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Environment News

October 2012 Issue

+ Introducing the Environment Newsletter

In this issue:

For environmental news at the University of St Andrews, looking at green campus projects, community initiatives, sustainability governance and how to get involved.

Page 2 In Focus: Green Week Report

Page 3 Community: Transition – New project workers and how to get involved

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+ Did you know? St Andrews is aiming to be carbon neutral for energy consumption by 2016. St Andrews currently recycles 69% of its waste, up from 65% last year, keep up the good work!

Recent and Upcoming Events

In Focus: Top Tips for saving energy This newsletter aims to give staff the latest

 Switch off computers and

environmental news at the University and

monitors at night and over the

to involve staff in the work of the new

weekend (whenever possible). A

Environmental Facilitators (see page 2).

single PC operating continuously

This month’s top tips are:

uses about £60 of electricity

 Use recycled envelopes for

annually. Turning off the PC and monitor at night/weekends will

internal mail

 Use the Steinbeis range of

reduce the bill to £15 annually. If

recycled paper from Office

every member of staff at the

Depot. It’s cheaper and more

University did this we would save

environmentally friendly.

around £54,000 per year (based on an estimate of 1,200 staff computers).


We have a new battery recycling facility available for all schools/units. The 5 litre tubs shown in the photo on the left take portable AA (and similar) batteries and can be uplifted once full. Please contact your environmental facilitator or Sarah on to request one.

In Focus: Green Week Report week. The Environment Team held a

Called Reclaim Energy,

Fairtrade Bake Sale and invited Fife

hosted by OneWorld Society

Diet to come along with their

and People and Planet which

smoothie bike to promote local and

aimed to address the issues

less energy intensive food (pictured

of unconventional fuels such

left). Other events included a bread

as Tar Sands, fracking and

making workshop by OneWorld

artci drilling. These

Society, film screenings by

unconventional fuels are the

Greenpece, Oxfam and Animal

new challenge to

Welfare Society, Transition Open


Forum, Bike Doctor sessions Green Week 2012 was held from

organised by a new student group

Stay tuned for Green Week

1st to 7th October and saw multiple

hoping to set up a bike pool scheme


events being held during the

and the week culminated in a fantastic conference type event

Do you want to become an Environmental Facilitator?

your line manager. They will need to

The University is looking to recruit at

support you taking part in the

least one Environmental Facilitator

project. Next, let CAPOD know that

per unit or school across St Andrews.

you wish to volunteer. Email

If you are interested in becoming an to register

Environmental Facilitator, first

your interest and find out when you

discuss your likely application with

can next sign up for courses.


+ Community: New Transition Project Workers The team at Transition University of St Andrews has recently introduced five new project workers who will each work part time on one of the individual projects. These projects are Carbon Conversations, Food and Water Waste, Food Growing, LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) and Communications. The project workers will work alongside the Project

Coordinator and the University student and staff based steering group over the coming year. This year Transition has been jointly funded by CCF (Climate Challenge Fund) alongside St Andrews Community Group StAndEn, the St Andrews Energy Network. Hopefully this will link both town and gown communities and help us work towards achieving Transition status as a town, not just as a University.


How to get involved with Transition

+Did you know?

There are many ways for you to get involved with the Transition movement at the University. They hold open forums on the 1st Tuesday

In 2011/2012, Transition reduced the University’s carbon footprint by 635 tonnes of carbon.

of each month where people can come along and share their thoughts and ideas. To get involved in any of the projects or simply to find out more please email

Transition also diverted 2.16 tonnes of waste from landfill through StAndReUse.


There are also work sessions in the Community Garden from 2pm – 4pm on Wednesday afternoons.

+Recent & Upcoming Events: Dune Action Day Some of the Environmental Facilitators came along to a Dune Action Day on West Sands, run by Fife Coast and Countryside Trust (FCCT).We spent an hour in the sunshine overlooking the bay removing invasive species and helping to stabilise the dunes. This session accounted for one strand of the Community Investment strand of the passport; an environmental volunteering activity.The next Dune Action Day is on 30th October 2012; please feel free to come along to help out from 12-1pm. Whether you are an Environmental Facilitator or not!

SGEG Volunteering Day On 13th October the Scottish Golf Environment Group are

running a volunteer day from 10am – 4pm to help protect, manage and maintain the SSSI coastline near the Fairmont Hotel. For more info contact

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Thank you for reading


Please do not print. 350 million trees are cut down every year for office paper.

Sustainable Development Policy and Strategy 2012-2022: NEW – Energy Strategy Publication:

Resources Recycling Procedures: g/#d.en.24106

Environment Team Blog: This newsletter was produced by the Environment Team.



October Environment Newsletter  
October Environment Newsletter  

October Environment Newsletter