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Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Sarah Kosta gave up her law studies to pursue a successful career in business. Over the last 25 years, she managed, presided and founded an array of companies in fields as diverse as fashion and automotive. Her passion, however, has always been the world of stones and metals, and the crafty combination of both in a perennial search for beauty. In 2006, fueled by this lasting passion for jewelry, as well as her previous success in business, she combined her entrepreneurial skills and a deep feeling for style in a single endeavor: Sarah Kosta designs. Throughout the last five years -and particularly within the last two- Sarah Kosta designs has grown in reputation and sales, and has established a name for itself in the jewelry business with impressive collections, edgy designs, and innovation in the use and combination of stones and metals. Today, the Sarah Kosta label is looking ahead at a period of continued growth within the high end niches of the market.

LAVENDER RING 950 Silver ring with faceted lavender quartz centerpiece surrounded by 3mm diameter onyx stones length 32mm | 1.26’’ width 2.8mm | 0.11’’

ORCHID RING 950 Silver ring with agathe stone length 3cm | 1.18’’ width 2.2cm | 0.87’’

ORCHID NECKLACE 950 silver with 3 rows of faceted spirell with centerpiece total lenght 450mm | 17.72’’ total width 35 mm | 1.38’’

ROSE EARRINGS 950 Silver earring with flower sculpted onyx with center of 3 crystal quartz diameter 15mm | 0.59’’

ROSE NECKLACE Agathe druzy pendant with black rubber necklace agathe lenght 70mm | 2.76’’ agathe width 50 mm | 1.97’’

ROSE BRACELET Agathe druzy over gold cow leather width 50mm | 1.97’’

CALLA BRACELET 950 silver with faceted amethyst total width 50mm | 1.97’’

CALLA RING 950 silver cut through ring with 3 centered amethyst width 30mm | 1.18’’

CALLA EARRINGS 950 Silver earrings with round faceted amethyst total length 4cm | 1.57’’ total width 2.8cm | 1.10’’

MAGNOLIA RINGS Set of 5 separate 950 silver rings with faceted olivine peridot, rodolite, blue topaz, yellow topaz and granate separate ring width 2.8mm | 0.11’’

TULIP NECKLACE 950 silver embelished chain with 3 rows of smoky quartz

TULIP RING 950 silver ring with faceted smoky quartz lenght 30mm | 1.18’’

GARDENIA BRACELET 950 silver cut through bracelet with centerpiece of feldspar quartz width 60mm | 2.36’’

GARDENIA RINGS 950 silver rings with feldspar quartz

GARDENIA NECKLACE AND EARRINGS Jasper and rutilated quartz with 950 silver

LUNAIA RING 950 Silver cut through ring with rose quartz stone length 30mm | 1.18’’

LUNAIA NECKLACE 950 silver with rose quartz pendant and irregular rose quartz pendant length 45mm | 1.77’’

ROSE NECKLACE Faceted smoky quartz necklace with mother of pearl sculpted rose

ROSE RING 950 silver with smoky quartz length 30mm | 1.18’’ width 20mm | 0.79’’

IRIS EARRINGS 950 silver with smoky quartz length 55mm | 2.17’’ width 20mm | 0.79’’

IRIS RING 950 silver with green quartz length 30mm | 1.18’’ width 20mm | 0.79’’

MELISSA NECKLACE Tibetan turquoise stones with 950 silver leaf and embellished chain

MELISSA RING Tibetan turquoise with 950 silver leaf ring length 30mm | 1.18’’ width 20mm | 0.79’’

NARCISSUS RING Rose sculpted jade with 950 silver ring diameter 30mm | 1.18’’

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Sarah Kosta catalogue september 2011  

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