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THE BRIEF: Create a logo and business card for Susan Clarke jewellery and knitwear designer. Looking to turn a hobby into profession, Susan wants to take her handmade jewlerry and knitwear and input it into small boutiques and fairs. Susan needs branding that will establish her as a friendly, caring designer with a love for hand made products. The two elements that I was asked to create were a logo and a business card, with the oppurtunity to later on create a catalogue of products to disperse throughout boutiques once she has a select line of products together.





The response truly considers the business and its products and morals. The end reponse is organic and timeless, using illustrsation to represent the overall product range at Susan Clark home made jewlerry and knitwear rather than specific pieces. The deisgn focuses on the handmade appeal with special touches such as hand drawn typography and the written detail of 'made with love'. The colours are inspired by earthy tones and are reminscent of craft paper to further echo the homemade style, combined with white the design appears welcoming, simple and pure.


Ougd503 studio brief 3 susan clark branding sarah goldthorpe  
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