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In it for the long run.

The first thing she said to me was, ‘Hey, I like your car’…I think that’s when I knew she was the one. Finding the right person is never easy and neither is choosing one car brand to go back to time and time again. Did we mention the laser seam welding process we use on the roof of every Volkswagen?

This means a tighter, stronger connection that’s meant to last. Every new Volkswagen comes with 2-year or 24,000 mile Scheduled Carefree maintenance, which honestly, should be required in every relationship. Plus, Volkswagen has more vehicles on the road with over 100,000 miles than any

other manufacturer. I guess that’s what you call durable and quality communication. With so much room to grow and care for each other, moving forward never felt so easy.

Every family has one.

Black sheep. At least that’s what my mother always called me. So when it came time to choose a car I looked for something as out of the box as I am. That’s why I chose a Volkswagen. Did you know a VW is intentionally aerodynamic? That means it has the gift

of being simply straightforward, so it gets a lot of looks on the streets. But I’m used to it, being unconventional has always been my calling. The inside of my Volkswagen the design is for ultimate comfort and ease of use. I have everything I need right at with no unnecessary

buttons or doo-hickeys, which means each drive is incredible. On long drives not even my legs get tired with one of a kind, cozy, large seats that are made for cross country trips. Standing out never felt so good.


The first thing I look forward to doing after a long day at work is my drive home. Honestly, my day is spent gathering stress until my shoulders feel like they’re about to break, but then I get behind the wheel of my Volkswagen and it all seems to melt away. Maybe it’s the purr of the turbocharged engine on a long

road or the thrill of being pushed back into my seat as I accelerate forward. It might be that I never have to worry about changing gears because the technology of DSG does it for me. It could be the way my XDS brakes allow me to hug the curves of the windy, backwoods shortcut I use everyday.

Or how my roomy seat allows for long miles without sore legs. Whatever it is, my drive home is nothing less than perfection.

More Money for Vuitton. I appreciate the finer things in life. That means clothes, wine, shoes, and of course, my car. In reality, the finer things don’t always fit into my budget. I chose Volkswagen because of the excellent gas mileage. With 32 mpg on the highway, I don’t have to worry about unnecessary spending on fuel.

I just have to worry about what designer shoes I’m going to buy next. Plus, I can feel good about driving my Volkswagen knowing that I use a TDI clean diesel engine. Which means it’s better for the environment and still provides my VW with more then enough power to get from A to B. Along with being environmentally friendly and fuel

efficient, my VW careens around with more torque and turbocharged fun. Owning a Volkswagen means less fuel and more shoes. Just how I like it.

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