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Proposal launched by Seattle6 for

Cake Face A Clothing Company

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Table of Contents ! ! Introduction

Campaign Strategy (1"! #$%&'()%!*$(%+!,-"! .%&/0(1%!234%!,5"! Advertisements

TV (2-6) Radio (7-8) Print 1 Magazine (9-11) Print 2 Newspaper (12-14) Mailer Snail (15-17) Social Media (18-19) Promotional Event (20-22 Alternative TV (23) Alternative Radio (24-25) ! Appendix 1

Rate Cards External Data


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Cake Face ! clothing is an up and coming apparel brand that caters to the local people with unique designs. Gender: Male and Female Age: 12-35 Income: $50,000-$150,000 Education: Junior High, High School, College, Some College, and/or College Graduate Location: Pacific Northwest area, specifically Washington and Oregon Primary Consumer: Parent of children Cake Faceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s target market is relatively men and women between the ages of 12-35. This includes students and people who have jobs in various industries. Cake Face clothing is sold online and in local stores located in Seattle, including 35th North Skate Shop, Northend Skateshop, Urbanity, and in Zumiez found in Washington and Oregon. With our advertising methods, we hope to increase and raise more awareness about the brand, and increase the sales of Cake Face merchandise. Our campaign is focused on building the brand. By introducing Cake Face to new customers, it will continue to build the interest of current customers. We will utilize the straightforward approach to create a clear selling message to our target audience. With the help of print advertisements in local magazines and newspapers, continuous videos for YouTube, updated social media approaches, radio broadcastings, and an event, we aim to spread the word about Cake Face to the Pacific Northwest area. With these means of advertising, our goal is to see the sales of Cake Face merchandise increase throughout the local stores and website. Not only would we like our campaign to appeal to our primary consumer but our secondary consumer as well. We have chosen to run the advertisements throughout the summer, so they will be effective for, "Back to School". Whether our potential customer is a student shopping, or a parent is purchasing clothes for their kids for school, we want our target market to be purchasing Cake Face when it is time to shop for, "Back to School".

! !




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! JOB NUMBER: 001 DATE OPENED: May 15, 2013 CLIENT: CakeFace

ACCOUNT MGR: Sarah Janssen JOB TITLE: Ad Agency

General Description: A. What is the focus of this project? The focus of this project is to increase consumer sales and brand awareness among the ages 16-22 demographic through unique, relatable and attention grabbing advertisements. B. Who is the Target Market we are trying to influence? What competition will we face? The target audience that we trying to influence for CakeFace is between the ages of 16-23. These agesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; best represent the brand and would become brand loyal to the brand. Since CakeFace has various locations that carry their clothing line I picked some from each place that carries their product. From the more wellknown and bigger brands it would be Obey, DC and Trukfit. For the more local brands it would be Swagger and Young as well as Ready and Willing. The indirect competition for them would be Annex Theatre, Blazing Onion Burger, AMC Loews Alderwood 16, Sushi Thai and Forza Coffee-Seattle. C. What is the product/service price point? The price ranges from $15 t-shirts to $50 crew necks. This is an average price point and is reasonable for our clientele. D. What are the company strengths? CakeFace features unique apparel graphics from variety of different cultures; from the hip-hop scene to the skate/snowboard culture. The age range of their target market, ages 16-23, is perfect for a demographic with a large disposable income. E. What are the company weaknesses? CakeFace has not expanded its market to reach girls and women and has a selective inventory as far as type of apparel. They sell mainly t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, and hats. They also do not have their own store, which makes it difficult for a potential customer to purchase their product. They have to go to a select store or buy online. F. What is the outcome goal for this project? The outcome goal for this project is to ultimately drive sales. We want to also implement brand awareness into the market although it has already made advances in this direction. By advertising CakeFace, we hope to reach a broader base: gaining new customers and reinforcing the relationships the company already has. I have __ have not __ enclosed all relevant additional information. (Background reading, competitive ads, copy of related past ads, or literature by same client, etc.) For further input, who should creative team contact, besides account person? ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ What is the budget? Very Low ____ Low ____ Adequate ___ Medium ___ Whatever It Takes ___ Other pertinent input: ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________



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Seattle6 ! ! Headline type for print:

CakeFace Fast Life. Fly Clothes.




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Video For the video advertisement, we want to focus on drawing attention to the brand and its local stores where CakeFace merchandise is being sold. Thus all that will take place within the ad will come from the greater Seattle area and potentially surrounding zip codes. As we have recognized, CakeFace can appeal to a range of young people and thus we must creatively and efficiently reach each group through this outlet. The video ad will incorporate various scenes of people (within the targeted age group) wearing CakeFace clothing in active environments. The people in this set are having a good time. They are relaxed and happy. They are active and lead complex lives. They are thrill-seekers. The scenes will include a skate park, a beach, and a dance club. These are primary locations CakeFace would find their demographic. All the scenes at one point will be zoomed in on the clothes that they are wearing to reinforce the brand image. Three times the CakeFace logo will show up on the screen as the central focus. In this way, the image is infused and if someone catches the video halfway through, they still have the opportunity to see the brand name. The music, “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore will be playing in the background without the lyrics. The lyrics will come in at the end during the dance club scene. This will force people who are on Pandora to check out the video feed. At the end of the advertisement, CakeFace’s logo will come onto the screen with pitch-black background followed by the headline: “CakeFace. Fast Life. Fly Clothes.” Listed on the screen will be the stores it is available at as well as the online website web address. The concept is cool, edgy, and on point. •

Format: The format is demonstration. In all the scenes, people will be wearing the product and showing what type of environment it is worn in. The variety of situations will appeal to the different personalities within the CakeFace’s target market.

Appeal: The appeal revolves around (a) acceptance (b) friends and (c) confidence. With acceptance, they are part of the “cool-crowd”. They can participate in what others are doing and feel like part of the group. People will accept them. When they wear Cake Face, they are having a good time with friends. There is companionship and great things can come from being in these clothes. Wearing CakeFace gives them confidence. They can do awesome moves on skateboards, they can go outdoors and feel great, they can party with the rest of the group and look just like them.

Approach: The approach is straightforward. Here are people wearing the product in different circumstances. This is the brand. Here is where you can purchase the product.



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Seattle6 Video cont’d

Main Selling Point to DMA: The designated marketed area of the video will adhere predominantly to the Seattle region. Thus clips from the video will be from hotspots within Seattle that people will recognize but are not overused. This could include the skate park in Capital Hill or utilizing the Seattle Fountain and Golden Gardens (where the promotional event would be held). Target Market: The target market for the video advertisement is our primary consumer. It is the 1623 year old boy or girl who enjoys time with friends, outdoor activities like skateboarding or hiking, wants to be part of the “in” crowd, and makes time to experience a variety of events in their youth. Suggested Media Run Schedule and Cost Analysis: Type

Run Schedule


YouTube – selected skate

June 11th 2013 – August 31st

Pay per view (.30/click)

videos, “Cake Face”, “Cake


Face clothing”, “skate clothes”, “Northwest gear” Pandora – search engine

June 11th 2013 – August 31st

Macklemore, Grieves, Justin


min. $5k/month

Timberlake, Website and blog

June 11th 2013 – August 31st

Website established


Blog – no cost


Licenses Required


“Thrift Shop” Macklemore

Master Use License

$3,000 +

Synchronization License



"#"#!$%%&'(!)*+,-+! .+/((%+0!1)!234"4! 5"6!25#!7422! .+/((%+89:;/&%<=';! .+/((%+8/>*+?(&@&,:<=';! !

Seattle6 Video Ad Cakeface Clothing Men’s and Women’s Apparel Lifestyle :30 Video FU – black screen FS – Cake Face logo


00:01 00:04

Announcer Music/Skate boards

00:05 00:06

FS – Skate park with teens skating TS – Cake Face tshirts MS- Skate park with teens skating Music FS – Cake Face logo


Logo and headline dissipates as more of the skate scene is shown on the screen Teens wearing Cake Face skating at a skate park doing awesome tricks


Focus is on their t-shirts as they continue to skate


Teens continuing to skate

00:10 00:11

Screen begins to chip away black while action continues to go on. Black screen with Cake Face logo, skating goes on within logo until it fades to white. New scene begins within the logo. Rolling waves and people’s feet walking on the sand. Logo dissipates as more of beach scene is shown on to the screen. A group of teens are walking down the side of the beach, arms around each other or by their side. They are laughing, having a good time. Focus goes across their t-shirts as they continue to move down the beach.


FS- teens on the beach TS – Cake Face tshirts

00:13 00:14 Music/laughter



00:16 00:17

FS – Cake Face logo

00:18 Music/lyrics LS – Dance club TS – Cake Face tshirts FS – Dance club FS – Cake Face logo


“Thrift Shop” Macklemore Black screen with white Cake Face logo and headline (announcer in cool, fresh tone) “Cake Face, living the fast life wearing fly clothes”. Skate scene in action begins within the Cake Face logo

00:19 00:20 00:21 00:22 00:23 00:24

Screen begins to chip away black while action continues on. Black screen with Cake Face logo, beach scene goes on within logo until it fades to white. New scene begins within the logo. Party is going on with lots of people dancing and their hands in the air. Logo dissipates as more of dance scene is shown on to the screen. A group of teens are dancing in a dark dance room with flashing color lights all around. Focus is brought on their t-shirts as they continue to dance. Teens dancing. Screen begins to chip away black while action continues on. Black screen with Cake Face logo, party scene goes on within logo until it fades to white. Headline appears below.



"#"#!$%%&'(!)*+,-+! .+/((%+0!1)!234"4! 5"6!25#!7422! .+/((%+89:;/&%<=';! .+/((%+8/>*+?(&@&,:<=';! !

Social Media


Create a campaign similar to previous social media ads in which promoted clothing through photo of customers wearing CakeFace garments. In this campaign the difference would be instead of pictures utilize video and ask customers to show a particular dance move wearing CakeFace clothing. The song can be of the customer’s choice, and will be around 10 seconds in length. Customers will either be serious or comical in the video, the only requirement is wearing CakeFace clothing. The campaign will promote uniqueness, either in the dance move, or in the setting in which video is being taken. The target audience is enamored with, "By the people", activities, trends and events. In the age of social media, everyone is trying to be noticed. This creates an avenue for them to showcase their unique talents, whether they are serious or comical in nature. The campaign will launch with employee’s showing their individual dance moves and the video will be distributed on Facebook, Video, and Twitter. Participant videos with the most, "Likes", comments, and overwhelming talent or uniqueness, will receive a free piece of merchandise. This campaign will launch in July, 2013 and run through August. Videos will be periodically uploaded of new employee dance moves to keep the promotion moving through the entire twomonth period. Each week, a video will be chosen for the pertaining consumer to receive a free piece of merchandise, and in the last two weeks of the campaign promotion of an entire, free, Cake Face outfit for the best video. •

Format: Abstract- Creates a personal connection with Cake Face with a customer- focused advertisement. Showcases an understanding of technology and its prevalence in their target market's lives and an understanding that many companies do not have or showcase.

Appeal: Recognition- Customers are going to want their video to get attention based on its uniqueness and humor, therefore getting recognition for personal attributes.

Approach: Direct Humor- An advertisement meant to be funny and make customers laugh while creating a personal connection with Cake Face Clothing and its customers.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



"#"#!$%%&'(!)*+,-+! .+/((%+0!1)!234"4! 5"6!25#!7422! .+/((%+89:;/&%<=';! .+/((%+8/>*+?(&@&,:<=';! !

! Social Media Ad

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Do you rock? Dance to your own music? Style your own clothes? You show your moves and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll show you ours.



"#"#!$%%&'(!)*+,-+! .+/((%+0!1)!234"4! 5"6!25#!7422! .+/((%+89:;/&%<=';! .+/((%+8/>*+?(&@&,:<=';! !

! Promotional Event We will hold a promotional event at Golden Gardens Beach in Seattle, Washington on August 31, between 5-9pm. (Also Labor Day weekend) We will serve chips, sodas, cookies and marshmallows to the public. Golden Gardens Beach is an ideal location, because it will gather a lot of people who are already brand loyal, as well as inviting some of their friends, along with new people that do not know much about the brand. This is a well-known hangout spot for young adults in the target market that we are trying to connect with. Our location also has a wide enough space that would gather many people without having to worry about crowding. We would like to have various locations set-up with bonfires and food for people to stay and have a good time. Radio station 93.3 KUBE FM will be there, live, promoting the event on the radio. It will promote a raffle for a couple of t-shirts, and give away some stickers that would normally sell in the store. THE KUBE will also let people know that Macklemore will be the surprise guest celebrity and will wrap his most famous song, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thrift Shopâ&#x20AC;?. Since we are also shooting for, "Back to School", most likely, the weather is going to be nice, and the sun will set late so we can optimize our time. We really believe that this will attract this target audience to come and hang out. We will also have tables set-up with most of the products that CakeFace sells online and have it available for people to buy on the spot. To avoid the hassle of having some type of cash register, we will have small boxes for cash transactions and the, "Square", credit card reader so that we avoid any type of objections from buying CakeFace products. We will also have radio station 93.3 FM THE KUBE there, "Live", promoting the event on the radio to get people to come down and also to promote that we will raffle off a couple t-shirts for free. The radio station 93.3FM KUBE will also be promoting the event a couple of weeks in advance to let people know ahead of time where to be and what time to show up. Another form of advertising the event will be flyers in all of the retail stores that carry the brand. These flyers will have all of the product information and contact information for people that have any questions. We want to advertise this is in the Seattle Metropolitan area to bring more brand awareness to the company.



"#"#!$%%&'(!)*+,-+! .+/((%+0!1)!234"4! 5"6!25#!7422! .+/((%+89:;/&%<=';! .+/((%+8/>*+?(&@&,:<=';! !

Seattle6 Promotional Event cont’d •

Format: The format that we are going to use for this event is Spokesperson, because DJ’s from THE KUBE 93.3 FM Eric Powers and “Dirty Harry”, will be apart of this production. They are well known on the radio station and will be talking about the event to bring attention and awareness to the event.

Appeal: The way we are trying to appeal to the target audience is through belonging. By having a fun event with our line we are telling people that if you wear these clothes that you will achieve acceptance of belonging to this type of crowd.

Approach: The method of approach that goes along with the other two is Suggestion. We are showing the target audience that if you buy these clothes you will be the, "Life of party", and, "Cool", like the rest of the people that are at the event.

Cost Analysis: Item


Macklemore performing


: 30 Radio spot for a month and Kube 93.3


coming to the event with DJ’s Flyers

$ 1,500

Square credit card readers




BJ’s Wholesale 8’ folding tables


BJ’s Wholesale Rough N Ready


Polyethylene folding chair Steelmaster tier tray cash box


Approx Total


*Subject to change based on availability and when booked.




"#"#!$%%&'(!)*+,-+! .+/((%+0!1)!234"4! 5"6!25#!7422! .+/((%+89:;/&%<=';! .+/((%+8/>*+?(&@&,:<=';! !

! Promotional Event Ad




CakeFace Ad Campaign