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P2 Introduction •

In this assignment I will be focusing on a business travel agent and investigating their working practices.

For this assignment I have chosen Carlson Wagon-lit Travel.

Procedures and documentation for selling products and services •

Carlson wagon-lit offer a range of different service like

Assigning a personal consultant

Drawing up Contracts- so they don’t break any legal arrangement

They're Open 24 hours- if the clients need help

You'll Pay at end of or every 3 months

the offer advice and guidance 24/7

Experts you can count on

they find ways to cut your spending

An app- so the clients can get in touch when they are out and about

pre travel briefings

fast responses- so they don’t leave the client waiting around

travel alerts

And many more

Global distribution systems •

Carlson wagon-lit used GDS Galileo as their global distribution system, However David Moran, Executive Vice President for Global Marketing & Enterprise Strategy at Carlson Wagonlit Travel has said that the technology needs to improve and also needs to be more flexible.

Commission levels and sales targets •

Business travel agents earn 10% commission on everything they sell

The sales target is to sell as many products as they can

Another target is to gain a good rapport with customers

The commission level is about 10% for business travel agents, so everything they sell including extras gets 10% commission added to their salary.

They get 10%-12% commission on land product and a 0%-5% commission on airline tickets.

Cost- saving techniques •

Carlson wagon-lit have many different ways for cutting your spending on travel such as

Looking for competitive rates and special rates

Planning ahead

By getting everyone signed up you could save 25%

By knowing who has the best deals on when

Promotional schemes •

Carlson Wagon-lit offer different offers to bring more customers

The exclusive offers include the following services-

Automatic “gold” or “Platinum” loyalty program status without a qualified number of room nights

Room upgrades

Free amenities- I.e. office facilities

Free in-flight services- such as Wi-Fi and laptops for hire

Service level agreements Carlson wagon-lit offer•

24/7 advice from experts-so the customers can get advice or help at any time

Travel alerts- to let the clients when they need to travel and whet times they need to be where

Emergency service centre- if there are any emergencies

Pre travel briefings- so they know generally where they are going

Notifications- if the travel arrangements change

Working to the company and passengers profile •

When a client signs up to the company they will be assigned to the client manager.


The whole client management teams are trained and experienced in customer relations and know what to do with the clients


They also hold events for the clients such as user training, reporting and review meetings