative  process personal  interpretation materials  and  techniques generation  of  ideas exploration  of  concept   self-­expression

input the  work  of  artists academic  experiences historic  and  cultural  identity reflect  time,  place,  and  current  events

output student  work input  transformed   engage  the  public reinterpretation  of  past  explorations statement  of  present  state  of  being integration  into  cultural  identity

1 A117

input output

1 A118

creative  process

1 A126











1 A126

1 A126

View from the cove

Live-Work-Produce Urban Incubator NW 6th Ave and NW Glisan St Portland, OR Fall 2011 Don Genasci

A redesign of this isolated part of Portland’s Old Town by the Union Station. Much of this area is void space, a dissipation of the grid as it meet the railroad and the Willamette River waterfront. An edge such as this is the ideal location for an urban incubator--a collective work space that allows local startup business to establish themselves while forming a community and receiving the support they need to succeed. The urban redesign reconnects this leftover space with the Pearl and the rest of Old Town by designating NW Hoyt St. as a through “green street” that continues through the Greyhound Station into the Pearl. NW 6th Ave becomes a pedestrian boulevard from Downtown that culminates in Union Station. The Park blocks extend into the previous US Postal Service Parcel and then change shape and crossover the tracks to the waterfront. The building fronts NW 6th Ave and takes a slow step back from the street edge to form outdoor street seating for ground level retail. Focus is but on the incubator gallery and store, as well as independent retail space along NW Hoyt and NW Glisan. Live/work lofts are above on NW 6th and connect to the community workshop space on the corner of NW 6th and NW Glisan.

NW Hoyt St

housing lobby


live-work lobby



NW 6th Ave

NW Broadway

incubator retail

conference & buiness center lobby

incubator gallery & lobby



NW Glisan St


Eat-Work-Live Mixed-Use Residential with Urban Market SW 5th Ave and SW Oak St. Portland, OR Summer 2011 Jim Cutler

A “live-work-eatâ€? high rise building at SW 5th Ave between SW Oak St. and SW Stark St in Portland, OR. The site is half of a city block that is currently DSDUNLQJORWZLWKDWKULYLQJIRRGFDUWSRGUHVLGLQJXSRQLW7KHSURJUDPFDOOHGIRUVIRIRIĂ€FHVSDFHDQGVIRIUHVLGHQWLDOVSDFHZKLOH responding to the existing condition of the food carts in some manner. This edge is supported by seating and an interior market space, which permits year round operation of the food carts as well as creates spaces for other types of small business to inhabit. The market hall’s smaller footprint allows some carts to remain outside, preserving the original character of WKHIRRGFDUWSRGZKLOHDLGLQJWKHWUDQVLWLRQRIWKHFXVWRPHUIURPVLGHZDONWRLQVLGHWKHPDUNHWVSDFH7KHRIĂ€FHVSDFHQHHGVĂ H[LELOLW\LQLWVSODQDQG glass cubes that alternate between conference room and terrace on the northwestern face of the building. Loft style apartments take full advantage of the southern light and the skipstop units allow in light and air from both sides of the building. An amentiy level roof garden at the base of the residential tower provides shared outdoor space for the residents.

Pringle Creek Ecological Education Center Sustainable Cities Iniative Boise Cascade Mill Salem, OR Spring 2011 Roxi Thoren

Located at a pivotal intersection between Salem and the Willamette River, the former Boise Cascade Mill site offers an opportunity to reconnect the city with its waterfront. While no longer designated for industrial production, the 13 acres can remain “productive� by educating the public on the critical role the site plays in the health of the Pringle Creek Watershed and the wetlands of the Willamette. Through the restoration of site habitat and the formation of critical points of intersection between various local communities and the environment, the Pringle Creek Ecological Education Center creates an educational and recreational destination that connects Pringle Creek and the Willamette River to Downtown Salem.

Forces on the Site Carousel

Boise Cascade Site Parks and Open Space Developer-Owned Land Civic Downtown

Riverfront Park Parking Playground


Water: River, Slough, Creek ODOT Railroad Highway 22 / 99E Fire Station

Minto-Brown Island

Civic Center

Nature Play rocks and trees for climbing / plantings for for sensory experiences / connects to dry creekbed

Native Demonstration Garden


native species of shrubs along main courtyard



introduction to area ecology / exhibits / classes / signage / demonstration gardens / nature play

Meadow Habitat butterfly garden / wildflowers / native grasses

Riparian Habitat

Immersion hands-on learning / experience habitat / get dirty / explore the creek


Launching POINT


the next step / crossing the water / departing the urban environment


4 3

Minto Brown Island Park / witness restored habitat / encounter native species

snags for turtles / lush variety of plants and wildlife

Wetlands teeming with plant and animal life / natural stormwater management

Creek confluence / watershed / diverse species

Open Water blue heron and other reclusive species / connections to greater watershed and habitat of Willamette valley

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