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Women’s Recruiting Guidelines Division I (Tier 1) Height: Range - 5’0’-5’10’; Average - 5’6’ High School Qualifications: #1 Singles, #1 Doubles 4 Years Varsity Awards such as All-County/Conference/Region/State, MVP, Player of the Year, State Champion USTA & ITA/ITF Qualifications: Zonal Team Experience USTA Sectional Rank - Top 30 in Tier 1 Section, Top 15 in Tier 2 Section The following rankings are in no particular order (based on the number of participants in the Top 100 USTA National 18’s): Tier 1 Sections: Florida Southern Southern California Midwest Texas Eastern Northern California Tier 2 Sections: Mid-Atlantic Middle States New England Missouri Valley Northern Pacific Northwest Intermountain Southwest Caribbean (Puerto Rico) Hawaii Pacific USTA National Rank - Top 100 ITF - Top 200 Qualifications: Minimum 4 star recruit, preferred 5 star + National Ranking 250 or below Private Training Qualifications:

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