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on, integrity, passion and commitment. t you dream for tomorrow.”

Sarah Jane Osadetz

“Creativity begins with vision, integrity, passion and commitment. Begin today what you dream for tomorrow.”

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Sarah Jane Osadetz 250 344 8695

Sarah Jane Osadetz - Graphic Designer, Publisher, Writer and Marketing Photographer. Sole proprietor of Sarah Jane Osadetz Art & Design. Home based business at: 521 11th St. S. Golden, BC V0A 1H0 PH250.344.8695 Hourly Rate: $85/hr or package deals are negotiated, based on the needs of the client. For fifteen years, I have lived in Golden, BC. I have explored many avenues of creativity and have involved myself in many activities that are arts and culture based. Living in Golden has taught me about friendliness and the wealth of a true community. I have spent a lot of time in the tourism industry in various occupations. My attention to service, listening to my clients, being knowledgable about the community - both locally and globally, along with utilizing my skills to implement the theory and techniques of graphic design my are my main focus. I have many assets and experience which lead to creative thinking, problem solving and graphic output in the fields of: marketing photography, writing, publishing, layout, collateral design and graphic design. I work with social media consistently and follow what works through resarch and hands on experience. I am an ideas person, always looking to refine the ability to take what is an idea bring it to life through design and communications. I write an Artist Profile regularly for the The Local Townie, a Golden based monthly news magazine, utilizing my network of artist contacts bringing awareness to the infinite talent in our community. I recently started my own destination marketing magazine called Golden Weddings, in which I collaborated with local professional photographers and writers to network, coach, and bring to life a vision I conceived of through listening to the community and see what is missing as a ‘niche’ marketing avenue for our community. I enjoy working with clients and bringing their vision to the page. I enjoy problem solving with a client to come up with the best solution and strategy for a marketing tactic. I am a Session College Graphic Design student whom is about to graduate from a Certficate program in the coming weeks. My knowledge, skills and experience are current and relevant, using Adobe CS 5.5 Design software. I work out of my home and remotely to meet the needs of my clients.

Tourism Golden, Joanne Sweeting, 250 439 1111 Golden Women’s Resource Center, Linley McClean 250 344 5317 Nature’s Presence, Riel Marquart Kickin’ Thyme Catering, Nikki Morrison 250 272 2433 Bugaboo Bliss Yoga, Jolene Potter 250 344 0139 Great Canadian Heli-skiing, Greg Porter 250 344 2326 Apostoles Restaurant, Cathy 250 344 4906

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Designer. Artist. Photographer. Jewelry Design MS Office. ADOBE CS 5.5 - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign MAC - Aperture. Competency on both PC & MAC Stott Pilates Instructor - Mat. Level III CSIA Ski Instructor Level I CSCF Coach. Always Curious & Love to Learn. Creative Thinker. Flexible, Spontaneous.

Sessions College of Professional Design

Graphic Design Student Sept 2011 - present

College of the Rockies Adventure Tourism Business Management Certificate 1996

Sarah Osadetz 250 344 8695 Box 773 Golden, BC V0A 1H0

Sarah Jane Osadetz Art & Design

Feb 2003 - present Publisher, Graphic Designer & Artist Branding, Advertising & Logo Development Marketing Collateral Design Jewelry Design, Photography.

The Local Townie New Magazine

April 2012 –present Graphic Design/Ad Sales/ Contributing Writer Business Development, Brain Storming, Logo Design, Branding & Nurtured Advertisers for long term ad contracts

Great Canadian Heli-skiing

December 2012 - present Graphic Designer and Social Media coordinating Billboard Design, Booklet and Marketing Collateral Souvenir Photos - Branded/Printed Post regularly on social media sites on daily events throughout 2012/2013 winter season

Desire to Create. Excellent Communications. Yearning to Learn. Nature’s Presence Ambition to Achieve. Jan2011- present Graphic Design, Social media coordination Life long learning. Canyon Ridge Developments Problem Solver. Real Estate Sales Representative Creative Process. Designed brochures, advertising, billboards, Enjoy working with people. light standard flaggging, newsletters, maintained database, web site, marketing photography Visionary. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Brainstormer. Nov 2007 – April 2012 Big Picture Thinker. Level III Ski Instructor/Coordinator/Supervisor Created and designed a women teaching Detail oriented. women program for the Mountain School. Works with Passion. Also designed, marketed and distributed posters locally and marketed the program Integrity. on Facebook. Slow Art Movement.

Golden Weddings Magazine is an entrepreneurial venture that came out of working within the wedding industry this past summer. Realizing my own ambition working with another publication, The Local Townie, I decided to create my own publication. The magazine is a destination marketing magazine which is a useable tool for planning weddings for the couple. Collaborating with local photographers, Tourism Golden and Sarah Jane Osadetz Art & Design, the brain child of this magazine was born. I am collaborating on this project with Kat Hadford, a professional photographer who is managing the website. We are hitting all the aspects of marketing and media - print, web, and Social media - Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Our goal is to bring more awareness to Golden as a destination. This gives the wedding industry providers in Golden a voice and method of consolidating their efforts to market themselves as the top notch services providers that they are. It will be located in key locations throughout Western Canada in bridal and tuxedo shops, sent to people via email request, distributed at Wedding shows by Tourism Golden, Winston Lodge and Kicking Horse Mountain Resort as well as key locations throughout Golden’s business community and the East Kootenay. Facebook:


Mountain weDDINGS







Golden Weddings GolDeNweDDINGS.CA



VolUMe 1 ISSUe 1 2014

Viewscapes & Centerfold Map | K.I.S.S. Planning | Green Tips A Day in Pictures | Symbol of the Circle | A New Age of Gifting

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“Best Weddings Ever!”

Minoldo Nail Design and Beauty Bar

My oh my! Your hand is going to look lovely with your ring! Eli

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250 344 4711 405 9th Avenue N. Golden, BC

...peace of mind entertainment

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Elite Sound & Light Entertainment Mike Pecora - DJ Slick Mick 250 939 8901

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Corporate Events

“ All-In-One location on160acres.”

Festival Sound

Endless Possibilities... Elite

Soun d& Ligh Mik e Pe t En cora terta elite - Dj inm soun ent Slick dligh MicSound www t @gm Elite & Light Entertainment k .elite a soun m dan dligh 250 Mike Pecora - Dj Slick Mick Face -939 book t .c a - Tw -890 itter 1 -L

Award winning catering serving up to 200 guests. Events pavillion, camping and yurts on 400 acres. Join us to eat, play & plan your Wedding. inked

In -

Pinte rest 250-939-8901

Beaverfoot Lodge & Resort |

Personal Touch Hair and Body Spa

Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Pinterest

250 344 6413

Immerse yourself in elegance and luxury on your special day. 902B 10th Ave. S. Golden, BC



250 344 6825 250272CHEF

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Just 5 mins South of Golden, BC T hy m e C a t



all eyes on the bride Look simply radiant for your wedding day. Schedule a free makeover. Invite your bridesmaids. Your mom. I can even help with great gifts for your wedding party.

Call me today.

250.344.6550 |

Ellen Hatlevik Independent Sales Director 250.344.4799

Golden Women’s Resource Center is a non profit advocacy group that provides many services and community programs specifically to women. I discussed with them recently about how their logo was pixelated and not really useable for some of the creative projects they desired to achieve. One of which is to create merchandise like t-shirts and book bags. I redesigned their logo which was completely black and white as a low res png and created two versions. A black and white version and a full colour version. This is now located on business cards, letterhead, posters, email signatures, t-shirts, website and ordering book bags.









Bugaboo Bliss Yoga is a local yoga and adventure provider. It is run by an entrepreneur who is dynamic and very spiritual. Bugaboo Bliss invested in my services for the full branding and logo portfolio of logo, branding book, letterhead, business cards, gift certificates, Facebook page. I coached the business owner on ordering prints and postcards and posters through Visatprint and created a Facebook page and mentored her through the process so she could communicate with her audience and network herself. The logo and branding unveiled symbolism and values within the colour choices and design aspects that the owner was going for. This logo is more artful, just as yoga is, rather than a straight up symbol and text. Yoga itself can also be an all consuming practise which shapes the entirety of someone’s life. This design represents that.

Playful, fun, powerful & creative.

Jolene Potter

Brand Book

250 344 0139

Playful, fun, powerful & creative.

Playful, fun, powerful & creative. Welcome!

Slow Flow Power Classes Childrens’ Programs Seniors’ Programs Specialty Programs

Join us for the journey today.

It is with great pleasure that we can share our philosophy, culture and symbolism through our logo and artwork. It is one and the same in terms of what we offer for awareness, athleticism, health and wellness. The art of yoga, adventure and lifestyle becomes one in our logo. Our logo and brand tell a story in which we are always looking to have participants join us in our quest for better, healthier living. Find your own way. Create your own path yet use the tools and skills that we offer to continue on your journey. Patience. Stability. Flexibility. Integrity. Fun. Creativity. Playful. Powerful. Join us for the journey. It’s never just about the destination.

Bugaboo Bliss Studios

Great West Appraisal Inc.

Golden Area Initiatives

lue Owl BHair Studio

Brad Cable DAR, DRP Certified Appraisal Reviewer

250.344.0305 Golden, BC

Community Economic Development Services


Celebrating a lifetime of activism, hope, peace and freedom from Apartheid in South Africa

Revitalizes & Refreshes

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Thursday January 9th, 2014




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The Local Townie is a local magazine that I write for and used to do graphic design in advertising for. I assisted with ad sales, business development and expanding sales opportunities througout the East Kootenay. I designed this logo to be irreverent and a playful. It’s mixed Illustrator and photography. My vision was to create a somewhat sophisticated man-about-Town kind of feel. Since the publisher does not show his picture in his monthly magazine, I wanted something he could aspire to. Sophisticated, yet industrious and moving away from just being a ski bum, yet utilizing the self mechanized ideals of biking yourself to work. Townies (the bike) are a phenomenon througout Golden and certain small communities. Old school and recycled, redone or brand new, cruising to do errands offers a different aesthethic to a dirt bike, snowmobile, mountain bike or road bike. This has a global impact on the meaning of what the Townie represents. A community based magazine that is a quintessential Golden perspective.


D E S I G N B U I L D R E N O VAT E Ned Johnson

British Columbia Building A Better BC

250 344 8530



Kickin’ Thyme Catering is an award winning gourmet home delivery food service and catering business started in the two years in Golden. Our original logo did not look like this, yet I am currently guiding them to consider a coaster as a great marketing device for their business card. Their original design was black on green and the black just disappeared into the green. This gives a unique flair to their logo which will be going on billboards and in Golden Weddings magazine to market themselves as wedding caterers. They just won a Culinary award at the Kicking Horse Chamber of Commerce Business Awards and their logo has established their reputation and image throughout our community. Through business cards, signs, menus, car magnets, this logo is being well utilized to establish their business.

innovation Canadian Home Builders’ Association

Home Warranty

rin g

Innovative Building Group is a reputable construction company who desired to have a logo that was versatle and something they could use on every surface of their construction materials and marketing collateral. We ventured through some interesting experiments, and explored colour themes, fonts and graphics. In the end, we collaborated on something very simple which is utilized on IBG’s truck, construction signs, business cards and advertising.

e t a C T hy m e

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un aor ta d in ina di ry ni ng

Learning Event: Authentic Customer Service Dates: March 9-11, 2014

Go Deep!

55 km West of Golden

Somewhere CloSe to Nowhere. 2 Days of Learning & Heli-skiing Keynote Speaker:

Don Bell

Co-Founder of West Jet Airlines

Home is where YOUR story begins.

Choose Dan Veselic.

Work with a dedicated professional with a proven track record. Let me help you find the home that fits you and your family best!

I take the time to match you as a buyer with properties that suit your needs and wants. Follow me online: * Not intended to solicit properties currently for sale or purchasers under contract.

Apostoles Restaurant is a well established business in Golden, BC. Their recent challenge was to have a rack card to represent them at local areas for information requests like the Kicking Horse Chamber of Commerce and British Columbia Visitor’s Centre. They realized that people were not hearing about their location because they didn’t have the right marketing collateral. I was approached to create a brochure for them. We collaborated on working a photo shoot of one of their signature dishes that I photgraphed and then consolidated all the information that they wanted onto a 2 sided 4x9” brochure. They also have accommdations located in their building, so communicating everything posed a challenge, yet in the end, the result was great.



Full liquor license


Greek Dishes

Moussaka | Souvlakis | Roast Lamb


Lasagna | Fettuccini | Ravioli



1 OR 2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS NIGHTLY OR WEEKLY RENTAL Tourism BC Approved Accommodations 901-10th Ave S. (Hwy. 95) Golden, BC



New York | Rib Eye | Filet Mignon Open 3pm 7 days/week Quality, comfort and value are the three key ingredients that make Apostoles Greek Restaurant like no other. We are a family owned and operated business for over 22 years. Full menu available @

901-10th Ave S. (Hwy. 95) Golden, BC

250 344 4906

Nature’s Presence is a non profit advocacy group that is working to save an Interior Rainforest just outside of Glacier National Park. It is the last of it’s kind. I got on board through network contacts and was able to provide my services in a number of measures. I redesigned their logo for print and web, created professional looking business cards for their board of directors and also an information brochure to be used to approach key business and political people who would have a say in making a difference. I also became their Facebook social media person. Since I took over the campaign we have tripled the attention on Facebook and have in the interim have created a lull in any development moving forward with the projects in the area.

Golden Women’s Resource Center is a non profit advocacy group that provides many services and community programs specifically to women. For the last three years I have designed their annual event poster which always has a theme. In years past, the most difficult part was getting all of the sponsors represented on the poster and having it out with enough time to market the event. This event grosses over $13,000/annually to provide for services, wages, etc for the operations of their space. We collaborate and venture into the theme where I do the research and work to provide a visual representation of their event - I design tickets and posters that are distributed throughout Golden, BC

Tantalizing Tannins in a Tea Cup

The Golden Review

Bonified Brewed Beverages


Starlight Soiree - Roaring 20’s TIME TO SHINE For the glamourous at heart, now is the time to dust that ‘ol frock or pinstripe suit off get all dolled up and get to cuttin’ a rug. It’s going to be the swankiest social you’ve seen this side of the Harvest moon!


Food Challenge Photo Booth

Golden Naval Academy Live Entertainment

Mount 7 Rec Plex

Loonie Auction Silent Auction


*must be 19 yrs or older

Receive $5.00 off at the door with a donation to the Golden Food Bank!

Event starts @ 7:00 pm Tickets available at:

Moon River Gift Gallery Bacchus Books & Café Golden Women’s Resource Centre 250 344 5317

Lincoln Centre Presents:

Mostly Mozart Festival

Arrivals & Departures:Traveling with Mozart

Golden Civic Centre September 8th, 2013

July 2013

Beekeepers Today

& Design Start BeekeepingToday by Kim Flottum

Buzz up!

The phenomenal attention honey bees have received over the past year due to Colony Collapse Disorder has, indeed, garnered a huge influx of people to the ranks of “I want to learn more about beekeeping.” If that’s you, I want to encourage you to follow up on that urge right now because this is the perfect time of year to get started keeping bees. The very first thing you need to decide is ... Do I have the time required to be a responsible caretaker of my bees?

Having bees in the backyard is no different than being responsible for any other animal, whether a pet cat or dog, or farm animals like chickens or horses. They need basic care ... food, water, shelter, preventative health care, protection from the elements, each other, pests and diseases, vandals and any other unnecessary stress in their lives. That takes time, some money, and energy. You must have all three if you want any animal in your life.

First-time Beekeeping, Through the Seasons

You will be busy in the spring getting your colony off to a good start for the season ... feeding if needed, adding room, re-queening perhaps, starting new colonies from “splits,” packages or nucs, taking care of any health issues, and generally getting your colony up to speed and ready for the summer ahead. During the summer the work slows down as the colony grows in size by itself (one hopes), collects its crop of honey and pretty much takes care of itself, with only a little help from you by adding room as needed, preventing little problems from becoming bigger problems, making timely harvests, and checking up to ensure all is as it should be. Just like the garden. Come late summer or autumn, you gather the rest of the bounty of your bees, again check for health issues and prepare the colony for winter. Your garden, too, offers much of it’s bounty in the fall, (but like bees, provides all summer long if you take Big Honey Bee the time to harvest). Like

on, integrity, passion and commitment. t you dream for tomorrow.” How much time will it take is probably the most often asked question? For two hives in your back yard, on your roof top or at a friend’s farm my answer is to figure that it will take more time than you need to properly care for your cat, but less time than needed to take good care of your dog. Dogs need attention everyday, several times a day. Not so with cats. Bees ... well, a good way to look at the seasonal requirements beekeeping will require is much like looking at the seasonal requirements your garden requires.

hives, gardens need attention after frost, to weed and remove residue removal, prepare soil, and put bedding down for the winter.

If that sort of schedule fits your lifestyle then perhaps keeping bees is for you. There’s more of course... how much room you need, whether your neighbors will like your hobby, what equipment to buy, what kind of bees to buy (like dogs and tomatoes, there are different kinds of bees and one’s just right for you), how to harvest and process honey, and how to deal with those all-important health issues I mentioned. But they are all doable if you have the time, the energy and the desire to become a very special person ... a beekeeper.

Table of Contents

Start Beekeeping Today.......................................................................................................................... pg 1 BBQ Honey Sauce, Tips to Avoid Stings................................................................................................ pg 2, Dark Honey - Illness Fighting Agents..................................................................................................... pg 3, How To: Basic Creamed Honey............................................................................................................. pg 4

african art

Sarah Jane Osadetz

Nombuso Gallery


344 8695

Our season of 2012/2013 has been a great year of improvement, learning and training. The coaching staff is proud to present to you this award to acknowledge your efforts this winter skiing with GKHAT .

January 2006

The Queen of Loops

Racer: ___________________ Nickname: ________________ Coach:___________________

Jita’s Cafe August 15th, 2013

Doors open @ 7


Show 7:30 pm

250 344 8695

Sarah Jane Osadetz Art & Design Portfolio  

As some say, a portfolio is never finished. This is my portfolio of graphic design work that I have been focusing on for the last few years....

Sarah Jane Osadetz Art & Design Portfolio  

As some say, a portfolio is never finished. This is my portfolio of graphic design work that I have been focusing on for the last few years....