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Refrain from feeding your infant or baby any “orange” foods.

Double check that everyone is healthy and alert Sarah Lough Photography if there is any concern.

Double check that all outfits/props/hats, etc. are planned, washed and ready to go


For newborns, bring any necessary nursing supplies or bottles, extra diapers, wipes and burp clothes

For babies, include any non-colorful snacks (i.e. white versus orange puffs, etc.)

Bring a favorite toy that is likely to either calm your child, or get their smiling attention

Pack any extra outfits/props/hats/blankets

Allow a little extra time so you are not rushed or stressed


FRE SH, C L E AN , S I M P L E... a nd FUN ! N EW M O M S Selecting clothing for your first postpartum photoshoot may seem daunting. Your first instinct may be “oh, no, the baby only, not me.” But you have Sarah Lough Photography, and we are newborn experts - we know what we are doing (that’s why you hired us, right?). We know how to position you so that you look your best and that we capture the bond between you and baby. If you are going to show off one image of you and your baby, it will undoubtedly the one taken by a professional! We think simple clothing is best for the new mama without distracting patterns. White, cream, soft pink or even charcoal or black are all great choices. Most mom’s prefer themselves in long sleeve tops.

N E W B O RN S We love organic fabrics. Nothing spells baby more than a plain white onesie and a soft swaddle blanket. Or nothing at all (tastefully of course). Sarah Lough Photography has several simple hats, wraps and blankets that we will provide for your session or you can personalize your images with your own items. Typically we caution against “outfits” as usually they overwhelm your newborn. Save the fancy, busy clothes for the visits to the grandparents, or bring them for the end of our session and we will make sure we capture a few images that include your favorite. Have a look at our portfolio to view colors and choices that we adore!

BABIES While we still love white and neutrals, we like to incorporate bursts of color, fun hats and anything quirky that shows your babies spunk and personality. We typically advise against anything that is too trendy or will date your photos and we avoid looks with statements (as in “Daddy’s little helper”). Please communicate with Sarah Lough Photography about any specific props or setups to ensure that it is in line with what we typically offer within our portfolio.  Finally, we can’t caution enough about avoiding the “orange” foods the day before and the day of your takes quite a bit of post-processing work to remove the glow from your baby’s otherwise beautiful skin.

CH I L D REN & FAMILY When it comes to “What to Wear” with families, not all the pieces match, but some repeat, and they all coordinate. Unless your entire family dresses the exact same to go out and about, don’t do it for your session.  That statement will always apply for on-location.  However, in studio, keeping similar neutrals works well and we’ve had beautifully coordinated “white t-shirts and jeans” sessions or three children all wearing matching handmade t-shirts and onesies.

Maternity to Baby - What to Wear Guide  
Maternity to Baby - What to Wear Guide  

Maternity to Baby - What to Wear Guide by Sarah Lough Photography