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From the President As I write this, my last letter as your 2013 ANCW President, the first thing that comes to mind is Thank You. Thank you all for allowing me the privilege to serve you as your President. It has been a tremendous experience – one I will treasure forever.

December, January, February 2014 Volume 41 Issue 4

ANCW and our state/national efforts. Thank you Stu. But now – we have to look at the bottom line – has ANCW moved forward this year? 1. Did we reach and influence more consumers to enjoy more Beef?

My theme, a New Generation, Barbara Jackson recognizes that I followed in my mother’s footsteps serving as your President – but more importantly it is to recognize that we must engage our new generation of CattleWomen. Change is so fast in our world these days – if you are not changing to keep up you are moving backwards, there is no standing still.

2. Did we reach more children in the classroom and help them know that beef is safe and good to eat and that people who raise cattle do so with care? 3. Is our membership better empowered to tell our beef story? 4. Are we prepared to implement the 2014 Marketing Plan that the Cattlemen’s Beef Board funded?

5. Are membership numbers up or down?? Is our One of the actions I am most proud of in 2013 happened revenue up? January 1, – and that was the promotion of Sarah continued page 2 Bohnenkamp to take the reins of our organization on the staff side as the Executive Director. I can’t believe it has been less than a year Sarah has been in this position for Calendar of Events us as I see the respect she had earned from individuals throughout our Beef Community. Immediately I tapped her 2013 expertise as a Certified Trainer for Steven Covey to have the Executive Committee go through the 7 Habits of Highly ANCW office closed for holidays: Dec 25-Jan 1 Successful People during our Leadership Meeting in March. (closing at noon Dec 24) She jumped into the job full force making several of the Region Meetings with President-Elect Patti Buck as well as 2014 the Young Cattlemen’s Tour in late May. We are fortunate to have an excellent roster of staff, Sarah Bohnenkamp, Feb 3-7 Annual Cattle Industry Convention, Sherry Hill and Jackie Buehner! My thanks to all three, it Nashville, TN was a privilege and pleasure for me to work with all of you. March 20-23 Spring Leadership meeting March 27-29 Region 4 meeting, Stillwater, OK I want to thank all who served with me this past year; the April 30-May 2 Region 6 meeting, Lake Tahoe, NV Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and all the May 2-3 Region 5 meeting, Billings, MT Committee Chairs and members. Thank you all for your June 13-14 Region 3 & 7 meeting (combined), leadership, for stepping up the take the responsibility Minnesota and for doing your jobs so well. For all ANCW members July 29-Aug 2 Summer Conference, Denver – thank you for all of your passion and efforts to help our Sept 26-27 National Beef Ambassador Competition, beef industry. Those who show up, those who belong and Denver support with your membership – make the decisions and determine our destiny. Thank you! 2015 I also want to thank Stu Marsh and his team at Z Tags their strategic alliance this year was a huge addition to December/January/February 2014

Annual Cattle Industry Convention, San Antonio, TX

The American CattleWoman


The American

CattleWoman The American National CattleWoman, Inc. is the voice for women in the U.S. beef cattle industry. 9110 E Nichols #302 Centennial CO 80112 Phone: (303)694-0313 Fax: (303)694-2390 Email: Volume 41, Issue 4 December/January/February 2014

President’s Message continued from page 1

To answer those questions – let’s look at a few projects; 1. Our beef checkoff funded Speakers Bureau reached over 10,000 face to face. CattleWomen volunteers served thousands samples of beef at the recent Washington DC Culinary event as well as showed them how to prepare it. We had four beef checkoff funded Twitter Parties that were all huge. The biggest one of them had 10.2 million impressions. All Twitter Parties “trended”. This is huge! 2. We introduced our first education newsletter and lesson plans that allow the teacher to use them even without a CattleWomen if needed. WOW, just think information on beef at the teachers’ fingertips.

Executive Director Sarah Bohnenkamp

3. Many of our members are prepared to talk directly with consumers – but we always need to reach more and we must be able to successfully answer all of their questions, even the tough ones. We all need to be MBA graduates and BQA certified.

Business Manager Jackie Buehner

4. Moms, Millennials and More (M3) is the marketing program with several projects that is checkoff funded. It really focuses on the activities ANCW does best – can we implement them successfully?

NBCO Program Director Sherry Hill The American CattleWoman is published quarterly, December, March, June and September. The American CattleWoman is designed to promote and develop ANCW programs and membership. It is a newsletter published to inform and serve the membership and to interest individuals in the American National CattleWomen, Inc. association.

Member LPC All reports and written material are subject to editing. American National CattleWomen (ISSN1042-5233) (USPS 315 470) is published quarterly by the American National CattleWomen, Inc., 9110 E. Nichols Ave., Centennial, CO 80112 (303) 694-0313. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduction in whole or in part, without written permission. Periodicals postage paid at Englewood, CO and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to American National CattleWomen, 9110 E. Nichols Ave., Centennial, CO 80112

5. Our membership is flat. This concerns me the most. Most young women do not see the value of belonging to ANCW. Our fiscal position is not as strong as it needs to be. As you will read in this newsletter – ANCW is bringing a major organizational change to the February 2014 membership meeting in Nashville. This is the third organizational change in which I have been involved. I agreed with all three including this one. Remember – standing still is moving backwards. This new structure will provide the structure we need to match the current programs and activities. It has been a wonderful year for me, meeting so many great ladies. The passion and hard work cattlewomen have is unequalled. But, Ladies are we providing a service or adding skill sets that cannot be done by someone else better or cheaper? If we cannot answer immediately and with confidence: Absolutely and positively yes! Then we have to rethink our game plan. Our membership numbers say we are standing still. Revenue levels say we are standing still. I invite you, I challenge you – come to our annual meeting February 4 – 6, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. Come to our meetings and help ANCW to move forward immediately! This generation cannot let down the New Generation.


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Statement of Ownership The American CattleWoman

December/January/February 2014

Executive Director Message Executive Director Update

We’ve already had some wonderful CattleWomen offer their by Sarah J. Bohnenkamp farms and ranches for tours and Collegiate groups request that we consider their campuses for our five campus events that will be hosted before the end of September. Will you also join the M3 team? Happy holidays and I hope to see YOU in Nashville…baby bumpin all the way with a new little Bohnenkamp coming in May! Save the Dates: Annual Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville: February 3-7, 2014

I’m having major heartburn over the fact that there are only a few days left before the new year! Where did fall go? The past few months have been filled with planning for the new Moms, Millennials and More (M3) program, coordinating events for the annual convention, National Beef Cookoff® grand-prize winner announcements at the DC Metropolitan Cooking & Entertainment show, and wrapping up the fiscal years for ANCW and our Telling the Beef Story program. The final numbers that are coming in from our 2013 efforts are super impressive and you’ll see some of them in the reports you’ll find in the coming pages. I’m sure you’ll be blown away by the amazing CattleWomen who have been busy promoting beef and educating young ones in classrooms across the country. We’ve even had a few who have hit the hill in DC to engage with their elected officials about important issues like the Farm Bill and grazing rights. We are big timing ladies with all the work that has been done! Wahoo to each of you who’ve been raising your voices. This issue of the American CattleWoman has some really important information that you’ll need to know: Annual Convention events, a proposed change in committee structure that will be voted on in Nashville, a new ANCW store where you can purchase your very own ANCW branded shirts and goodies, and much more. If you have questions about anything you read, let me know. If you’re reading this American CattleWoman online for the first time, we hope you like this new way of delivering service! If you’re reading a printed version, but want to try the online version, you can still opt-in by visiting our website. We’ve got a lot of great new things happening at ANCW and they’re all geared to add value to your membership. As we look ahead to 2014, please remember how much we need your help with M3 beef promotion activities like Collegiate Campus events, Retail demonstrations, Mom on the Farm events and social media promotions. Let us know where you’d like to direct your unique talents by filling out the short M3 survey found on the homepage of our website. December/January/February 2014

ANCW events will start at 8:00 AM on Feb 3rd and finish at 3:00 PM on Feb 6th ANCW Full Registration: Pre $485 (Onsite $551) ANCW Discounted Rate: Pre $305 (Onsite $350). Includes all meetings, Trade Show, through Wednesday night event. If you’ll stay to participate in TH-FRI events, full registration is required.

The following companies have graciously sponsored 2014 ANCW Annual meetings.

Z Tags Presidential Sponsor

Purina Animal Nutrition CattleWoman of the Year sponsor& General Membership Meeting

Powder River Livestock Handling Equipment WIGGY sponsor

Moly Manufacturing ANCW Focus Session Meetings

Southern Ag Credit Special Recruiting Event

SelectForce, Inc. ANCW Collegiate Job Fair and Leadership Roundtable Visit for more information

The American CattleWoman


National Beef Cook-Off


National Beef Cook-Off®

by Sherry Hill CattleWomen Promote Cooking with Beef at DC Metro Cooking Show The National Beef Cook-Off® program, funded by The Beef Checkoff, reached food loving consumers over 197,000 times through pre-show and on-site beef promotion and public relations activities at the November DC Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show. A total of 45 ANCW members from 21 states worked voluntarily, alongside staff from the Pennsylvania Beef Council and ANCW. WTTG/FOX Channel 5 Morning News ran a 5 minute live remote segment from the DC Convention Center on Friday with Evelyn Brown, Chef Timothy Dean and Sherry Hill. It was the first time CattleWomen demonstrated 20 beef recipes live on stage with local celebrity chefs, Timothy Dean and Michael Colletti, at the Food Lion cooking stage in front of an average audience of 75 show attendees. The majority of our CattleWomen worked in the Beef Checkoff booth, distributing 6,000 delicious beef recipe samples, encouraged consumers to play the “Know Your Beef’ game and participate in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posting as well as Pinterest pinning. New beef stars were videoed at the beef photo booth.

Claudia Krusch, contributing writer for Val’s Kitchen; Leah Bourne, Senior Editor of Stylecaster’s The Vivant, and Toby Amidor, from Food Network’s Healthy Eats Blog. Media spent two and a half hours immersed learning, tasting two winning beef and avocado contest recipes, taking photographs and asking questions. It was a great experience for all parties involved. Attendees received “The Art of Beef Cutting’, written by Kari Underly, one of our speakers, from the Beef Checkoff and a gift bag from the California Avocado Commission. This event was fully funded by the National Beef Cook-Off sponsorship dollars provided by the California Avocado Commission.

CattleWomen from across the country traveled to Washington D.C. in November to support the NBCO!

Attendees entered their chance to win great beef prizes including a three night stay at the Rankin Ranch for two adults including lodging, meals and activities. Four ‘Above All Else’ steak knife sets were awarded to consumers who provided their social media contact information voluntarily in a drawing. Other beef gifts including T-shirts, luggage tags and bumper stickers were given to participants who engaged with us during the show. Abbie Argersinger, from Austin Texas was awarded this year’s National Beef Cook-Off grand prize on Saturday, and was awarded her 25 thousand dollar check from Barbara Jackson and Evelyn Brown on behalf of The Beef Checkoff. Abbie’s winning recipe, Cali-Avocado Steak Salad was a hit at the show. A sincere thank you is extended to everyone who planned, and worked to make this consumer event a success. ‘A Cut Above’ Media Luncheon Held in New York City A few days following the DC Metro Cooking Show, The Beef Checkoff and California Avocado Commission partnered in an exclusive program to educate New York food editors and bloggers about the ‘farm to fork’ stories of beef and avocados, nutritional attributes of these products, tips on cutting, peeling and slicing avocados and a ‘Live Well’ beef cutting demonstration with the ribeye and top sirloin. Attendees included: Gwynn Galvin, Test kitchen director for Woman’s World; Nicole Papantoniou, Managing editor of and freelance food writer; 4

NBCO Grand Prize winner Abbie Argersinger.

20 beef recipes were demoed and several were sampled at the DC Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show.

The American CattleWoman

December/January/February 2014

Telling the Beef Story


Telling the Beef Story Results Moved the Needle for Beef’s Image

Meet the New NBAP Team

EMMA MORRIS: Hi there! My name is Emma Morris, and I am proud to represent the Golden State of California on the 2014 National Beef Ambassador Team! I am the 17 yearold daughter of Jim and Katie Morris, and a senior at Etna High School. My • More than 305,000 face-to-face conversations were engaged by beef ambassadors at a state and national hometown Etna, California is a small level! (17.3% increase from last year!) Survey results ranching community located way up of more than 400 respondents indicate that 74% north in the Marble Mountains, about had improved opinions of beef as a result of their an hour from the Oregon border. Along with my brothers, interactions with the NBAP team…that’s moving the I am the sixth generation on my family’s ranch where we needle for beef’s image! grow alfalfa, wheat, sunflowers, and grass, and raise Black • The National Beef Speakers Bureau reached more than Angus cattle, sheep, horses, and mules. Growing up as a part of the beef industry has made it something that is very 11,800 meal-time decision makers and students with near and dear to my heart, and I am so excited to spend their work! (Exceeding their goal of 10,000). Pre and post survey results marked a 15% average positive shift this year sharing the beef production story throughout the in opinions about beef. Again, that’s moving the needle entire country! for beef’s image! I am very active in my local FFA and 4H clubs, and am • Four “Beef Story” toolkits were delivered including Beef currently serving as my FFA chapter’s secretary and 4H 5K Races, Earth Day Education, Among Friends and president. I am involved in student government, and I’m Reading in Classrooms. Nearly 600 toolkit downloads currently captain of my school’s volleyball team. I compete have been made to date and we have at least three in the parliamentary procedure, livestock judging, and solid examples of CattleWomen groups actually using prepared public speaking contests in FFA and was a 2013 the toolkits to execute quality events! We also saw a state finalist with my speech regarding regulations on great mass of teachers who used the Earth Day toolkit farmers. I also show my family’s cattle at our county fair in their classrooms! Have you looked at these toolkit titles and those that were delivered last year? Check every year. Advocating for the agricultural community is them out at! truly my passion, and my future goals include attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, majoring in Ag Communications, and • Four Twitter parties featuring beef were conducted, ultimately becoming an agricultural lobbyist. I couldn’t be reaching 22.7 million impressions! Post-party survey more eager to serve on this team of amazing and dedicated results of 125 people who “partied” with beef on Twitter beef ambassadors, and look forward to what this year has showed 70% had improved opinions of beef…once in store for us! AGAIN, moving the needle for beef’s image. WOW!

by Sarah J Bohnenkamp The final numbers are in for the year-end results of the 2013 beef checkoff Telling the Beef Story program and we’re thrilled to report an awesome year! Here are a few highlights:

How were these results possible? Because of support from our FABULOUS CattleWomen VOLUNTEERS and producers across the country, via the beef checkoff. Thank you to everyone who supported the NBAP, NBSB, toolkit development and our social media outreach efforts! YOU made these wonderful WAHOOS possible!

Call for ANCW Nominations! by Tammi Didlot Your organization is looking for some great new leaders to step up and help guide ANCW into the future. If you have an interest to serve on the Board of Directors or Vice President please submit an application! Candidates will be reviewed at annual meeting in Nashville. If you have questions feel free to contact me direct or contact the ANCW Office. The applications are on the website. We need you and as your Past President, I can tell you it is a very rewarding experience.

JUSTANA VON TATE: Hello y’all! I am Justana Von Tate, the daughter of Stan and LaVon Tate of Texas. Growing up on my family’s cow/calf ranch you could say it’s always been “Beef it’s what’s for dinner” at my house. From calving first time heifers in snow storms to branding calves in the summer heat, the Texas panhandle lets you experience a little bit of everything. Along with commercial cattle, my family also raises and shows club calves. You could say my “sport” is being in the show ring. I have competitively shown at every major stock show in Texas. I’m currently a senior at McLean High School where six man football rules Friday nights. Growing up in 4H and FFA has given me so many opportunities and great experiences. I’m currently president of my FFA chapter and compete in a variety of contests. The beef show steer continued page 8

December/January/February 2014

The American CattleWoman


Committee Reports Animal Well-Being Committee by Jeannie Kiehn The Animal Well-Being Committee is progressing at achieving goals of seeing all CattleWomen members become certified in the Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) program and the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program. Daren Williams, Executive Director, Communications at National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is working on the program to be able to teach the MBA in a group setting. This would make it accessible to state and county affiliate meetings as a program. We are hopeful that this will take hold and we will be well on our way of reaching the goal of ALL CattleWomen becoming MBA certified. Another successful endeavor has been the Beef Twitter Parties. More and more CattleWomen are becoming familiar with social networking. As this happens so does our goal of reaching consumers with our own stories of how we raise our cattle, care for our land, and feed the world. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking avenues are reaching consumers now more than ever and this is the best time to be on board and tell our beef story! If you haven’t checked the toolkits on the ANCW website, you are missing some great step-by-step help on how to reach consumers with our message. Follow up on creating a Mom’s Day on the Farm toolkit is still in the forefront for the Animal Well-Being Committee. We look forward to hearing more from a couple of our CattleWomen who mentioned they would be piloting a Mom’s Day on the Farm event this fall. YouTube video clips made by CattleWomen also remain as works-in-progress. Anyone who has accomplished a YouTube video showing how we care for our cattle, please share with our committee! We look forward to our annual meeting in Nashville this coming February and sharing our progress.

Making Time to Share Our Story-Education & Curriculum Committee by Rebecca Been & Barbara Jacques Time seems to fly by, especially when you are having fun! As so many of our members have discovered, sharing our story in classrooms is just that . . . fun! We are seeing more and more CattleWomen members venture out of the comfort of the corral and visit their local classrooms. We hope that the growing supply of ANCW classroom tools are helping you make this crucial connection with students in your area. There are toolkits for Earth Day (which can really be used anytime of the year to teach about cattle and the environment) and Reading in Classrooms. There are also the first two Bringing the Ranch/Farm into the Classroom newsletters, that have focused on cowboy equipment and kids showing cattle. We are also continuing to work on more toolkits and newsletters to supply all of you with 6

the information and resources that you need to reach the students in your area. Please let us know if you have great ideas that have worked for you or if you are in need of ideas in a specific area. During our summer meeting, we agreed that we would like to create a “Teacher Tab” on the website. We are working on making our toolkits teacher friendly and having resources for teachers to find easily. We also challenged all of you to let us know what you are seeing and needing in your schools. Please let us know about specific textbook representations and misrepresentations of agriculture. Also, talk to your local teachers and find out what would encourage them to include more agriculture based curriculum in their day. We developed a brief questionnaire/form for both of these areas. If you would like a copy, please contact Rebecca Been at We are also looking for any lesson ideas / activities that our members have used in classrooms that you would like to share. We will be working on more toolkits in the near future and would love to use some of our member’s talents. If you have ideas, e-mail them to Rebecca. We hope that you will plan on joining us in Nashville and assisting our committee in making sure that every child knows where their beef comes from and what it takes to produce it!

ANCW-ites Unite! by Faustine Curry As 2013 wraps up and 2014 begins, ANCW is rocking and rolling toward a great year! Between new programming and increasing membership, it is easy to forget that members are the backbone, the support system and the heart of ANCW. Membership organizations that are thriving are supported by volunteers, just like you and me. 64.5 million people volunteered in the United States from September 2011-September 2012. We need to make sure that some of those volunteers are involved in ANCW! There are many ways that members support ANCW. The first line of support is through annual membership dues. But, are dues enough to make ANCW a stand-out organization? Is there something more that each of us can be doing to make ANCW stronger? YES! There are so many ways we can help ANCW continue to be a flourishing organization. Some of us help at our local county fair. Many of us attend the annual and summer conferences each year. Then there is the group that does not quite have the time to volunteer, but can make donations to ANCW or sponsor ANCW events. Each type of volunteer is vital to the sustainability of our organization. However, in 2014, let’s make a decision to do more…add one more item to your ANCW bucket list. In 2014, let’s band together as ANCW-ites and make a

The American CattleWoman

December/January/February 2014

Committee Reports Washington, D.C., and take part in the informational briefings, join fellow members of the cattle industry on Capitol Hill to discuss the priorities of our industry, and develop a stronger relationship with our elected officials and their 1. Attend the ANCW Annual Convention February 3-7 congressional staff. You can find more information about the 2014 Legislative Conference at NCBA’s website – www. in Nashville. 2. Provide ANCW with a few suggestions for people or companies that we can call on to sponsor events. Lastly, it’s important for us to stay involved on all aspects of 3. Plan to give the ANCW Foundation a certain the policy side of ANCW. As an affiliate of NCBA there are amount of money annually. a variety of resources, including staff, which ANCW may 4. Volunteer at a local event and tell people about beef. Make sure to log those volunteer hours in an utilize. We hope that you will find an option that fits into your lifestyle whether that is traveling to DC to be part of Activity Report at the Legislative Conference, sending emails to your elected 5. Be a rockstar event sponsor! officials, attending townhall meetings, or contributing your story to the “ANCW Our Stories” collection. These are just a few of the ways we can help make our organization stronger in 2014. ANCW needs each of us There are several ways we are asking you to help us ento step up and do something…be an active member, give gage in the political process: money, go to an event…do something! We can be the change agent that takes ANCW to the next level. Don’t 1. Sign up to receive email alerts on regulations and leave it to chance. Make 2014 the year that we as ANCWlegislation that will impact the cattle industry. Visit www. ites come out as the dream team for agriculture! to sign up for the Capwiz alerts that will notify you of policies that are being considered in Washington. Legislative Committee powerful and hearty showing in support of ANCW and agriculture! Here are just a few ways for the world to hear ANCW-ites roar:

by Kristina Butts 2. Help us create the “ANCW Our Stories” collection by It’s getting close to the end of 2013 and just around the providing general information on your family operation. corner are the ANCW meetings in Nashville, along with The stories will assist with efforts to educate Members our partner in policy – the National Cattlemen’s Beef Asof Congress and their staff about the issues important sociation (NCBA). Our committee has spent the past year to the beef industry. Please visit to reviewing, editing and modifying the policies important to provide information for our collection. Cattlewomen throughout the U.S. Members of ANCW will 3. Become aware of the resolutions discussions either at have the opportunity to vote on the ANCW policies at our the regional meetings or at our summer meeting. We upcoming meeting in Nashville. Additionally, ANCW continwould love to hear from you about the issues that are ues our efforts to work with our affiliate NCBA on a whole important to you. It is important for the ANCW to have host of policy issues important to our industry – including the understanding and flexibility to represent your views the 2013 Farm Bill. We hope that you will join ANCW as we in Washington and in International discussions. continue to engage in the policy issues that directly impact our family businesses. Our Committee is excited to find ways to represent and engage on behalf of ANCW and our grassroots membership. This fall we had a group of ANCW members who traveled to Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Washington, D.C., and joined our NCBA lobbyists on Capime at tol Hill as we talked about the importance of getting a Farm Bill completed, shared our personal stories with congresANCW Store Now Open for Business sional staff, and offered to be a resource to them as policies We’re thrilled to announce you can now purchase issues impacting agriculture arise. As our committee concustom ANCW embroidered apparel and gifts tinues to work toward being more involved with NCBA and online! Simply visit our elected officials, we encourage our members to become more engaged within the policy side of ANCW. Our committo view the wide variety of products available. A tee will meet on Tuesday, February 4th at 8:00 am with our sharp looking button-down shirt or ANCW attafocus session and then move directly into our committee che is the perfect gift for that hard to shop for meeting at 9:00 am. We hope that you will come to hear CattleWoman in your life, or simply treat yourwhat has been happening in our Nation’s Capitol and how self! Orders ship direct and be sure to check back ANCW can play an important role in the policy process. Additionally, ANCW is looking forward to joining NCBA’s legislative conference in Washington, D.C., March 8th – 10th. This will be a great opportunity for Cattlewomen to travel to December/January/February 2014

often to see what’s new and if there’s a special promotion or discounts available that will help you save on your next order! Happy shopping!

The American CattleWoman


NBAP Team continued from page 5

project had been my biggest involvement in 4H as well as beef quiz bowl, food challenge and the livestock judging team. After graduating, I plan to attend Clarendon College and participate on the livestock judging team. Then after Clarendon, it’s into Texas Tech where I will dual major in Agriculture Communications and Business. I have been so blessed to be a part of the 2014 NBAP and can’t wait for all the outstanding experiences I will encounter while getting to advocate for the fabulous beef community. SIERRA JEPSEN: Hello! I am Sierra Jepsen and this year I have the honor and the privilege to represent the great state of Ohio on the 2014 National Beef Ambassador Team! On my family’s farm in Amanda, we maintain a 70-head Angus and crossbred cowherd for our cow-calf enterprise, operate a small feedlot to finish beef for local consumers, and grow nearly 1,000 acres of corn, wheat, soybeans and hay. Raising my own 4H steers has truly helped me learn and understand the responsibility that today’s beef producers face on a daily basis. Through the FFA, I was able to build my own cowherd to 11 head and raise beef to sell on our family farm. From 2011-2012, I served as a state FFA officer and represented Ohio’s 22,000 FFA members. My sister, Cheyenne, and I both have the beef the cattle industry to thank for helping us to earn our state and American FFA degrees, save money for college and buy our first cars. I’m a student at The Ohio State University studying agricultural business and applied economics with a minor in animal sciences. Here at Ohio State, I’m an ambassador for the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and an active member of the Agribusiness Club, Crops and Soils Club and the Saddle and Sirloin Club, where I serve as co-chairman for the Steer Show Committee. This past summer, I donated $500 of locally raised beef to five food pantries in my home county, equaling 40 pounds of beef for them to serve to beneficiary families. With the help of my local cattlemen’s association, “Hamburger for the Hungry” was created this summer. For every hamburger that the Fairfield County Cattlemen’s Association sold, one half pound of beef was donated to several other food pantries countywide. Seeing beef served in my home state is what drives my passion for the cattle industry. I love sharing my story with consumers and I look forward to representing producers around the US this year on the 2014 National Beef Ambassador Team! 8

TORI SUMMEY: Hello fellow beef lovers! I am Tori Summey and I’m beyond blessed to serve on the 2014 National Beef Ambassador Team. My passion for the Beef Community sparked from my experiences through the National FFA Organization in high school where I just finished my term as State Vice President. Being raised in urban Phoenix, Arizona I was uniquely privileged with the opportunity to fall in love with the beef community without actually growing up in it. I gained my passion simply through hearing Arizona farmers and ranchers tell their story, and that’s how I know it is such an important story to tell. My family was a part of the vast majority of misinformed consumers, and actually at one point, my sister was even a vegetarian. It’s because of my unique past that I’m driven to tell my story, and hopefully spark a passion for beef in other consumers like me. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and despite my urban background I believe I was meant to advocate for agriculture.  That’s why I’m studying to obtain a degree in Agriculture Communication and Child Development. Besides my agricultural pursuits, I was privileged with the opportunity to be actively involved in a number of programs in high school such as Student Government, Student Ambassadors, Student Horseman’s Association, Art Club, Math Mania, Ecology Club, Yearbook, Dance Committee, and I have been competitive in Karate since the age of five, earning multiple National and World titles.  However, it was my involvement in FFA that has really shaped the person I am now.  Through competing as a finalist in the Arizona FFA Beef Speaking completion I found out about the Beef Ambassador Program and my desire to become one. Since then, I have witnessed the integrity, passion, and dedication that goes into producing safe, wholesome, and nutritious beef. I’m humbled by the opportunity to serve among such outstanding individuals and represent farmers and ranchers across the nation as a National Beef Ambassador! continued on page 17

Follow the NBAP team on Twitter @beefambassador

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December/January/February 2014

Proposed Committee Restructure ANCW Proposes Restructure of Committees-Vote in Nashville! The ANCW Executive Committee is planning to propose a restructure of how organizational business is conducted related to committee structure. Membership will vote on the proposed changes at the Annual Membership Meeting in Nashville, February 2014. The restructure proposal is designed to keep operations simple, to align committees to our beef checkoff funded strategies and to encourage greater participation by CattleWomen from across the country. ANCW Proposed Restructure Details Selected ANCW Marketing and Administrative committees would be simplified and membership would have the opportunity to serve on a variety of “Working Groups” which align with our three focus areas, which would become our three aligned ANCW Marketing Committees: Legislation, Youth Development, and Beef Promotion. Each Working Group would require a minimum of three CattleWomen volunteers and would have no maximum number of volunteers. State Presidents would assist in recruiting Working Group volunteers. Each Working Group would have a Manager, appointed by the President-Elect (similar to today where she selects the Committee Chairs). Each Working Group Manager would serve on their aligned Focus Area Committee, along with a member of the Executive Officer team, who would serve as Chair. One of the Working Group Managers will be selected by her fellow Focus Area Working Group Managers as Co-Chair of the Focus Area Committee. New requirements for ANCW Executive Officer qualifications would need to be implemented due to these changes. For example: Time spent as a Working Group Manager would be considered as a qualifier in place of current Committee Chair tenure qualifier. See proposed Bylaws changes for details. Marketing Committees Proposed Restructure Details: #1-Legislation Focus Area Committee: Would be made up of three Working Group Managers and the President. The committee would oversee the following Working Groups and report and bring legislative recommendations to the Executive Committee: o Legislative Policy and Resolutions Working Group  Purpose: Work in partnership with ANCW and NCBA legislative staff to discuss important federal policy issues impacting beef community and actions ANCW membership need to take. Make recommendations to Policy Alerts and Actions Working Group on what issues membership should know and actions that should be taken. Ensure ANCW Resolutions articulate current and relevant information, on an on-going basis. o Policy Alerts and Actions Working Group  Purpose: Work in partnership with ANCW staff and with Legislative Policy and Resolutions Working Group to identify key issues membership should know and appropriate actions to take. Design communication and education strategies to address each issue identified, at least quarterly. Develop content into easy to disseminate messages working in partnership with the Executive Director. o Legislative Conferences and Hill Visits Working Group  Purpose: Work in partnership with ANCW staff to create a program that will encourage CattleWomen at all levels to engage in coordinated legislative actions. Includes creating a scholarship program to help fund CattleWomen policy events and actions in Washington DC and attendance at the Spring NCBA Legislative Conference. #2-Beef Promotion Focus Area Committee: Would be made up of four Working Group Managers and the PresidentElect . The committee would oversee the following Working Groups and report and bring beef promotion recommendations to the Executive Committee:

December/January/February 2014

The American CattleWoman


Proposed Committee Restructure o Retail Beef Promotion and Cooking Events Working Group  Purpose: Work in partnership with ANCW staff to plan and execute retail and cooking events, as a part of national beef checkoff funded program. o Mom’s Day on the Farm Events Working Group  Purpose: Work in partnership with ANCW staff to plan and execute Mom’s Day on the Farm events, as a part of national beef checkoff funded program. o Campus Beef Promotion Events Working Group  Purpose: Work in partnership with ANCW staff and Collegiate CattleWomen and youth organizations to plan and execute campus promotion events, as a part of national beef checkoff funded program. o Social Media and Online “Ag”vocacy Working Group  Purpose: Work in partnership with ANCW staff to plan and execute social media events and activities, as a part of national beef checkoff funded program and other activities which support ANCW’s Long Range Plan. #3-Youth Development Focus Area Committee: Would be made up of four Working Group Managers and the Vice President. The committee would oversee the following Working Groups and report and bring youth development recommendations to the Executive Committee: o National Beef Ambassador Program Working Group  Purpose: Work in partnership with ANCW staff to plan and execute the National Beef Ambassador Program for youth ages 12-21. o Consumer Youth Education (K-12) and Curriculum Working Group  Purpose: Work in partnership with ANCW staff to plan and execute K-12 curriculum research tactic in 2014. After project is complete, recommend and share beef story curriculum for CattleWomen and teachers to deliver in classrooms across the country. o Collegiate CattleWomen (Ages 17+) Working Group  Purpose: Work in partnership with ANCW staff to create attractive programs for Collegiate CattleWomen to engage in ANCW membership and Beef Promotion, Legislation and Youth Development Working Group and events. o JR CattleWomen (Ages 16 and under) Working Group  Purpose: Work in partnership with ANCW staff to create attractive programs for JR CattleWomen to engage in ANCW membership and events. Administrative Committee Proposed Restructure Details: #4-A new “Membership and Communication” Committee would combine the current Membership committee and Communications committees. Committee Purpose: Working in partnership with staff, create annual member recruitment, recognition and reward program. Design and edit organizational communication. #5-Create new “Ways and Means” Committee which combines Funding Development and Budget committees. Purpose: Working in partnership with staff, create viable annual budgets, review monthly financials and make recommendations for revisions as needed, create sponsorship strategy and source revenue for organization. All other ANCW committees continue to function as stated in ANCW bylaws. 10

The American CattleWoman

December/January/February 2014

Proposed Committee Restructure Region Directors would focus on supporting region Presidents and activities and would not be aligned to specific Working Groups.

FAQs for the Proposed ANCW Restructure 1. What Committees would change? All Marketing Committees would merge into new “Focus Area” Committees or supporting Working Groups. Administrative Committees would have the following modifications: •

Funding Development – would merge into new Ways & Means Committee

Budget – would merge into new Ways & Means Committee

Membership and Communications- would merge into new joint Membership & Communications Committee

Bylaws/Policies & Procedures and Resolutions – remains the same

Outstanding CattleWomen of the Year - remains the same

Nominating - remains the same

2. What is a “Focus Area”? These are the three areas identified as ANCW’s main focus for all activities and organizational efforts, including: Beef Promotion, Youth Development, and Legislation.

3. Who would lead the “Focus Area” Committees? An ANCW officer would “Chair” or lead each Focus Area Committee: President, President-Elect, and Vice-President. This provides a direct tie to the work our organization is doing and our volunteer leaders.

4. Who would participate in a “Focus Area” (FA) Committee? The Working Group Managers for each area would serve as the FA Committee, with an ANCW officer as the Chair.

5. What is a Working Group? These are similar to a “sub-committee.” They would have a minimum of three CattleWomen who would plan and execute whatever is needed for that WG. They will be no maximum number of CattleWomen for Working Groups.

6. Who would lead the Working Groups? The President-Elect would appoint a Working Group Manager, just as in the past she appointed all Committee Chairs. The term of a Working Group Manager would be one year.

7. I currently sit on a Committee - Where would I go? You still have a very important place! Please refer to the flow chart (linked online and in this newsletter) and select the place you feel you’d be the greatest asset based on your passions and skills. We want you to be aligned to best utilize your skills and talents.

8. What would happen to the process of electing Region Representatives to each Committee as in the past? Some admin committees will require designated region representation. See proposed bylaws changes for details. We’d also like to see every Region select CattleWomen representatives to participate in each Focus Area’s Working Groups. This will provide for a wide representation of CattleWomen. It’s also important to note that anyone, from any region who wants to volunteer for open seats on Working Groups would also have the ability to do so.

December/January/February 2014

The American CattleWoman


Proposed Committee Restructure 9. Where would ANCW Staff fit into the new structure? Both Sarah Bohnenkamp and Sherry Hill would be Program Managers for the Moms, Millennials and More (M3) program (for the beef checkoff funded programs) and would be assigned to the Working Groups that align with this program based on their areas of responsibility. The Legislative Working Groups as well as the Administrative Committees would be assigned to Sarah Bohnenkamp (Executive Director) and Jackie Buehner (Business Manager) for support.

10. When would this change happen? Membership will vote on this proposed restructure at the ANCW annual General Membership meeting in Nashville in February, 2014. The existing Committees would meet as usual in Nashville and wrap up their work. The new structure must be passed (via the passage of new bylaws) at the General Membership meeting and once passed the new structure would take place immediately.

11. What would happen to all the CattleWomen elected at the Region Meetings in 2013 for 2014 Committees? Members who were elected to sit on committees for 2014 will have the opportunity to choose a new Working Group in which they’d like to serve.

12. What would the “Job Description” look like for a Working Group Volunteer? Some members will be selected by Regions and group will also grow organically based on desires of CattleWomen members. Anyone can join a working group for one year term.  In order to remain on working group in future years, minimum expectations must be met, including attendance at meetings as described above and demonstrated follow-through on all assigned tasks/activities, as assessed by the Working Group Manager and Focus Area Chair. The following minimum expectations would be required: -Ability to attend ANCW Summer and Annual meetings (funding for travel and registration is responsibility of each volunteer). -Ability to attend their region’s ANCW meeting (funding for travel and registration is responsibility of each volunteer). -Ability to participate in scheduled conference calls. -Be current with ANCW dues. -Be proponents of creativity and continuous improvement. -Have passion and skills for the work to be planned and executed by the Working Group. -Ability to volunteer at least 5 hours per month to the Working Group’s success. -Ability to work in small groups with fellow CattleWomen volunteers, united around a common goal. -Ability to communicate new ideas, challenges and opportunities that will help group achieve its established goals.  -Recruiting new working group volunteers.

13. What would the “Job Description” look like for a Working Group Manager? She will be appointed by the ANCW President-Elect. Her responsibilities include all those of a Working Group volunteer with the following additions: -Fulfilling a leadership role, planning and conducting all specific Working Group meetings, conference calls, and annual action plans. -Bringing group’s recommendations for annual plan of action, projects, events, etc. to aligned Focus Area committee Chair for approval.  12

The American CattleWoman

December/January/February 2014

Proposed Committee Restructure -Engaging all Working Group volunteers in meaningful activities that support vision of Working Group. -Communicating important information/updates/encouragement to the working group volunteers and Focus Area Chair on a monthly basis. Respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner. -Creating internal communication messages and reports, as requested and necessary. -Innovating. Continuous improvement is key.  Supporting team as they strive to deliver creative and effective strategies that will help drive results toward ANCW’s Long Range Plan. -Motivator of people. Encourager of teamwork. Ability to communicate clearly and generate enthusiasm among peers. -Organized. -Ability to volunteer at least 15 hours per month to the Working Group’s success. -Recruiting new working group volunteers and ensuring they’re trained properly and have a clear vision of their role.

14. What would the “Job Description” look like for a Focus Area Committee Chair and Co-Chair”? An ANCW Executive Officer will act as the Chair for the Focus Area committee and she will have a Co-Chair to partner with. Their duties will include: -Fulfilling a leadership role, ensuring working groups are functioning properly (meetings are planned effectively and conducted according to established expectations, matters are dealt with in an orderly and efficient manner, working group manager is leading the team well, etc.). Chair will then take any approved actions to Executive Committee for next steps.  -Supporting the development and execution of an annual plan of action for each working group which supports ANCW Long Range Plan.  -Evaluating working group’s performance and identifying areas of celebration and areas for improvement. -Coordinating internal communication (newsletters, etc.) and required reporting of group’s achievements. -Recruiting new working group volunteers and ensuring they’re trained properly and have a clear vision of their role. -Update ANCW Executive Committee about happenings of Focus Area on-going.


What would the qualifications be to serve as a Working Group Manager?

A Working Group Manager shall exhibit leadership qualities, as observed by CattleWomen leaders. Prior experience managing or chairing local or state CattleWomen committees or groups is preferred. Expertise in the given Working Group area is a must.

16. Won’t we need a lot more CattleWomen to volunteer in order to staff the new Working Groups compared to what is needed for our existing structure? No, although we’d love to have more volunteers working to drive our objectives forward! Fewer than 70 CattleWomen (at a minimum) will be needed to staff the committees and Working Groups as outlined in the proposal. ANCW’s current committee structure requires nearly 100 CattleWomen volunteers (not including the Executive Committee or Board of Directors, which will not change).

17. Would all Working Group volunteers have a vote pertaining to the business of her Working Group? Yes. All members of the Working Group will vote on their official business and take approved projects/actions to their Focus Area committee for the next level of approval. Please contact your Region Director, ANCW Officers or the ANCW office with your questions about these proposed changes. December/January/February 2014

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The American CattleWoman

December/January/February 2014

Proposed ByLaws Changes Proposed Bylaws Changes: At the Annual ANCW Membership Meeting, the following Bylaws Changes will be voted upon: Article IV: Fiscal Year: Updated to remove reference to Treasurer, as ANCW doesn’t have this position. Aldo added note: The ANCW Business Manager will maintain all financial records. Article V: Officers-Nominations-Elections, Section 2: Terms: Deleted Letter D (in reference to Budget Committeesee Article IX changes for more information about committee make-up changes). Updated letter E to be letter D and updated letter F to be letter E. Article V: Officers-Nominations-Elections, Section 3: Qualifications, letter A, #2 b (Under Vice President section): Updated to include new qualifications, including serving as ANCW Focus Area Committee Co-Chair or Administrative Committee Chair for at least one (1) year, or serving as a Working Group Manager for a minimum of two (2) years. Letter A, #2 c (Under Region Director section): Updated to include standing committee Co-Chair as new qualification. Added new letter B: All individuals who serve in any capacity on standing committees must be current ANCW members in good standing. Article V: Officers-Nominations-Elections, Section 4: Nominations, letter D: Updated to replace Budget Committee references to new Ways and Means committee. Also updated language to state Ways and Means Committee Chair will be elected from the floor at the General Membership Meeting at the Annual Convention and deleted references to Budget committee members also being elected from the floor. Section #2, deleted language related to committee members and updated with term of Ways and Means Committee Chair. New language: The Chair shall serve a three (3) year terms and can be re-elected for a second term. Section #3 deleted as would now be redundant to #2. Section #4, letter D, #2, a: added language, in the past three to five years. Article V: Officers-Nominations-Elections, Section 4: Emergency Clause, letter a: Deleted. Language was redundant, as it duplicated #2, letter a. Letter b: Deleted “Chair”, as original language approved was indicating a committee member who has served for at least two (2) years would qualify. Article V: Officers-Nominations-Elections, Section 5: Elections, letter B and C: Updated to replace Budget Committee references to new Ways and Means committee and deleted “Election of one (1) Budget Committee member every year” (due to new bylaw related to region representation). Article VI: Duties of Officers, Section 1: Officers, letter H: Updated to replace organization with Corporation. Article IX: Committees, Section 1: Classifications: Updated description of classifications to account for new Focus Area Committees. New language: There shall be two (2) classes of standing committees: Marketing and Administrative. Marketing Committees include three (3) Focus Area Committees: Youth Development, Beef Promotion, and Legislation. The Vice President shall chair Youth Development, the President-Elect shall chair the Beef Promotion, and the President shall chair Legislation. Within each Focus Area Committee there will be Working Groups, and a Working Group Manager appointed by the President-Elect. The Working Group Managers will make up the Committee for that Focus Area. The Policies and Procedures will outline the purpose, structure and expectations of all Focus Area Working Groups. Article IX: Committees, Section 3: Reports: Updated description of reporting expectations to add timelines for reports and to reference Focus Area Committees. New language: Reports of Marketing and Administrative Committees shall be submitted to the Executive Director 30-days prior to the Summer and Annual Meetings. The President shall report on all progress of the Focus Area Committees to the membership at the Annual Convention and to the Board of Directors at the Summer Conference. Additionally, letter A, 1, was updated to reflect all committee recommendations shall be presented to the ANCW President, replacing Region Director reference (as they will no long be assigned as committee liaisons). Deleted letter B. Article IX: Committees, Section 6: Titles and Composition of Standing Committees, section I (Marketing committees): Updated committee descriptions to reflect three new Focus Area Committees and deleted language referring to Animal Well-Being Committee, Beef Education and Curriculum Committee, Consumer Promotion and Education Committee, Legislation and Issues Committee, Membership Committee, Collegiate CattleWomen Membership Committee, and December/January/February 2014

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Proposed ByLaws Changes National Beef Ambassador Program Committee. The following new language inserted: A. Youth Development Focus Area Committee: Would be made up of various Working Group Managers and the Vice President. The committee would oversee the Working Groups and report and bring youth development recommendations to the Executive Committee. B. Beef Promotion Focus Area Committee: Would be made up of various Working Group Managers and the President-Elect. The committee would oversee the Working Groups and report and bring beef promotion recommendations to the Executive Committee. C. Legislation: Would be made up of various Working Group Managers and the President. The committee would oversee he Working Groups and report and bring legislative recommendations to the Executive Committee. D. The Working Groups for each Focus Area Committee will be determined by the needs of the ANCW Long Range Plan and shall be approved by the Executive Committee by December 1 for the upcoming year. Also updated section II (Administrative Committees): Updated sections to include references to new Membership and Communications Committee and replaced Budget committee references with Ways and Means Committee and updated committee composition language. Previous letter A referencing Budget committee replaced with new letter A: Membership and Communication Committee: Working in partnership with staff, create annual member recruitment, recognition and reward program. Design and edit organizational communication. Manage the production and mailing of the newsletter within approved budget, manage electronic news, social network sites, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and the ANCW website. 1. The President-Elect shall appoint a Chair who shall serve a three (3) year term. Can be re-elected for a second term. 2. Seven (7) elected committee members shall be region representatives, with one committee member from each region. These members will be elected at region meetings for a one (1) year term. Can be re-elected for a maximum of three (3) terms. Same section, previous letter A: updated to be letter B and replaced Budget Committee reference with Ways and Means Committee language: Also develop and solicit financial resources for ANCW in coordination with the Executive Committee, staff, and ANCW Foundation. Reformatted section to fall in line with rest of document by moving committee composition requirements into new sections #1, #2, and #3. Additionally, section #2: committee composition references were replaced: The Immediate Past President and seven (7) elected committee members shall be region representatives, with one committee member from each region. These members will be elected at region meetings for a one (1) year term. Can be re-elected for a maximum of three (3) terms. Same section, previous letter B, updated to be letter C. Also replaced committee composition references: This committee shall consist of an appointed Chair, the current ANCW Parliamentarian, an appointed ANCW Past President and seven (7) region representatives. The President-Elect shall appoint the Chair and the ANCW Past President. Each Region shall elect one (1) one member to this committee, to be voted upon at region meetings. Each person shall serve a one (1) year term. Can be re-elected for a maximum of three (3) terms. Same section, previous letters C and D deleted (references to old Funding Committee and old Communications Committee). Previous letter E, updated to be letter D. Previous letter F, updated to be letter E. Article IX: Committees, Section 7: Additional Work Groups/Assignments: Updated format to replace numbers 1 and 2 with A and B to match overall document format and replaced committee with council in last sentence. Throughout Bylaws replaced references to ANCW/NCBA Annual Convention with Cattle Industry Annual Convention. Please visit the ANCW website to view the proposed bylaws in full. Contact the office if you’d prefer a mailed copy or if you have questions. 16

The American CattleWoman

December/January/February 2014

NBAP Team continued from page 8

Rachael Wolters: Rachael proudly represents the volunteer state, Tennessee. She lives on her families’ farm in Culleoka, TN and is a freshman at the University of Tennessee at Martin where she is studying Animal Science with a focus in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Her future goals are to be a large animal Veterinarian, and specialize in large and small ruminants. Rachael is serving as the freshman class president for UT Martin, and she is an active member of Student Cattlemen’s, and the Veterinary Science Club. In high school Rachael ran cross-country, track, and swam competitively. She is now a part of the Tennessee Team Beef running team. She was highly active in 4H, serving as a member of the State 4H Council for three years, and completing over 10,000 volunteer hours. Rachael attended National 4H Congress, and national 4H Conference. Rachael’s family operates a small, diversified farm. She raises and shows registered Border Cheviot Sheep, serves on the National Jr. Cheviot Society board, and was the 2013 National Cheviot Queen. Rachael has always had a passion for the beef industry. She is an advocate for all things agriculture, and is inspired by the individuals who have devoted their lives to this great industry.

YCC Applications Open! Are you between the ages of 25 and 50 and want to attend NCBA’s 35th annual Young Cattlemen’s Conference (YCC) this spring? ANCW is accepting applications for one coveted seat for this exclusive event. The YCC tour has proven to be an effective vehicle in identifying and developing potential leaders. This program has become and will continue to be the cornerstone of leadership training efforts within the cattle industry. Learn more by visiting www. Applications are due March 1st.


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December/January/February 2014

The American CattleWoman


Committee Reports Membership: We Need You! by Wanda Pinnow Membership is the ground roots of any organization! Without YOU the members, we do not thrive as an organization. When your membership renewal comes in the mail don’t let it sit there, complete it, write that check or fill in the credit card info and mail it, that same day. It’s that time of year when membership invoices are going out for many states. Please include a reminder on your state’s membership renewal form to join ANCW. Remember to add that our dues have increased from $50 to $60 per year.

The Beef Alphabet...Simplistic thoughts for the BEEF industry. by Janna Stubbs A little light humor, food for thought if you will, keep in mind all the wonderful traits of the best industry of the world, BEEF, enjoy!

A. Appealing, all aspects of beef are always. B. Boastful, most times when gathering and beef is present, all are boastful. C. Colorful, every cut of beef is some shade of color. D. Delicious, each bite is always. We are proud to announce a new Collegiate CattleWomen E. Extraordinary, the beef industry is at it’s best. Membership leader: Jane Crochran of California. Jane F. Funny, most consumers are this about their beef can be reached at If you would choices. like to join as a Collegiate or want to start a group at your G. Gigantic, numerous ounces can be. college and need information, feel free to contact Jane or H. Heart healthy, enough said. Wanda. Individual Collegiate membership dues are only I. Independent, our industry stands on it’s own 4 legs. $20. J. Juicy, it better be. K. Kind, each producer is and must be. At the Nashville membership meeting, we will be naming L. Lovely, all thoughts of beef. the new Junior CattleWomen Membership leader. We will M. Mouthwatering, always is. have info to send home with you on how to engage the N. Numerous ways to create with. youth of ANCW. Our Junior membership dues are only $20. O. Optimistic, all within the industry must be. We’ve started a new competition on the Platinum Spurs P. Protein, most important factor. Membership contest. Start your recruiting for new members Q. Quality, best in the world. and be the top 2014 Recruiter of the Year! Join us in R. Red. Nashville for the announcement of the Platinum Spurs S. Sexy, what’s not to love about a hunk of beef. winners for 2013. Our contest year runs from October 1st to T. Time, perfection takes time. September 30th. U. Unite, a must for all. V. Vivacious, a feeling after consumption. Have you asked someone to become a member of ANCW W. Worry not, refer to letter O. X. X marks the spot when vaccinating. this month? Why not? Y. Yearning, each holiday creates more of this for Collegiate CattleWomen Momentum! beef. Z. ZIP, Zinc, iron, protein. The membership committee is delighted to report an increase in the number of inquiries about starting collegiate chapters. Fostering growth among young women in the beef industry is vital to our future. As college students look Get BQA Certified in Nashville for leadership opportunities, ANCW is an environment rich with possibilities. If you know young women interested in What are you doing Tuesday, February 4th from forming campus groups, send them our way! 1:00-3:00 PM? If you’re coming to Nashville for the Annual Cattle Industry convention, use this time Don’t forget about the Platinum Spurs! to earn your BQA certification! There’s no fee and no need to put it off any longer. If you’re already The first members of this elite posse of recruiters will be certified, come and sharpen the saw. This certifirecognized and pinned with their spur in Nashville. Go cation event promises to be awesome with cattle get those recruits and renewals to be added to the current handling legend Curt Pate and experts Dr. Ron list of qualifiers. Requirement for Platinum Spur status Gill and Justin Rienhardt leading the way through is a combined 5 memberships, either new recruits or practices that influence the safety and quality of lapsed renewals (> 3 months expired), collected. If you beef and beef products! How cool would it be to think you already qualify or you have questions, please say that ALL ANCW members are BQA certified? contact Desta Crawford at or This is a great step in the right direction and we 806.676.2378. Thanks to a generous anonymous sponsor, hope to see you there! top recruiters for 2014 will be eligible for fabulous prizes (to   be determined)!!! 18

The American CattleWoman

December/January/February 2014

Region Reports Region III Adds New Members by Penny Zimmerman Yaaahooooooooooooo! Region III is gaining new members throughout the region! After decades without an organized CattleWomen’s group, the state of Illinois has organized a new CattleWomen’s group. The first informational and organizational meeting was held on October 30, 2013 via telephone conference call. There were 12 women on the call. Penny Zimmerman, Patti Buck and Barbara Jackson gave an overview of ANCW, its history, goals and mission. These cattlewomen are anxious to be involved in promoting and telling our beef story in the state of Illinois. There were many ideas shared concerning the impact they plan to make: to promote beef, fundraisers for scholarships, and beef promotions at some college campuses. As the latest state affiliate CattleWomen’s organization, they have a full executive board: Monica Stevens was elected as president; Liz Novotny, President-Elect; Sara Prescott, Vice President; Shelia Stannard, secretary and Kim Groeper as the Treasurer. These ladies are ready to write up the new Illinois State CattleWomen policies and by-laws and decide the course they would like to lead this new organization. The next big recruitment opportunity will be at their February Beef Expo. We congratulate them for this historical effort and event!

More information will be available soon on For questions contact Host State Chair, Tammi Didlot 405.409.7633 or Don’t miss this opportunity to network with others in our Region or throughout the country – everyone is invited. *Please contact me if you are interested in specific committee/project work. There is a place for everyone who wished to get involved with ANCW. Let’s work together to find your place! Call, email text me 806-676-2378 or Beef and Blessings to Y’all through the holiday season into the New Year!

Foundation ANCW Foundation

by Kristy Lage  The Foundation trustees would like to extend a big thanks As stated, Region III is growing stronger in our organization. to Monsanto for once again sponsoring the 2014 National Missouri CattleWomen membership has more than doubled Beef Ambassador Scholarships. Their long-standing support for this tremendous program is to be commended. the past couple of years. Minnesota is excited to be the Please like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter host for the upcoming Region III and Region VII meeting on June 13 and 14. As all the states strive to promote beef @MonsantoCo, their posts relate to our mission of being an agricultural organization using innovation to educate and tell the beef story, ANCW will continue to grow and consumers about how farmers and ranchers feed the world. support our efforts. The foundation would also like to thank everyone who purchased donation tickets for the chance to win an iPad. by Desta Crawford The winning ticket was drawn at Summer Conference in Stillwater, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University will Denver. Congratulations to Tammi Didlot! be the site for our upcoming Region IV Meeting. Activities are still being finalized, but will include a campus tour With your help, we can make a difference! Contribute with educational opportunities in production agriculture, a memorial that honors the life of a friend, relative or veterinary medicine and food processing. Other nearby colleague or designate a donation that insures you invest cattle production facilities are being narrowed down as well, directly in scholarships or projects! It is easy, just visit http:// since we cannot stay all week to see them all!

Save The Date Region IV – March 27th - 29th

Region IV prioritizes a generous mix of education and fun. Plan to arrive for registration, beginning Thursday, March 27th at 3:00pm. Meeting will wrap up by noon on Saturday the 29th for those wishing to head home. An optional Wine Tasting Tour will commence on Saturday afternoon followed by dinner and local fun for all who choose to stay.

Just a reminder that the ANCW PO BOX has been closed. To avoid a delay in processing, please send all mail to:

Hotel block at Holiday Inn and Suites, mention ANCW for block & special rate - 405.372.2445

9110 E Nichols AVE #302 Centennial , CO 80112

Room rates: $95 for King Suite or Queen Doubles. December/January/February 2014

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Collegiate CattleWomen Special Collegiate Events in Nashville! Are you a Collegiate CattleWomen who will be joining us in Nashville for the Annual Cattle Industry Convention? Please join the American National CattleWomen, Inc. (ANCW) at our second annual Beef Cattle Industry Career Fair! Meet leading cattle industry representatives and learn about their companies and what they’re looking for in today’s top talent! Explore open positions, available internships and network with fellow Cattlemen and CattleWomen!  Don’t forget your resumes and your best handshakes and you’ll even have a chance to win a pair of new boots! This year ANCW and SelectForce, Inc. will also host the first annual Collegiate Leadership Roundtable! During this fast-paced hour, beef industry leaders from a variety of different organizations will be on hand to interact with collegiate cattlemen and women who’d like to explore the wide world of leadership.  What does effective leadership look like in the 21st century?  What pitfalls can emerging leaders avoid?  How can you help lead others to move in a common direction for the betterment of the beef community?  Join us as we journey through these topics and much more at the first annual Collegiate Leadership Roundtable and remember…Leadership doesn’t always equate with being the “boss.”  

There are special convention registration rates for students so register today! Both of the ANCW collegiate events will be hosted Thursday, February 6th. The Leadership Roundtable will be from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM and the Career Fair is from 1:00-3:00 PM and all collegiate CattleWomen and men are invited to attend these free events! Please help us spread the word! For questions contact Jackie Buehner, ANCW Business Manager; (303) 850-3442 or We look forward to seeing our brightest future leaders at these exciting events!  A full convention schedule is located on our website!

"The Chaney Twins' Ag Books"

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Place orders direct at Lesson plans available in free downloadable form at and on Rebecca Chaney's website.

Box book discounts available for groups!

For more information email the Chaneys at or call Rebecca at 308-785-8064

Annual Convention Highlights Join Us in Nashville for the Annual Cattle Industry Convention at these must attend events! ANCW Opening Session Monday, February 3 8:00 am - 9:00 am Sponsored by Z Tags CattleWomen meetings kick-off on Monday, with multiple committee meetings, exciting focus sessions and guest speakers, plus much more! Join us at the opening session to welcome old and new friends to Nashville and to explore the jam-packed convention meeting schedule, including what to expect at the three focus session meetings, which are sponsored by Moly Manufacturing. Moms, Millenials and More Workshop Monday, February 3 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Twitter parties, campus events, retail demonstrations, Mom’s Day on the Farm and more! The Moms, Millennials and More program (M3), funded by the Beef Checkoff and managed by the American National CattleWomen, Inc., offers ways for CattleWomen to engage in beef story experiences. This workshop will offer training and development opportunities for those who will join the M3 team. ANCW Presidents Council Tuesday, February 4 10:15 am - 11:15 am Join CattleWomen state presidents and other CattleWomen members in robust conversations about important beef community issues during the ANCW Region Caucus, then celebrate vital beef promotion and education results, all during the President’s Council. ANCW General Membership Meeting Wednesday, February 5 1:00-3:00 pm Sponsored by Purina Animal Nutrition Celebrations, recognition, voting, and ANCW news you need to know will make up the ANCW general membership meeting. This is a must attend meeting for all CattleWomen! Members American National CattleWomen, Inc. will discuss important organizational news and will vote for the 2014 Executive Officer team and any other important ANCW business requiring a vote of general membership.  ANCW Resolution Vote At summer conference a new set of resolutions for ANCW policy was approved by leadership and will now move forward to be voted upon by general members at the upcoming General Membership meeting in Nashville. The proposed resolutions document is available online for your review prior to the meeting: Should you have questions or need a printed copy, please reach out to or and one will be mailed to you.

Vendor Sales and Annual Meeting

As a reminder, per ANCW Policies & Procedures (page 22), ANCW will allow vendors at specific ANCW meetings. Requests for vendor spaces must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee and received at least 30-days in advance of the first day of the meeting. If you wish to sell ANY item during annual meeting activities, you must first receive approval and the appropriate fee will be charged. Thank you in advance for adhering to this policy. 22

The American CattleWoman

December/January/February 2014


2014 Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show · February 4-7

$15 Discounnet

Attendee Registration Form

with onli until on registrati10, 2014 January

Advance Registration Deadline is January 10, 2014 - MAIL/FAX REGISTRATIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED AFTER DEADLINE. This form is designed for one registrant, please make a copy of this form for additional registrants. Exhibitors may not use this form and must register online.

Convention days: Tuesday - Friday

o Check here to receive your confirmation by mail (as opposed to being sent by e-mail). Full Name (for badge): ___________________________________________________ Company Name: _____________________________________ Address: ____________________________________ City: _________________________ Province/State: _______________________________ Country: ___________________________ Zip: _______+ _______________ E-Mail Address: ________________________________________ Daytime Phone: ______________________________ Fax: __________________________ Cell Phone: _________________________________ (Please provide in order to receive text message updates)

Member Number: __________________________________ o Check here if new address o Do not share my e-mail with Exhibitors (Number may be found on your National Cattlemen mailing label.)

What is your primary segment? o Cow Calf o Feedlot Owner/Manager o Stocker/Backgrounder o Farmer/Feeder o Seedstock o Retail/Packer o Vet/Consultant o Dairy Producer o Other_________

Please Check Categories That Apply to You o NCBA Member

Best Value

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o ANCW Member


Included with Full 4-Day registrations and Daily registrations. All tickets purchased in this section are in addition to any included with your registration package. $540.00 $500.00 $500.00 $350.00 $640.00

o NCBA Trade Show Lunch (Wednesday) .................................................. $35.00 o Viva Nash Vegas Party (Wednesday night) ............................................ $55.00 o Best of Beef Breakfast (Thursday) ......................................................... $40.00 o NCBA Trade Show Lunch (Thursday) ...................................................... $35.00 o Cowboy's Night at the Opry 2 and Red Solo Cup After Party (Thursday night) ...................................................................................... $90.00

OPTION TWO: Daily Registration

Available for any single day and includes tickets to events in Special Events Section on selected day.

Tuesday ............................ Wednesday ...................... Thursday .......................... Friday ...............................

o o o o

Member $290.00 Member $290.00 Member $290.00 Member $290.00

o Committee Member

Special Events

OPTION ONE: Full 4-Day Convention Registration

Includes tickets/admission to all events in Special Events Section. Cattle Industry Member .....................................................................................o Guest /Spouse ....................................................................................................o ANCW Member ..................................................................................................o Student ..............................................................................................................o Non-Member* ...................................................................................................o *Please apply $100 of my non-member fee towards my new NCBA membership ............ o

o New Member/Convention First-Timer

o Non-Member $340.00 o Non-Member $340.00 o Non-Member $340.00 o Non-Member $340.00


Cattlemen’s College (Monday & Tuesday): All attendees must purchase a minimum of a One-Day Tuesday registration to attend Cattlemen’s College. o Cattlemen’s College .........................................................................$175.00 o Student Cattlemen’s College ..............................................................$70.00 o RSVP I'll be attending Monday Cattlemen's College Session and Reception Please note that some of the classes will be very popular. We suggest getting into the classes of your choice early to insure a place in these sessions.

OPTION THREE: Trade Show Only Does not include any events or meetings.

Daily Fee o Member $55.00  Choose a Day  Wednesday

o Non-Member $65.00  Thursday

Multiple Days

o Non-Member $110.00

o Member $90.00

If you would like to contribute, please check below

o NCBA-PAC/PEF.................................................................$______________ o National Cattlemen’s Foundation ....................................$______________ o CATL Fund .......................................................................$______________

OPTION FOUR: Limited Student Registration Limited Student Registration................................................o $120.00 (Allows attmittance to NCBA Trade Show & all non-ticketed events)

Credit Card Payment

o Check here for Special Accommodations Specify: _____________ __________________ __________________ __________________

TOTAL OF REGISTRATION, SPECIAL EVENTS, EDUCATION AND CONTRIBUTIONS: TOTAL AMOUNT DUE .............................................$______________

o MasterCard o Visa o American Express (Only Cards Accepted) Card Number ________________________________ Expiration Date _______________________________ Name as it appears on card ________________________ Signature (Required) ___________________________


Make check payable to NCBA and mail with this form by January 10 to:

NCBA Accounting Department 9110 E. Nichols Ave. Suite 300 Centennial, CO 80112 Fax #: (301) 694-5124 (Credit Card Payment Only)

For NCBA Use Only Date Rec’d ______________ Check #/$ ______________ PC # /$ ________________ Initials: ________________


Registration forms must be accompanied by your full payment and postmarked no later than January 10 or it will not be processed. Forms will be returned if received after this date. NCBA will not invoice for payment. December/January/February 2014

The American CattleWoman



9110 E Nichols #302 Centennial CO 80112

Membership Form for the The American National CattleWomen, Inc. Membership Options ❑ _____ $1000 Lifetime Membership

9110 E Nichols #302 Centennial CO 80112 Phone: (303)694-0313 Fax: (303)694-2390 Email:

❑ _____ $150 Associate Membership*

Send check or money order corresponding to box(es) marked on the left.

❑ _____ $85 Sustaining Membership*

Name _________________________________________________________________

❑ _____ $60 Basic Membership*

Address _______________________________________________________________

❑ _____ $20 Junior Membership ❑ _____ $20 Collegiate Membership *New Rates effective October1, 2013

Contribution ❑ _____ ANCW Foundation ❑ _____ Other __________________

_____________________________________________________________________ (Please provide both mailing and physical addresses if they are different)

City/State/Zip ________________________________________________________ Phone(s) _____________________________________________________________ Fax _______________________________ Email:___________________________ Current ANCW Member? ❑ Yes - ANCW # __________________________ ❑ No Referred by: __________________________________________________________

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