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Table Of Contents Introduction Executive Summary & Overview... 3 Background Historical Context... 4 Situational Analysis... 5 SWOT Analysis... 6 Objectives Narketing & Communication... 7 Timeframe... 8

Research Primary & Secondary... 9 Target Narket... 10 Brand Value Proposition... 11 Campaign Strategy... 12

Engagement Programs Internal... 22 External... 23

Nessage Creative, Visual, & Verbal Strategy... 13 Executions... 14-16 Nessage Testing... 17-18

Appendix... 25-27

Nedia Objectives... 19 Flowchart... 20 Budgeting... 21

Evaluation... 24




Executive Summary: Glidden paint has always had a reputation of being affordable, easy to use and reliable. Glidden believed that placing their products in Walmart stores nationwide would increase their sales, but the opposite has happened. Their sales have steadily declined because most consumers do not consider Walmart to be a paint retailer. But, GP Relations has devised a plan to help raise awareness about Glidden paint. GP Relations has redefined the target markets for Glidden paint as recent college graduates, people starting new families and/or moving into new homes and retirees. Glidden’s old slogan “Do It Yourself” was weak, so GP Relations redefined Glidden Paint as the Nilestone Paint and gave Glidden a new slogan (“For the Nilestones in Your Life”). GP Relations also devised the most effective mediums to introduce the new and improved Glidden paint, which are TV and YouTube commercials, print ads and billboards and social media. Our goal is to help Glidden paint be redefined as the paint consumers use for life’s big moments.

Overview: With the budget of 10 million dollars, we hope to provide the opportunity to give Glidden Paint a new and improved legacy. By creating specific target audiences to market our new slogan, Glidden: “For the Nilestones in Your Life” we believe this will be an effective way to instill a loyal, family vision of the Glidden paint brand.  Our ad campaigns will depict a series of milestones that a wide range of age groups can visualize and relate to.  With our use of external and internal engagements, we will not only engage consumers by offering contest incentives, we will also engage the employee’s interest in the revamped Glidden paint brand.  This will allow us to accomplish our goal of providing consumers with a great awareness and consideration for Glidden paint at Walmart stores.

Historical Context Francis H. Glidden founded the Glidden Paint brand in 1875. The American brand was first targeted to the average person who wanted to complete a paint job with little difficulty or fuss. Therefore, Glidden was viewed as a “do it yourself” kind of brand which ultimately shaped their legacy. They established themselves in the big market by being the “first” in many categories. Glidden paint was the first brand to create a water-borne latex paint, an environmentally friendly paint and finally a unique ceiling paint that appears bright pink at first stroke, and then dries bright white to ensure accuracy. The brand began to struggle as a competitive market began to flourish. Glidden’s issues with marketing their product led to the decline of their brand’s equity. As a result, in 2003 through 2008, the Glidden market share declined 40%. Glidden’s once faithful legacy was renamed as a poor quality, old-fashioned brand. In 2009, Glidden began to save their brand. They transformed their product by revamping the product packaging, created mini color centers, as well as simplified the confusing process of product selection by utilizing a labeling system. Glidden also created new brochures and paint chips to benefit the consumer’s needs.


Situational Analysis


Competitive Forces: Our main competitive forces right now is that people are unfamiliar with Glidden paint. Nany people would name our competitors such as Behr and Sherwin Williams before they would name Glidden. On the paint side, we have competition but we also have competition on the Walmart side of it as well. Nany people are unfamiliar about the paint section of Walmart. Nost of the people we have surveyed said that their first place to look for paint would be Home Depot then other places such as Lowe's. Competitively on both sides of the spectrum, we are at a disadvantage.

Economic Forces: Economically, Glidden paint has an advantage because by marketing specifically at Walmart, the company seems more economical to most customers. Paint at bigger companies, such as Home Depot and Lowe's, can be very expensive (up to $40.00) while at Walmart with their everyday low price guarantee it is only $23.00 per gallon. While that doesn’t seem like too much if you have to buy ten gallons of paint, it is a significant difference.  Economically, we are at an advantage.

Political Forces: Glidden hasn’t had any political problems because the products are made in America. This has been a big argument lately around the political spectrum where things are manufactured. Politically, Glidden paint is at an advantage.

Legal/Regulatory Forces: Legally, Glidden paint is at an advantage because the only lawsuits that have been against them in the past ten years have all been dismissed and were proven wrong. The lawsuits were about lead in the paint but the company has since not had a lawsuit. Regulatory forces are only about lead in our paint and those have been dismissed because we no longer have lead in our paint.

SWOT Analysis Strengths: • • • • • •

Sells in 3500 stores across US Walmart has a lot of advertiser time/space Nade it known that it was environmentally friendly Dominant indoor paint retailer at Walmart Ousting Sherwin-Williams. arriving at number one, partnership with Better Homes & Gardens Glidden brand strives to be: easy, uncomplicated, bold, modern, fresh and friendly

Opportunities: • • • • • •

Expand in more stores Use Walmart advertising to expose more people to Glidden paint (internal advertising) Social Nedia: Pinterest and Facebook Simulation (implement it into Walmart) ◦ Upload a picture of what your room looks like, see what a Glidden color would look like in your room Putting iPads in Walmart to use social media sites Revamped image in 2009 (sleek packaging)


Weaknesses: • • • • • •

Walmart is not considered paint retailer/home improvement store, therefore people don’t look in paint section much Way of bringing consideration was weak (paint chips, brochures) Original logo “do it yourself” was weak 40% decline between 2003 and 2008 Perceived as poor quality by both consumers & store associates Home improvement stores have a higher rate of consideration and action than Walmart

Threats: • • • • •

Walmart is so large, easy for a brand to get swallowed up in it Benjamin Noore (one of the main competitors) is also targeting young women (connecting it to fashion & makeup) Olympic paint campaign focuses on value message, which is a direct threat to Glidden paint Clarke & Kensington launched campaign in Narch of 2012 relating to dating/matchmaking (probably targeting same target market as ours) Every competing brand has two in one paint & primer and new advertising campaigns

Objectives Narketing: Our marketing objectives are mainly focused around television and print ads. They play strongly on the emotions of our target markets. We want to make sure that our target markets make a special connection with Glidden Paint, so that when they go to make their milestone they immediately think Glidden.

Communication: The communication needs to be focused around Glidden paint being sold at Walmart. GP Relations wants our market to know where exactly to buy our paint. We also want to focus on communicating that Glidden paint is sold at Walmart, so that Walmart is the first store people think of when they think of where to buy paint, by doing this we will also make their first thought for paint Glidden.


Timeframe Nay: Launch both television advertisements

Nay: Start the social media campaigns

Nay: Start “The Color of Your Nilestone” contest for employees

June: Distribute father and daughter mass transit ad and billboards

8 June: Start “Show Your True Colors” contest with television show, I Hate Ny Kitchen

July: Start “Create Your Color” contest for Walmart

June: Announce winner of “The Color of Your Nilestone” contest

August: Announce winner of “Show Your True Colors” contest

August: Distribute “Nake your house a home” ad throughout Walmart, Ikea, Nichael’s, and Babies ’R Us

August: Announce winner of “Create Your Color” contest

Research Primary Research: Observations: For first hand observation, we took a trip to Glidden Paints’ designated area in a Walmart store. We examined the paint centers location, accessibility and aesthetic design.  We concluded that there was much work to be done in revamping Glidden’s declining brand.  We also conducted a survey to consider Glidden’s popularity, target market and quality.

Secondary Research: To understand Glidden as a brand we examined the case study provided to investigate further details about the company’s marketing strategies, brand image and brand equity. By viewing Glidden paint as it is projected on the Walmart website, we were able to analyze the lack of appeal and design customers encounter at first sight.  We also researched their most recent campaign to observe their own efforts in preserving the Glidden brand.  


Target Market


Our target audiences include the following three different generations, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. We are targeting our product to these three different audiences in different ways. We show how the brand is complementary to those moving in on their own for the first time, starting a home with a family, and finally, settling down with an extended family of some sort, (children, grandchildren, etc.). With distributing our survey that we created, we were able to come up with definite demographics on the audience that will most definitely be affected by our ads, as well as the product. The break up between men and women are as follows, 72.7% female and 27.3% male that took our survey. From here on we figured out, the age bracket broke down as, 18-25: 59.1%, 26-40: 22.7%, and 40+: 18.2%. When asked about geographical location, 86.4% Northeast, 4.5% Nidwest, 0% South, and 9.1 West. When asked about marital status, 22.7% married, 63.6% single, divorced 4.5%, 9.1% married with family. For behavioristic descriptors, we believe the add will provide consumers the will to go to Walmart and purchase Glidden Paint. In regards to psychographic descriptors, consumers should feel a warm sense of trust and loyalty as they purchase Glidden paint to create the most important milestones of their lives.

Brand Value Proposition


Functional Benefits: •

Paint Quality: ◦ Glidden paint goes on smooth, no matter the paint formula or finish of the surface. ◦ Quick Coat Coverage - Glidden paint allows you to cover many colors with just one coat. ◦ Endurance - Glidden tested the resistance of its product by scrubbing walls painted with Glidden paint 1,000 times using a nylon brush and scouring paste. The test showed that the paint lasted without damage. ◦ Stain Resistance - Stains can be removed from walls painted with Glidden using just soap and water making cleaning an easy task. ◦ However, if walls need a more intense cleaning Glidden paint can also stand up to heavy scrubbing with bristle brushes and scouring paste. ◦ Bond-ability - Glidden paint is made to stick to even the most difficult surfaces which prevents chipping and peeling on walls, doors, and edges. ◦ Rub Resistance - Glidden paint resists glossy spots from repeated contact in high-traffic areas.

Helpful Tools: ◦ Glidden has an online color palette that allows you to virtually test different colors before you make your final purchase. ◦ If you aren’t sure exactly what color or style you are looking for, Glidden has a color ideas section on their website. ◦ The color ideas section has different themes, examples, and personalities to help inspire their customers to make their room perfect for them. ◦ Glidden also has an online calculator that allows customers to figure out exactly how much money they will spend on paint. ◦ The Glidden website has an online sheen guide which helps you to find the right paint sheen for a specific project.

Emotional Benefits: When using Glidden paint, the customer will feel a pride in the new achievement in their life. Whether they just graduated from college and are moving into their new apartment, starting a new family and buying a new home or re-doing the home they’ve lived in for many years after retiring, they know that Glidden paint is the paint you use for life’s big moments. Glidden represents dependability, excitement, celebration, but most important, it represents family. It’s there the first and last time you paint because Glidden is the milestone paint.

Campaign Strategy Problems to Solve: Glidden paint needs to develop a much stronger target markets because the ones presented in the case study were largely based on behavioristics. Their lack of aesthetic appeal, effective advertising and social media utilization has allowed competitors to command the market and has given Glidden paint brand a poor reputation. From listening to consumer’s feedback, another large problem Glidden has is with their advertising, a lot of people, have either, not heard of Glidden or do not know where it is sold.

Solutions: To help bring back awareness to Glidden Paint, GP Relations wanted to create a new legacy for the brand by changing its slogan, utilizing new marketing strategies to gain popularity within the market, and creating new advertisements tailored to the new target markets. In order to see an increase in sales, we thought it would be essential to identify three specific target markets.  By doing this, we can effectively appeal to a larger audience and gain the return purchases we seek.


Message Nessage:

13 “The Nilestone Paint”

Finding your first apartment, creating a home with your new family and putting those final touches on your last home are all milestones in the customer’s life: let Glidden Paint create those milestones with you and your family.

Creative Strategy:

GP Relations needs to build awareness with Glidden paint sold at U.S. Walmart stores. Paint symbolizes one of the first personal touches one makes to their home.  We want the consumers to feel a sense of trust and loyalty in the Glidden paint brand.  We want Glidden paint to represent family, pride and loyalty and therefore we have created the brand slogan Glidden Paint, “The Nilestone Paint.”  Through visual advertisements of families and commercials about important stepping stones in one’s life, the consumers will feel a unique and special connection to a family brand.  

Visual Strategy: Through our ads, we convey a vision of our specific target markets. Through emotional appeal, our ads symbolize real life milestones that the everyday person encounters throughout their lives.  By keeping the brand logo alive and present in all of our ads we are portraying a sense of consistency that faded customers will recognize and new customers will discover.  We want Glidden paint portrayed as a family brand that will always be there for your next project.

Verbal Strategy: The verbal elements of our advertisements would portray the family values aspect of our campaign. The text on our print ads would enforce the “milestone paint” idea by making the customers feel emotionally connected to the product.



Television Advertisement #1: The commercial would start with a little girl wearing a pink tutu, tiara, and cowgirl boots painting her room. The room is white and empty besides an overflowing dress up box. The girl is dancing around the room, painting it in her own creative way. The girl then spins to the right side of the frame and as she spins she grows older until she is a pregnant woman. She is then dancing and painting her future daughter’s nursery. The woman spins again and as she spins her pregnant belly shrinks back to normal, and her new daughter comes twirling in from the right side of the screen. The mother and daughter dance around and paint her room together. Throughout the commercial there are hints of the Glidden paint logo. The song I’m Only Ne When I’m With You by Taylor Swift is playing throughout the commercial. At the end, the mother says, “Glidden paint, for the milestones in your life.” This would be a 30 second, online commercial that would be played on websites including YouTube and Hulu.

Television Advertisement #2: The commercial would open with an elderly couple getting ready to paint their living room. They are setting up the tarp and paint cans, when all of a sudden the front door opens and in walks their family to help them paint. Everyone is their, the couples children and grandchildren, and everyone has a good time painting the room together as a family. Throughout the commercial there are hints of the Glidden paint logo, for example the camera would zoom in on the paint can. At the end, the older couple says, “Glidden paint, for the milestones in your life.” This would be a 30 second television commercial because that would allow it to reach the older generation, which is one of our target markets. This commercial would run during prime time on ABC, as well as on HGTV’s Color Splash and Divine Design.


Our first print ad would be used as a mass transit advertisement, being implemented on buses, trains, and subways. The sizing for this would be approximately 20” by 18”. This print ad would also be used as a billboard in less expensive, high traffic areas, of which the dimensions would be 15’ by 18’. This billboard would go on highways that lead to suburbs outside major cities including New York City and Chicago. Our second ad would be an internal poster used throughout Walmart to persuade customers to buy Glidden paint once they are in the store. The dimensions for this would be 14” by 40”. This ad would also be used in home improvement stores, craft stores, and other places our target market would go to, including Ikea, Nichael’s, and Babies ‘R Us. This ad would also go in the Walmart catalogue.




We will incorporate social media into our campaign in order to create an invested audience and market. By allowing them to upload photos of their milestones with Glidden, we are making our customers more engaged with the product. They’re not just buying the paint, they’re participating in the company.

Message Testing


Commercial #1: New Couple: “I do like the commercial, I would not change anything about it. I understand the message and this commercial would definitely help me in choosing Glidden paint. I like the concept of the commercial, it presents the brand in a user friendly way and that the product can be used for any and all projects.” Retirees: “The first one is a great idea!” Commercial #2: New Couple: “I do like the commercial and I think that it is well thought out so I would not change any part of it. The message is clearly shown and this commercial would help me decide to use Glidden paint. I think that the idea for the commercial is great, it sends a family friendly message. I also like that the product is being easily used by any age group, young or old.” New Family: “I would worry that #2 might not be one that an older market might respond to well because it makes them seem incompetent.” Retirees: “The second one needs work...Old people do not want to look foolish or helpless and do not want to be reminded that they can't do things as good as they used to. The family coming to help is a good idea I would start with the older couple just assembling the paint (a good opportunity to showcase the brand) brushes etc and just as they are about to begin the family shows up. You could use a similar approach with the older couple as in the first commercial, showing them spinning through the years painting the same room. Series commercials for a product often work well so that whichever of the series a person sees it ties to the product. Keep it positive - old people like positive!” After receiving this feedback, we edited our commercial so that it would no longer be considered offensive to our third target market, retirees.

Message Testing


Print Ad #1: New Couple: “I do like the ad and I would not change anything about the ad. I do understand the message and this ad would help me to purchase Glidden paint. I think that the message that the ad is sending is a great way to show any unsure viewer that Glidden Paint makes projects easy to do, at any age.” Retirees: “The ads are great!” Print Ad #2: New Couple: “I do like this ad, and the only thing I would consider changing about this ad would be the font used. I feel that the 'child-like' font may not catch the eye of the age group this ad is being directed to. I do understand the message and this ad would definitely help me to choose Glidden Paint. The way this ad is designed is very attractive way to present the product to any consumer who is looking to purchase paint at any stage in their lives.” General Feedback: Graduate: “It feels relatable, and put me at ease--like it's not a professional thing that I have to do a certain way and get perfect, but something that I could tackle with ease and be proud of to make my space more individual for my unique milestones.”

Media Objectives Reach the Target Audience: Capture the target audience of recent college graduates (the younger end of Generation Y), people starting new families and/or finding new homes (Generations Y & X primarily) and retirees renovating their last home (Baby Boomer generation). Geographic scope of placements: National, North America (all 3,500 Wal-Nart stores in US) • Recent college graduates (younger end of Generation Y) made up nearly 40% of the United States population in 2011, according the US Census Bureau. Nost college graduates are primarily located in the Northeast United States. • According to the US Census Bureau, 14% of the US population will move and/or purchase new homes each year. This year, on regional basis sales rose in Northeast, South and West but has sharply declined in Nidwest. • 1.59% percent of the US population will be retiring in the year 2013, and will continue in this pattern for the next 15-20 years, according to Quora. The top three states with highest population of retirees are Florida, PA and WV.


Media Flowchart


We would start our campaign by launching the television advertisements in Nay and have them continue to run through September. We would start with the television advertisements because this is the medium that is the most likely way to reach all three of our target markets. The internet campaign would also start in Nay and continue through June. This would be launched with the commercials because the television campaign would increase traffic for the social media. Finally, the first print ad would be distributed in June, and the second in August. The first print ad would be put up first because it would attract customers to go to Walmart to buy Glidden Pain, while the second print ad would remind customers about the product once they are in the store.

Media Budgeting


Television Advertisements Billboards and Print Ads Internet Ads


50% 30%

The largest sum of our budget, 50%, will be going towards the television medium. Almost every household has a television in their home, and our three specific target markets utilize the television over other mediums, particularly the older generation of our target markets. 30% of our budget will be dedicated to billboards and print ads which is an excellent way to capture our three target markets in many demographics and locations. Lastly, 20% of our budget will be put towards the internet because we know that our last target market is not very tech savvy. However, we would still like to reach out to the younger generation because we know the Internet is where they obtain almost all of their information and facts.

Engagement ProgramsInternal Internal Contest: “The Color of Your Nilestone� Objective: To engage the employees with a new Nilestone slogan of Glidden Paint. Strategy: Employees will select a paint based on the title or color and write a fictional or realistic story of a milestone that they believe coincides with the Glidden paint of their choice.


Engagement ProgramsExternal


External Strategic Partnership: “Show Your True Colors” Objective: To give consumers an incentive to explore Glidden Paint’s improved brand as well as gain popularity by utilizing the social network Facebook. Strategy: On our Glidden Paint Facebook page, we partnered with one of the most popular home makeover shows on the DIY network.  There will be a contest conducted which will give the customer a chance to be featured on the show “I Hate my Kitchen.”   In order to be entered in the contest, you must first any Glidden Paint product and then capture a photo of you Glidden Paint project and post it on the Glidden Paint Facebook page.  The best photos will be evaluated based on the amount of likes an individual photo obtains and a final winner will be chosen based on the results.  The show “I Hate my Kitchen,” practices the art of remodeling a kitchen with zero demolition or loans but rather a low budget approach for revamping a dull design.

External Brand Integration: “Create Your Color” Objective: To increase brand awareness by having the customers be engaged in the product, while simultaneously creating awareness of the Glidden Paint section in Walmart. Strategy: The “Create Your Color” contest would be a way for customers to showcase their own personal color. The best new color would then be used as a new Glidden Paint product to be sold exclusively at Walmart.

Evaluation Walmart as a paint retailer is at 66% awareness. By the end of our plan, we will have Walmart as a paint retailer by at a 76% awareness rate. After implementing our “Create Your Color� external brand integration program, we expect awareness to be increased by 4% because it is bringing a lot of attention to Walmart being a paint retailer, especially for Glidden paint. The external strategic partnership running from Nay to September will raise our awareness rate another 4%, especially during the months of July-August because we will be using a popular television show on the DIY Network. Lastly, our external sampling will raise our awareness the last 2%. By placing the external sampling directly in the Walmart catalog, it will catch the additional consumers that were not already engaged through our first two engagement programs. In order to track and monitor if our awareness percentages are meeting our goals, we will be sending out online surveys for Glidden and Walmart customers to see if they notice our ads and if they have been engaging in the brand. Research should be conducted every month through the 5 months of our campaign to make sure we are on track. As mentioned, by the end of our campaign, the awareness percent for Walmart as a paint retailer will 76%.



25 Sarah Lombard Hometown: Watertown, CT Class Year: 2016 Najor:Integrated Narketing Communications Favorite Glidden Color: Caribbean Sea

Lauren Ryan Hometown: Hawley, PA Class Year: 2016 Najor: Integrated Narketing Communications Favorite Glidden Color: Sexy PinkÂ

Laura Epifano Hometown: Hopewell Junction, NY Class Year: 2016 Najor: Integrated Narketing Communications Favorite Glidden Color: Red Rose Bouquet



Alora Sherbert Hometown: Jamestown, NY Class Year: 2016 Najor: Integrated Narketing Communications Favorite Glidden Color: Peacock Blue Â

Nanda Goldberg Hometown: Armonk, NY Class Year: 2016 Najor:Integrated Narketing Communications Favorite Glidden Color: Bermuda Bay

Carly Chapman Hometown: Honeoye Falls, NY Class Year: 2016 Najor: Integrated Narketing Communications Favorite Glidden Color: Soft Sapphire


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Glidden Paint Vision Book  

This is a revised corporate strategy and re-branding proposal for the Glidden Paint brand at Walmart.