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camera policies & user agreement 1. If you have your own camera approved for class use, please don’t check out a WHS camera unless requested to do so. Know your assignment: In some cases, a point-and-shoot camera will work great. Cell phone cameras do not meet our specifications, so please do not use them for photo shoots. If you might be getting your own camera soon as a gift, please let me know if your family wants help in getting the right camera for your budget. 2. Checkout times are during your regular class period, during nutrition break, during intervention, before school from 7:20-7:40 a.m. and after school from 2:35-3 p.m. The only exception to this is if you are in a class and an interesting photo opportunity arises. If your teacher gives you permission, you may come to C-2. When you are shooting an assignment during the school day, bring the camera back after taking pictures. When you are shooting an activity outside of school, it is your responsibility to return the camera in the morning of the next school day. Do NOT wait until your class period — students in other periods need cameras, too. Keep the camera only for the amount of time necessary. 3. Only four people will be issuing cameras to you: Mrs. Nichols and three student editors. We will fill out the checkout sheet and issue you a camera (or other equipment). To check in equipment, see one of us. Do not leave a camera or other equipment on the back table or counter. 4. When you leave with a camera, it is your job to have a memory card in the camera and fully charged battery. Check the equipment to be sure you have all related items and that it works properly before leaving the room. The memory card is due the following day. Upload your photos at school in C-2. 5. It is your responsibility to have your press pass each time you go on a photo shoot. A replacement pass costs $5. Responsible student use: These cameras are for use by students enrolled in photojournalism, publications, journalism and mass media. If you check out a camera, it is for your use only. Do not loan it to a friend, sibling, parent, boyfriend or girlfriend. As the person who signed it out, you are responsible for its whereabouts the entire time it is signed out to you. Do not leave it in the car overnight. The camera should stay with you as much as possible. Do not leave it on the sidelines of an athletic event or pass it off to someone to watch it for you. Remember, you are responsible if it is lost, stolen, broken or damaged in any way. Copyright policy: Images taken with a WHS camera and/or WHS memory card are property of the WHS Communication Studies Department, which means that you MAY NOT post them online in any format (Facebook, Tumblr, etc or give/sell photos to any person). Noncompliance to this policy could lead to No Credit for the class and/ or removal from the program. Your work will always be credited to you, and you will always be able to share images after they get used for WHS Communications (Details yearbook, The Roar newsmagazine, Whitney Update website and our Pinterest and blog sites). Do not email, post, share, send or publish your photos without permission first. Period. Off-campus and overnight or weekend use: If the camera will leave the WHS campus, it needs to travel in a case. When you check out a camera, make sure you also check out the appropriate size case to keep it in. You are responsible for returning the camera in its case and taking care of the camera bags. Return the camera as soon as possible so it can be checked out for another student. It’s best to return it around 7:30 a.m. so students in morning classes have cameras. Lens caps: Most of the cameras have a separate cap to protect the camera’s lens. These are expensive to replace. If you lose a lens cap, you will have to pay a $10 replacement fee. We do not have any extra lens caps and these are important to protect from scratches and dust. Whenever you are not shooting, put the cap on. Please don’t put the cap in your pocket! Batteries, card readers and chargers: As with all photo equipment, batteries, card readers and chargers need to be protected and treated carefully. When you check out a camera, you are also responsible for all related accessories. Lithium batteries are very expensive. Replacement cost is $25. When you return a camera from overnight use, charge the battery.

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I understand the policies for WHS camera and equipment use in the Communication Studies department. I accept full responsibility for the camera or recorder and its accessories during the time I have it checked out under my name. I realize that if the camera, recorder or any accessories become lost, stolen, broken or damaged in any way during my checkout period, I am responsible for paying all necessary repair and/or replacement charges. I understand that my grade will be lowered if I leave the camera at home or do not return it on time. Approximately 150 students use this equipment.

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revised 8.19.12

camera user agreement  

This form, signed by students and their parents, outlines the camera/equipment checkout policies for publications, photojournalism, journali...