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Curling Tongs Re-Design

Angry Birds Widget

Sports Analysis Video Camera

Air Freshener

Hockey Training Aid

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Curling Tongs Re-Design: Analysis SJR

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Curling Tongs Re-Design: Concepts


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pinch grip


Original product

removable plug


removable plug


handle tip

Polycarbonate Polypropylene

heat rail

aluminium Thermo plastic elastomer abs

Group Members: Vinnay Chhabildas, Jamie Fluen, Rosie Nevins, Sarah Reed

Curling Tongs Re-Design: Final Design


Widget Promotion

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Angry Birds is an app that was first released onto the Apples IOS in December 2009. It hit the App Stores by storm and before long was a top seller and created into a DVD for computers. As well as this countless other merchandise have been designed and sold to reinforce the brand. I have designed a computer mouse widget to help promote the brand further. This mouse widget is appropriate to angry birds as it can be played on a PC and so the mouse can be used to actually play the game. In order for the mouse to function, a standard sized minature computer mouse circuit board has been designed to fit within the casing. The mouse widget is designed on the yellow triangular bird and represents it almost exactly. The widget range could be developed and have mice made to represent each of the many angry bird characters.

S Angry Birds Widget: Promotional Background JR

Keyshot Rendering of Mould Tool

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Exploded General Assembly

Bottom Mould Block Detailed Drawing Bottom Mould Inserts Detailed Drawings

Parts Produced by Mould

The Angry Birds widget has been designed to be injection moulded in two parts side by side in an aluminium mould tool size 150mm x 100mm x 50mm. Fifteen steel inserts are held in place by pins and screws. Both halves of the mould tool and each insert have been fully dimensioned and tolerance in engineering drawings. The optimum positions of the injection point for the LDPE polymer and the gates to feed the mould cavities have been considered. In addition, polymer flow through the mould has been designed to minimise the chance of flashing.

Angry Birds Widget: Tool Engineering Drawings


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Skill is not working effectively

Take CoachACam out the bag

Turn device on

Watch tutorial video of the skill

Screw CoachACam onto tripod

Press record button

Watch back recording

Skill is improved

S Sports Analysis Video Camera JR




Identified as potential

users for the sports analysis video camera.

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Form Board

Sports Analysis Video Camera SJR

Original Product Analysis

User identified as scent scrooger... -The oldest buying group. -They are positive about own label. -Have a positive attitude towards cleaning.

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Task focus points...

-Time the product is in use. -Reason for product use. -Compliance with appropriate legislations and standards (British Standards, WEEE and RoHS).

Environment of use most likely at home...

-Rooms of use: kitchen, living room and bedroom. -Not to be used in a bathroom due to a lack of sockets and for safety reasons. -Pets or children could be present in the home.


-Generates heat to evaporate the scent. -Could the heat be generated another way?

Intensity control

-No off or 0 setting, leads to excessive use and consequently wasted electricity. -Not highly visible, user may not notice the intensity level.

Scent bottle EcoIndicator Environmental Impact Areas Disposal Production


-Opening at the top, scent has to be drawn up. -If opening was at the bottom gravity would naturally let the scent out.

Majority PET

-This product can be taken apart fairly easily and is predominately made from PET. -It is therefore good at it’s ‘end of life’ stage, this is something to consider in my redesign.

Use- this area has the

greatest environmental impact.

Air Freshener: Research & Analysis SJR

Rotary controls

Product Redesign & Evaluation

-Left wheel controls scent intensity. -Right wheel controls time the light is on for. Having this timer will reduce the amount of time the product is in use unnesecessarily, improving its environmental impact. -Ridges on the control wheels make it easier for the user to adjust the controls, yet are still discrete.

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Scent bottle Glass


Refillable scent bottle

-Buying a new scent refill will be cheaper for the user if they trade-in their old bottle to be refilled again. Thus prolonging time before disposal, increasing product lifespan.


-This air freshener combines with a night light to make a dual purpose product. -The light is a low energy bulb. As most energy output from a light is heat, this will evaporate the scent. -Located here, light shines through the scent bottle, gently warming it. -Although this product will use slightly more energy than the previous, it will use far less than if the two seperate products were in operation.

Scent vents feature PET

Injection moulded casing PET Light Timer

Tactile rotary controls PET

Air Freshener: Redesign


Client Profile

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Name: Flick Colley Age: 17 Hockey position: Goalkeeper Highest standard of play: County “I would really like an affordable, versatile hockey training aid that is personalised to me so that I can get the most out of my To Scale Drawing- used to judge ability in hockey� appropriate height for product.



Foam Modelsassess shape and dimensions of handle.

CAD Testing- product in environment with users.

CAD Testing- goalkeepers view through their mask of the product and operater.

Hockey Training Aid: Design Process SJR

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Hockey Training Aid: Working Model SJR

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