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Industrial Desigh Interior Architecture

Sarah Sabila Husnayain

I consider myself as a humble, adaptable, and open-minded person who is always up to new things and adventures. My designs are more into minimalism (sometimes industrialism) and mainly inspired by nature. Each of the work here were made by a lot of passion, dedication, and effort. I believe that there is more to learn therefore I am ambitiously intended to find for more experiences ahead specifically in art/design related field.


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University project

Micro Apartment

Client: MAX

“The project is to create a 25m2 Apartment located in Central London for Max, an architect. Max needs a home studio where he could spend most the time there. In the other time, he would wander around the city and enjoy films from his screen. He is a minimalist and won’t clutter his space much.“

MATERIALS: Concrete & wood To make the interior looks spacious and bright, use light concrete and light wood as the material and it also gives “natural” look.

Wide window The purpose of wide window is to let the natural lights brighten up the whole room, minimalizing the electicity usage. In addition for Max to enjoy the

White wall without decoration Client can use HD projector to screen films.

“Less is more” - Built in tables Spacious living room + work area would be preferable. To follow the concept “minimalism”, I created 2 built-in tables that can be folded into shelves sized table so that it doesn’t consume too much space. One of them is use for dining and the other one is for additional workspace.

Bedroom for two, small space kitchen and bathroom

Apple Art Gallery University project

Civic & Culture civic and culture is an educational place to appreciate arts, culture, history, and science. The project is an apple-inspired art gallery that exhibits apple’s own desktop wallpapers. this is a perfect place to enjoy apple’s other product-besides technology-in a different way. Apple has a charcteristic/trademark that can easily distinguish it from other brand. One of that is the Apple’s desktop wallpapers that are breath taking in its own. as if it is taken from an art gallery.

ART Gallery The gallery deliberatly created to features these pictures. The “gallery” here is a representation of iphone, ipad, and mac; and people can explore around the to experience what is like to be inside “Apple”.

storage shop restaurant

gallery toilet storage

Rest area Research center Office Toilet




concrete, marble, glass are the main components because of the clean, simple, and elegant charateristic. round chair with tree is used in this gallery to make an impression as if being inside an apple store.

a huge spiral staircase that connects the ground floor and upperfloor-gallery will be the focus point in this building. similar to the apple store in fifth ave New york where the glasses staircase acts as an entrance to the “apple world�. the stair is made of glass and steel. diameter: 8 m height: 12 m


1 Museum Way, Corning, NEW YORK , 14830, USA

wavy ceiling/wall as room divider for gallery and hall way/corridor. so it is sitll an open space. the curves balances out the straight/squares wall in the interior. all white to accentuate the content of the gallery.

Corning museum of glass contemporary art + design

personal project

Livingroom A simple and quick render of a minimalistic living room

the colony University project

Communal Spaces: Student Hub, Office, and Art Center

Student Hub, second floor, reading area

This was driven by the author personal prob- Location: lem where she finds out there is not a single Cikini, Menteng, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta, space in Jakarta, Indonesia could be use by Indonesia students to work without paying. Lack of student support like this needed to change to C shape the better future of the young generation over time. As a designer, our role is to fill in these empty gaps. Architecture is more D than providing a shelter but provide what B could have the society been needed. A

Student Hub, second floor, group area

The author wants to support education through spatial aspect regarding this matter by building a learning hub targeted for students from all kind of university, by providing collaborative learning space and other learning facilities ranging from casual to formal study group spaces. The purpose is to accommodate students with their works and projects from their course and share them with other students from other universities. This will help them build more network as a student. The whole center consists of three components: student innovation hub, office, and cultural art center. Three of them are interconnected in a way as a commercial and community place.



Menteng is a business strategy and constantly busy areas. Its surroundings include offices, restaurants, mall, university, and train station; making it the perfect location to build a commercial community space. The chosen building is a 3 storey office built in 2017 for a group of political party (GOLKAR) of Indonesia. The site itself is 3400 m2.


CONCEPT The COLONY embraces green concept to reduce the use of air conditioning in the humid and hot climate in Jakarta: Open corridors, greenery on the faรงade to shade, and balconies for maximum air flow and natural cooling system. The utilisation of raw materials help cut down the cost and shorten the period of construction.








Hub & Art Center


Community Area






Access Entrance

Jl. Pegangsaan Barat No. 4, RT. 16/RW. 5, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia.

Sun Orientation

Designed to help students expand their networks and brainstorms by bringing them altogether in one place. There is allocation for office spaces (private sector) that facilitates business and industry and at the same time they could interact with students. Whilst the cultural center (open to public) helps bring and promote local culture to young people.

North Elevation Cultural art center Office

Facade Vertical facading to protect the building from solar radiation and heat. Acts as a foundation/base for vines & greeneries. The material of this facade is steel.

Semi outdoor concept for reception, atrium, and art center. To make an impression of being closer to nature & outdoors whilst technically bring more fresh air inside for natural cooling. Restaurant and cafe are located in the atrium, being the place where public, students, and coworkers gather.

First Floor Hub Office Cafe

Section B

The student hub in the first floor has computer & study room, collaborative space, and multi-media room. beside the collaborative space, the balcony in the hub continues to the smoking area of the restaurant. This floor promotes social interaction.

Second Floor

Section A Hub Office Cafe

A The second floor is more sealed, this is where students (hub) could find themselves a silent study area, meeting rooms, and administration office. A floor with a “serious� and professional concept.



Ground Floor


DETAILS & MATERIALS The concept of this project is “Raw”, by working on the site just the way it is, using green material such as green concrete, wood, bamboo, and ceramic to chills the room. The aim is to make an educational center that still connects to nature. The building has a semi outdoor ground floor and terraces in every floor. Cultural art center is one of the component in this community center (the rest are student hub and office) that open to public. Therefore the expectation is people could visit anytime they want. The semi outdoor concept gives an impression of “welcoming” and open-ness. Visitor does not need to register or go inside the building.


Green Cement



Materials: wood, concrete, glass

Wood Vegetation




To divide the open space and group area, I chose wooden railing and hanging plants for natural looking room divider. Meeting room divided by twisted wooden partition for a natural and enclosed space.


Multipurpose space, office, all floors. Porous concrete wall is implemented in this design to replace the window as the main source of light and AC intake. Not only it cools down the room, but it also decorates the room naturally. Employees could use this area for stretching their body, yoga, or even pray. You could expect this floor to be cleaner because of the elevation/steps as a way it divides this area and the rest. Other than that, it is nice having different scene/landscape in the office for a sake of taking a break physically and mentally. Office, all floors. The concept of the office is more industrial and masculine. the corridor and the workplace is divided by wooden floor and polished concrete. The space is small, therefore to maximise it, I enhance and play with the contrast of the floor to make it kind of narrow but long.

Secondary balcony idea where ceiling and floor are concrete with a geometric touch of wood to give an accent.


Outdoor area, cafe, first floor. Contemporary industrial styled cafe is perfect for all ages of group. It looks modern, natural, androgynous, and clean. The purpose is to make the coffee shop connects to the nature by using concrete and wood to follow this site surroundings. The door connects to the common room of the office allowing employees easily access whenever they need to smoke, buy something, or get a fresh air. On the other side, there is door to student hub.

Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence. Osho

3d Works


As the city of culture, people from all around the world come to wander in this city. However we found that the city is gloomy and looks “dead” because of lack of social interactions happening within. This happens because of lack of interest in getting to know each other more. We wish to improve the city’s aliveness by creating a lighting installation called “Nexus”. The installation consists of 2 parts: the interconnecting hanging lamp and the cloud. The hanging lamp is where the interaction between peers happen, particularly it represents community in smaller scale or even group of small individuals. Whilst the cloud would represent the by product of the interactionism sociology from the community; in other words, it illustrates the image of our society in overall. Since it consists of series of mood lamp, each colour changes will appear in the cloud, knowing how their behavior would shape the culture/ society.

Pavillion structurE

A concept for a paviliion by stacking hollow squares ascedingly by size.

Stool for Museo Casa Enzo ferrari

A stool for Jan Kaplicky’s Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari. Made using Acrylic. By observing the space, I came up with the idea to play with the shapes to enhance the existing wavy and curvy features in the interior.







Collections of Illustration drawn by pen and watercolours.

A series of 3 moods in ink on paper. From left to right: A peach pancake, korean inspired fashion, Crosly record player.

spring series

“Filosofi Kopi (2015) inspired coffee shop. Making the use of bricks, wood, and dark concrete to make the interior looks industrialistic.

A of bohemian style inspired living room with red and white bricks for the wall.

Interior doodles

Profile for Sarah S

Sarah Sabila Interior Architecture and Design Portfolio 2019  

Sarah Sabila Interior Architecture and Design Portfolio 2019