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Have you heard about Guanajuato? A very nice place to start new life!! The sky is the limit for great places to park your investment dollars in Guanajuato state. Colonial, some modern, stone, historic, colorful, neutral, off the grid, in the Centro, overwhelming. When I first moved here, everywhere I went, I wanted to buy another property or a parcel of land. The wide open spaces, the captivating vegetation, the unique architecture. The sunshine, and slower pace make all things appealing. The friendly culture, the great food, the colonial winding streets and narrow bumpy roads. The adventure in real estate can keep you busy for years. The blend of wood beams, tile floors in all different sizes, shapes and colors, the hand-made tiled walls, the enormous crown and cornice pieces and high ceilings. Reminiscent of Europe in many ways, it is a visual sensation not available north of the border. I think history and historic will always cast a spell on people, travelers, International. Moving outside what we know and into what we do not know excites. Creativity will manifest in an open mind. It is ever-so common for the internationals to develop their own canny building style often flying as an architect of sorts in their first renovation or building experience. Building and restoring property here is fun. Well, yes, it is a pain in the butt too, as dirt, time-frames, and changes can be exhausting but I have never seen so many 'closet' architects in my life. It is not the urban sprawl of new construction riddled with treated plywood and vinyl siding. Creating spaces here involves shapes, color, pattern, and age old traditions of molding concrete crowns, laying traditional floors, choosing from thousands of tiles made in Mexico. And then there is the iron work. If you ever really scour American catalogues for home furnishings, much of the inventory comes from Mexico and likely Guanajuato. So, when you get here, the prices drop dramatically and you will be buying local and having fun doing it. This is a big perk in international living that should not be ignored. Have fun and let loose. I do believe Guanajuato real estate will provide an adventure and experience of a lifetime. Costs to build are lower than most places industrialized places in the world. Creative interior building options are plentiful, so you do not lack for choice, the laborers are very experienced in their art, and wildly affordable to boot. The options for location are also plentiful. My choices always center on the arts, the weather, and the views..all of Guanajuato has it. Maybe find a house or land you like or are drawn to and start there. One thing leads to the next and you will land when you are ready.

Have you heard about Guanajuato? A very nice place to start new life!!