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The Library Suits

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Jeremy Kyle's Inner Valkyrie

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Studio-shoot ideas - include any special effects (e.g. green screen):

Location-shoot ideas - where and when you will be filming: Brundall - fields, park, streets...entire village. I hope to be filming in early December when the people I plan to use in the video are available.

Summary of Production: For my music video I intend to reference the video created by Dougal Wilson for Graffiti - What Is The Problem. This involves a man walking along, holding a placard that features lyrics from the song on it and being joined by other people as he goes. One of my favourite shots from this video is the wait before they cross the road and I plan to include this in my own video. Also, I plan to have some of the lyrics written on the pavement, post it notes, posters, the side of buildings, postcards, notice boards etc to be filmed as people walk past them. I'd also like to include a photograph scene similar to the one in The Jam's Going Underground video and elements from The Lightning Seeds Marvellous video.

Stylistic Influences and inspiration (include any music videos, scenes from films, TV adverts etc that have influenced you): Stylistically I'm influenced by bands such as The Jam, The Smiths, Joy Division, Pulp and The Lightning Seeds. Particular videos from these bands which I find inspiring are 'Going Underground', 'Razzmatazz', 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', 'Panic' and 'Marvellous'. Also, the rooftop scenes from the film Hallam Foe is a big influence as well. Adverts that influence me are the the Oliver Peoples Catch A Tuesday campaign and the Pepe Jeans adverts featuring Alexa Chung.

Production equipment needed (cameras, tripods etc.): Video camera and tripod.

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