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Your involvement: All involvement requires consent and ethical approval from the University. Consent forms will be provided and withdrawal from the study will be available at any time.

I would appreciate any help provided, from advice, to allowing me to use your family in the study. Thank you for your consideration.

Involvement is anonymous and confidential. Pseudonyms will be used throughout. The methodology employed would involve observation, interviews and data analysis of the test results.

Jessica Phillips Cardiff University

MSc Social Science Research Methods (with Science and Technology Studies) 

Please contact me directly on: 07527505354 4


BSc Genetics (hons)

Previous Research: My undergraduate research was entitled: Development of learning resources to support teaching of children with Down’s Syndrome (DS). The main aims were: 

To understand the genetics and development of DS and how it affects learning ability.

To produce resources for children with DS, tailored to their learning needs.

To produce an interactive resource for teachers, providing them with information on incorporating the needs of children with DS and a background on the syndrome itself.

The graphs show how a child’s concentration levels increased from normal classroom activity to activity using the resources. The first graph shows a high frequency of disruptive behaviour, including pushing, shouting and fidgeting. However the second graph shows far greater focus by the individual.

MSc research: My current study is entitled: How effective is Makaton sign language in supporting the transition between non-verbal to verbal communication in children with DS? Graph 2: Activity with the resources

Feedback: Feedback from parents and teachers involved was very positive. 

The resources produced were engaging, stimulating and accessible for the children.

Concentration level improvement was clear.

The teachers resource was said to be relevant, useful and easy to use.

Finally, everyone wanted more resources like those I provided.

The impact of my study was significant, the children benefitted from new resources, the teachers introduced to new teaching styles and I was given an opportunity to study something incredibly interesting being able to support young peoples development in their formative years.

Graph 1: Normal classroom activity 1


The focus of my postgraduate study is to develop an academic research basis to support the use of Makaton sign language and communication in children with DS. My aim is to test the communication skills of children with DS. Their communication skills will be assessed by the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children. It contains 4 play based tasks assessing auditory and visual communication skills and provides a numerical result. Following this I will interview the families on their perspectives of communication development 3

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Down's Syndrome research - from a student at Cardiff University