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this is a story a tale of the time a glimpse of modernism in its prime.

out with the old and in with the new. a long time ago, almost 80 years, a new way of life, was starting to appear. people were saying goodbye to the old, and hello to the new, new things were being invented, and design was changing too. Everyone was looking forward, to a better life, no seperations of rich or poor, for everyman and his wife. The same things were available, for everyone to buy, it didn’t matter in society, if you were low or high.



one day walter and violet, were looking at their home, they decided to redocorate, to do it on there own. Design had moved on, their house was looking old, there was a new lifestyle waiting for them, from what they had been told.


We should get rid of the stained glass window walter said, Its just not practical anymore, We need something that will let lots of light in, Thats what windows are for! We want a big slab of glass, So we can appreciate the view, that way it will be more practical, and the room will seem big too!


but walter the colours are my favourite, and the pretty pattern too, and the wall will not be strong enough, to hold a window so huge. don’t be silly violet, we could build a reinforced concrete shell, the new steel and concrete mixed together will hold the window well!



Jim’s Furniture Sale!



tomorrow we’ll go shopping, for furniture for the front room, Items that show the change in design, of the Modernism boom. They arrived at the store, and started looking for a chair, one that they could both agree on, they were looking for a pair. 6

£10 0


why is it so expensive? Violet, that chair is one of a kind! its the only one that was ever made, another you’ll not find!

this chair is much cheaper, affordable for everyone to buy, and the way that it was made, is what really caught my eye! 8

From one piece of steel tube, moulded into a frame, held together by bolts and screws, it could be quickly made! For these chairs can be mass produced, hundreds at a time, made by a machine and not by hand, its modernism in its prime. 9

violet, now we need a matching table walter, i know just the one! made with dark rich wood and a hand carved pattern, its traditional the deal is done! Here it is in all its brilliance, fit for a king and queen, carved with rich decoration, it will never be overseen!



Violet, to buy this table would be shallow, its stuffy and its old, its too dark and needs to be lighter, i am just not sold! we need it to be functional, without the patterns and the frills, something that represents improvement, a table that shows new skills!


Design should not disguise, what it has set out to do, this table is made for holding things, to this it should be true. This table I have found, It is the perfect fit, It is low, and it looks light, from the glass that covers it.


New Tables


Pay Here!

Walter there’s the shopkeeper! We’ll take this table and these chairs, Both made from tubular steel, they’ll look great as a pair! Walter and Violet, Is there anything else you need? Yes! A piece of art said Violet, that’ll really set the scene!

Cash Sales £00.00

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8


The Art Shop

New Art

In Stock!

There’s an art shop across the road, and lots of art they sell, they’ve got the newest stuff in stock, your search will go down well! walter theres lots of art to choose from, but this piece i prefer, it would go well with the table and chairs, where is the kind sir? 15

hi, im piet mondrian!

the artist who can tell us, about the art he has made, Painted by Piet Mondrian, The man who will be paid. Piet mondrian, is here himself, hi im mondrian, and im here to help. mr mondrian, tell my wife violet about your art, there’s a lot to tell! where do i start? 16

There is no historical comment, or a nod to the past, my art celebrates the future, a brighter one at last. and the primary colours i used, make it simple too, i formed a grid like pattern, in red, yellow, white and blue. 17

This will be perfect for the wall, i cannot wait to see, all the things put together, in harmony. time to go home, and put the pieces into place, and it will look so different, a totally modern space.



Violet, I have invited our friends, Henry and Anne around for tea, to see the changes we have made, they’ll be amazed to see! Walter can you get the door? they’ve finally arrived, Hello Henry, Hello Anne! Please do come inside. 20

? ! ! ? ! ? Violet what have you done to the place? the change is such a shock! where are the patterns and decoration? this place has changed a lot! gosh, it looks so great in here! like it was built by a machine, the room looks so much bigger, and the whole room appears clean! 21



We said goodye to the past, hello the future, to design that is current and true, that celebrates the new materials, that design has pushed on through! This is the time to celebrate, for the world, it has progressed, this is not a dream world, this is human life at its best!


welcome to our modern home, we hope you are impressed, sit down in a chair and enjoy the space, now its time to rest. we look towards the future, the future is looking bright, now were living a better life, we’ll sleep well tonight.


a story of modern times. written and illustrated by Sarah Goldthorpe

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