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2013 Seniors church everyday

Q- How do you feel about growing up and leaving this ministry? I love everyday! and im excited for college but going to miss everyone! -Ashley Hur

Q- What will you miss most about Church Everyday? My friends, probably Those that I’ve helped grow and have helped me grow by being at each others’ side.-Kenneth Kim



As I look back at all the retreat events throughout my experience at Church Everyday. I am able to see how much I’ve changed over the years. A part of me wants to return to the juvenility of days. To remember the times I fell asleep during the sermon or maybe that one time I was completely off-tune during worship. Or maybe those times when I was mad at God so I didn’t participate during retreat worship. I become embarassed by my own actions but I look at myself now and see how much stronger my relationship with God has gotten.I’ve come to see how much those simple retreats have shaped my life.Spending the nights in cabins, praying for my brothers and sisters, and just becoming closer with God became some of the happiest days of my life. I am able to understand that these moments and events are the most cherished and valuable with my brothers and sisters. The moments that were fleeting, temporary, and rare.

Q: A:

Tell us about your experience in Dwelling Place and how you feel about leaving to go to college? The time I spent in DP was probably the time that helped me mature the most. The leaders of DP taught me how to become a leader as well as spiritual maturity. A lot has changed in one year but I’m glad that at least I got to spend three of the four years under solid leaders. As for leaving, I’m glad to be leaving, not because of the changes, which does have a small part of it, but more because I want to experience something new. It’s time for me to move on now, and I’m excited for the future. Of course I’ll miss the constant presence of Everyday somewhat, but I’m more excited to face new challenges away from home. -Caleb Lee



I walked into this ministry for the first time afraid of being alone or unaccepted. But as I came out every Sunday and to more events, I quickly bonded with the other high schoolers. We journeyed throughout high school together helping our peers; we helped each other throughout our hardships and supported one another’s spiritual growth. We bonded so well and became a close family that we could all rely on. Even though I’m leaving now, I will always remember and cherish the friendships and memories that I have made.

Q- What will you miss most about Church Everyday? A- It’s got to be all my brothers and

sisters. I will miss every single one of you. -Nick Ryu

“During my years at dp, i can definitely say that i discovered God in many new ways, some really unexpected and surprising. to say that it was all smooth sailing would be a lie, but i was able to endure it and grow stronger in my faith through the mentors and friends God had given me. going off to college is bittersweet, im sad about not seeing my friends anymore and its going to feel weird without them,but im excited about the future and what God has planned for me.�

-Grace kim

Love came down

Being a young adult, I believed that I had experienced just about everything and more at the young age I am at. But God seemed to have given me more eye opening opportunities and I have reached a new level of stability, of wholesomeness. Mission trips have humbled me to the highest degree and shined an entirely new light on me. I was able to witness such beautiful and gratifying moments while I built houses for people who couldn’t afford it. To see the joy on their faces and their gratefulness for the small little things in life, to hold hands and pray, to have a family, and just to shake hands. I learned that everything is so valuable. Every simple thing is a gift from God, and as long as you know how, you can cherish it and live with gratitude. These missions trips were able to help me feel alive and learn that I am a incredibly blessed child of God.

Q: a:jesus.

Timothy Ryu, What have you learned throughout your experience in Dwelling Place, and what will you carry on as you leave to go to college?

Senior Portraits:

sharon bae

kenneth kim

jennifer kim

max jung

seon joo kim

nick ryu

sarah kim

edward kim

Rachel Cho


Caleb lee


Christine oh

Peter Han

elaine kang

Ashley Hur

jungmin lee

eunie ha

connie kim

Gina Kim

Dear Seniors, Good luck you guys! I hope you guys stay strong christians and continually grow in him as you grow in life. Just remember one thing when you go to college! -Alex Hwang loves you<3

To all the seniors:

Thanks so much for guiding me and leading these past 2 or 3 years that I’ve been here. Honestly, even though we weren’t in the same grade, you guys have always been inspirational. Staying consistent and righting our wrongs, I’m thankful. Hope you guys have a really good time in college, and that you’d continue to show the same love for God you guys have shown here at CEDP. Good luck class of 2013 and I will miss you guys -Jinhoo Bong

Hi guys, I hope you’re enjoying your last summer before you go off to college or wherever else God has placed you. I’ll miss you guys a lot but I know you have a bright future ahead of you. Thanks for being such good older brothers and sisters to all of us younger ones. Good luck in life - Brianna Yoon

Thank you guys so much for being such great role models and leaders in our ministry. Whether it was intentional or not, you guys have always helped me with my spiritual walk DEAR SENIORS, I may not have known all of you very with God or getting through tough times. Just watching you guys worship, lead, and reach well but you guys definitely made out to everyone really inspired me. Thank you me feel welcome when I came to high school. You’re great people and guys for all that you guys have done. We will all miss you soo much, but I know that God Christians. We’ll miss you and don’t will continue to do great things with all of party hard in college. Bye you. Good luck in college! -Sharri Park -Clay Kim Hey guys,

Good luck have fun in college. Thanks for being such great mentors and older siblings. I hope you guys succeed in whatever you guys do. -Hansoo Kim

Hey seniors! Congratulations on graduating High School! Just wanted to say thank you for always being great role models to the under class-men! We’ll miss you guys so much when you leave to college! Remain strong in your spiritual walk with the LORD and study well! Stay healthy too! Good luck with everything! YOU GUYS CAN DO IT! Philippians 3:13-14 Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus - Chelsea Cho

Thanks for being great role models for me! have fun and do well in college! (: -Chelsea Lim

Heeey seniors! I’m so thankful for everyone and that I got a chance to know a few of you guys throughout the years! I had hoped to meet and get close to more, but the year already ended so hopefully y’all will visit and I will get the chance hehe. Have a great experience at college and keep your faith strong! I pray that God will continue to use you for His kingdom and that you’ll never gi ve up on Him. “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” -Proverbs 3:5-6 - alice choi

“Time has passed so quickly, and now you guys are here as graduated seniors, ready to embark on a new chapter in your life. I know with the gifts God has given you that you guys will go out and become a shining light for all who watch. I hope God can be the center of your lives in your next great journey, and that in Him you would find peace and grace. I’m so glad God put you guys in our lives to teach us and guide us, and I hope in that same way that you all would go out and become powerful men and women of God, making dear seniors, it’s sad y’all have to go so soon, but good disciples in His name. I’ll miss you guys!” luck and have fun wherever you go off -Timothy lee

Yo Seniors! Thanks to each and every one of you for having an inf luence on me during these years of high school. I’ve learned so much from you all! I hope all the best for you! Forever the Kobe Loving Laker Girl Annette Choi”

to. but always remember that whenever you feel lonely, look up at the stars, and remember that you are a child of god as simba is the son of mufasa, the king of pride rock. have a fantastic journey, friends, and visit often -jakey wakey





Special thanks to: alex oh,caleb lee,eric kim, john lee and hannah yoo teacher & jinhoo bong for helping and the pictures & sarah lee for MAKING THE layouts & book and clay kim for preparing & planning everything.

CEHS Senior 2013  
CEHS Senior 2013