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In 1969, in South Hadley Massachusetts a young boy called Michael Kitteredge was trying to scrape some money together to buy his mother a christmas present. With not enough money, Michael decided to craft his

mother a homemade present. A scented candle he made from melting crayons. Michaels neighbours became very interested in the candles he made, and then he began to make them in larger quantities for them too.


With the success of Michaels hand crafted candles growing, two of his high school friends joined him in business and together they founded America's best loved candle company, Yankee Candle. In 1993 after an illness scare, Michael handed his company over to a friend, and it went public in 1999. Yankee candle was then picked up buy large chain stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond and


Linens-N-Things and success grew even more. From that point Yankee candle passed through the hands of many great leaders with the company bounding from one triumph to another. As of 2013 Yankee candle was sold to Jarden for $1.75 billion dollars.

There are a range of elements of Yankee candle which make it so loved be many, but this can be shortened into four expressions: Authentic. True-to-life. Bold. Long-lasting. Yankee candle have a range of 150 scents to take you on a journey down memory lane, whether you prefer food and spice scents, floral, fresh, fruit or a festive scent that sends you back to a favourite christmas, Yankee candle does them all. Because of this Yankee Candle hold the bar for scented candles, of which other candle companies are constantly trying to top. This

is where Yankee candle gets its true to life label from, Yankee candles have an extremely long burn time, making delightful scents for up to 110 hours with the large jar candles. However Yankee candle like to throw in a limited edition scent every now and then to keep their customers on their toes such as Witches brew at Halloween and a special sweet shop of flavours at christmas. As an extra something special they also revive an old retired scent which has proved to be a favourite.


'We're continually developing new fragrances that reflect the best experiences of life, from a kitchen treat to a tropical holiday.'

"Never satisfied, we're continually developing new fragrances that reflect the best experiences of life, from a kitchen treat to a tropical holiday. Plus, we're launching innovative ways to enjoy those fragrances in both candles and flameless fragrancing products for every need."With every fragrance we introduce, our reputation is on the line.

It is not enough for a Yankee速 fragrance to be as good as our competitors' scents. It must be better, because it's what you expect of us... and what we expect of ourselves. Each fragrance has to possess the realism, accuracy and pleasantness of the true flower, food, fruit, place, or experience that inspired it" YANKEE CANDLE.


Red Velvet P ink Sands P ink Carnation Black cherry ALL YANKEE CANDLE PRODUCTS: Jar Candles: - small - medium - large Tumbler candles: - small - large

Pillar candles: - small - large

Samplers/votive candles.

Wax melts.

Candle holders: - Jar - Cylinder - Votive -Tea light

Candle trays.

Fragrance warmers.

Tea light candles.

Wax melt warmers.


Jar candle shades.

Lavender True Rose Chocolate Truffle Wedding day Illuma-lid jar candle toppers. Fragrance spheres holders. Scent plugs. Reed diffusers.

Wax melts. Concentrated room spray. Scented potpourri. Room Aroma for roomba.


Car and small spaces: - Smart scent vent clip. - Car jar ultimate. (gel) - Car jar. (card air freshener) - Almost anywhere jar. - Car vent stick. - Travel tins.

line of hand crafted scents. It has been noted that certain scents can dictate a persons mood, and relieve problems such as insomnia, High blood pressure, depression and generally improving vitality and spirit.

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful human senses. The scented candle business has continued to grow due to the powerful effects that different scents can have on mood, Yankee candle has been quick to notice this with its forever flourishing

Lowering Blood pressure: It can be found that lighting a scented candle and being exposed to the smell for a certain amount of time, can relieve problems such as high blood pressure to the same extent of having a meditation session. The most effective scent of lowering high blood pressure is spiced apple. Yankee candle have a spectrum of spicy apple scents including; Spiced apple, Spiced macintosh and Spiced apple berry. Bettering symptoms of depression: Although scented candles do not provide a remedy for serious illnesses such as depression, they do provide moments of brief alleviation. Scents such as Jasmine, Camomile, peppermint, and lemon help the brain to free negative emotions and tension. Other fragrances such as Cedar, Vanilla, rose and Cinnamon help bring out positivity in people by sparking the remembrance of happy memories.


Combating insomnia: There are a select range of scented candles which help to improve peoples capability of falling asleep. The main scents of subduing insomnia are Lavender and Sandalwood, whilst Lavender induces a more positive mind frame, the combination of Lavender and sandalwood is known to help those who don't sleep easy to have a deeper more tranquil nights sleep. Yankee candle exhibit a range of combinations of these scents including; French lavender, Lemon lavender, Lavender vanilla, Sandalwood and Sandalwood vanilla. Spirit boosters: Three candle flavours which are known to improve energy levels are citrus fragrances such as Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit. Citrus scents improve energy levels and empower the immune system, making people feel more well and defending them from sickness. Whereas the scent of Grapefruit directs people to be more bright and active, making people seem more upbeat and feeling much more high spirited. Yankee candle encompasses a whole range of fruity scents that make up a fifth of the entire Yankee candle scent collection.






The glass jars used by Yankee Candle速 are made especially for Yankee Candle速 in accordance to specific guidelines. Yankee Candle速 requires glass to be lab-tested to ensure the appropriate strength and consistency of the glass.

Every Yankee Candle速 has a custom blended wax formulation to ensure the optimum melting point and ability to hold fragrance oil. In addition, when properly burned, these special wax formulations help maintain an even, clean burn.


If you were to cut a Yankee Candle® jar in half, you would find that the wax is richly coloured throughout the candle. The beautiful hues are specially selected to enhance your overall fragrance experience.

Yankee Candle® is known for room-filling and authentic fragrances. Our passion for fragrance leads us to develop the world’s most unique scents. Yankee Candle® fragrance oils are complex combinations of top, middle, and base notes that are developed across the globe to bring you the very best fragrance experience.

An important aspect of a Yankee Candle® is the wick. Not all wicks are made alike. In fact, Yankee Candle® uses over 200 different wicks in their candles. Each fragrance and candle form has a wick that is chosen specifically for that item. That means that the wick you find in one fragrance might be completely different from the wick you would find in another fragrance.


The most loyal customers of Yankee candle are middle aged women whom enjoy collecting Yankee candles as a hobby, many of them enjoy sharing their new purchases and growing collections across social media websites. However Yankee candle have not ruled out other audiences, creating a scent collection aimed specifically for men including fragrances such as; Riding mower (a scent of fresh cut grass) and MMM Bacon! This was not one of Yankee

candles most successful lines, as their customer demographic is mainly female, who would not opt for these scents. Nonetheless most of the auras available at Yankee candle appeal to both genders ( Food and spice, Festive, Fresh and fruit), with the floral section housing more feminine scents. However there is also an up and coming audience with Yankee candle, in form of a younger generation. More and more young people are posting about Yankee candle on social media platforms such as Instagram, a site used mostly by 18-29 year olds.


At the two main Yankee candle stores also known as the Yankee candle villages in South Deerfield, MA and Williamsburg, VA, there are many activities available to take part in for even the youngest of Yankee candle customers. These activities include, Dip-your-own candle, an exercise in which you can pick any candle from the selection at the booth, and dip this into your preferred colour wax. Dipyour-own wax hands is another fun and greatly creative activity available to do at the Yankee candle village

where you are invited to dip your hands in wax creating a mould of your hands in any shape you desire. The last Yankee candle experience available is Make your own Jar candle, In which visitors are given a classic Yankee candle medium jar, and are able to fix it with a combination of Yankee candle wax of their choice from the selected counters.


Yankee candle is an honest and traditional brand from the first candle ever made in 1969, to the process implemented to produce their 200 million strong candles a year, and the labels stamped onto each jar, Yankee candle is true to life in everything It does. The most common, and earliest from of Yankee candle branding pays homage to traditional photographs of the bespoke fragrance combinations inside each candle.

However the rise of a younger audience has seen Yankee candles branding evolve to interest its younger customers with Occasional use of illustration. Yankee Candle have also grown their innovative branches by designing limited edition gift sets such as the Christmas sweet shop edition, the Christmas tea light advent calendar, The favourite things votive book and other special edition flavours such as Halloweens 'Witches brew' and 'Candy corn'.



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