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MARISSA OPEN HEART NECKLACE the benefits to opening your heart are vast and numerous. open your heart to love and let this necklace be your reminder!


find the perfect gift for you and your valentine.

ADDISON BRACELET put a signature stamp on your look. this bracelet has cursive “love” lettering written for all to see!


LUCI NECKLACE so simple and thoughtfully chic! you will love it as much as we love(d) sharing it with you!


when love strikes, our hearts begin to aflutter. this necklace takes a grand design approach towards an expressive style statement!

this set of earrings actually makes our hearts beat faster seeing the “LO” and “VE” on separate ears. Absolutely head over heels!

MIA EARRINGS ALLEGRA NECKLACE MINI ART DECO LOVE MONOGRAM art deco pieces are timeless, so a customized inscription of love seems appropriate. with this necklace, love is forever.

this necklace takes a grand design approach. love is just how we would describe our feelings for this great piece.

two hearts that beat as one. the lustrous pair of mini heart shaped earrings are sure to be the perfect pair!

MIA ROPE CHAIN BRACELET the key to your heart is always by way of thoughtful and delicate sentiments! get sentimental with this bracelet

Valentine's Gift Guide Test  
Valentine's Gift Guide Test