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Rappahannock Community College and Foundation Impact Report 2017-2018

President’s Message KING GEORGE

Map of Counties Served by RCC

King George Site






Potomac River

R Warsaw Campus N 



Ellen M. Davis Vice Chair RCC College Board New Kent







Robert V. Gates President RCC Educational Foundation, Inc. King George



Elizabeth Hinton Crowther President, RCC Secretary, RCC Educational Foundation, Inc.



Kilmarnock Center


Bridges–like the Downing Bridge on our cover–have symbolized connection for the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck for generations. They connect us to commerce and trade, jobs, education, healthcare, friends and family. RCC is proud to extend that symbolism to its work as the community’s bridge to access excellent collegiate education and quality workplace credentials. The College is a bridge to better skills, quality of life, and regional sustainability. It is a personal and community economic development engine that produces millions of dollars of benefit annually to its counties served, and a lifetime of higher earnings for its graduates. RCC, with over 40 Guaranteed Admissions Agreements, is a roadway to further study at premier universities and institutes. And, RCC is a bridge to lucrative work, from nursing, to engineering, to welding. The College’s celebrated faculty and staff members are committed to students. None of the successes you know of and can read about here is accomplished without a network of support and funding from both inside RCC and from others in the community. The donors highlighted within are pillars upon which the bridge’s roadbed is poised. We are eager to tell you more about them and to recognize many who have given their resources and time to help students succeed. If you are not already helping change lives through RCC, we invite you to become involved by giving or volunteering for an event. I guarantee that commitment will change you as well! In January 2020, RCC celebrates 50 years serving this region. What better time than now to become engaged, assuring that the College will continue to serve distinctively for another 50 years! I thank you all and welcome you to the RCC experience.

Rappahannock River


Pamunkey River



Mattaponi River

 Glenns Campus


Elizabeth Hinton Crowther President, Rappahannock Community College Secretary, RCC Educational Foundation, Inc.

Bridging Communities Career and Tech Center





Awards 2017-2018

2017 Great College to Work for Honor Roll (Chronicle for Higher Education) #1 College-Based Nursing Program in Virginia (RegisteredNursing.org) 2018 Great College to Work for Honor Roll (Chronicle for Higher Education) #2 Tech Savvy Community College in the Nation (Center for Digital Education) #3 Best “Certificate in Web Design & Development” Program in the U.S. (BestColleges.com) Military Friendly School Bronze Designation (VIQTORY media)



Gloucester $4,176,093.45 King & Queen King George

$358,537.67 $877,117.21

College Educational & General Revenues FY2018 $17,003,104 s General Fund


s Tuition & Fees


s Federal Grants

0.1% 2.6%

King William


s Other Non General Funds



s Counties Contribution 0.7%





New Kent


College Educational & General Expenditures FY2018 $16,693,186





s Total Personnel




s Maintenance & Operation



$21,301,175.97 1

1970-2020: 50 Years of Shaping Futures

2016-2018 Foundation Financial Report

2016-17 2017-18

RCC EFI total assets*

$9,660,966 $11,209,977

Total contributions*

$594,696 $1,278,297

Total number of awarded scholarships, including competitive and student-designated awards

385 534

Total dollar amount of awarded scholarships, including competitive and student-designated awards*

$483,482 $575,478

Total dollar amount of support for RCC programs*

$125,800 $133,914

* Figures taken from the audited financial statements.




Russell G. Brown Anita Cook Catherine Courtney Elizabeth Crowther, Secretary Charles Donato Ralph Fallin Sue Farmar Chalie Fleet Richard Foard Patricia Gallagher, Treasurer

Robert Gates, President Scot Katona Carolyn Lemon Chip Minor Audrey Mitchell, Vice President Betty Lee Robertson Walter Rowland Martha Tallent Libby Wolf Ex-officio Member– William H. Pennell, Jr.






KEEP OUR HOMES AND VEHICLES RUNNING AS MECHANICS, HVAC WORKERS, FIBEROPTIC TECHS AND BUILDING CONTRACTORS. THEY GROW OUR FOOD, TRANSPORT IT, AND MAKE INCREDIBLE MEALS AT OUR RESTAURANTS. EVERY DAY, OUR LIVES ARE TOUCHED BY RCC ALUMNI–BECAUSE, FOR ALMOST 50 YEARS, OUR COLLEGE HAS EDUCATED THOUSANDS OF MIDDLE PENINSULA AND NORTHERN NECK RESIDENTS. As RCC enters into its next half century, it strives to shape a new generation of alumni who hold the key to our regional economy. To do so, we’ll continue to focus on: AFFORDABILITY: We want to make it possible for any student with the ability and desire to learn to attend and receive an award from RCC through scholarships and state and federal financial aid programs. STUDENT SUCCESS: With high-touch advising and mentoring, exceptional technology and facilities, and awardwinning teaching, RCC students excel. ACADEMIC STRENGTH: For four years in a row, RCC has been named “A Great College to Work for” by the Chronicle of Higher Education–and we’ll always keep working to earn this honor. FISCAL STABILITY: Partnerships and charitable gifts are a crucial complement to our tuition revenue and endowment, supporting every aspect of the College’s work. We’ll mark the 50th anniversary of the College on January 9, 2020, which is the date in 1970 that our first local board met to conduct business under the newly formed Rappahannock Community College. Join us in 2020 to celebrate the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula’s institution of higher education as we turn 50 years old! 3

RCC is a place for self-discovery.

Future Flight Nurse and Medic Starts His Career at RCC MICHAELDION DAVIS-RUSKOVITZ, MATHEWS: Nursing Student, Sailor “As an EMT with the Mathews Rescue Squad, I was inspired to become both an emergency nurse and medic. Medics specialize in trauma care whereas nurses excel in pre-hospital conditions.”

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.



avis-Ruskovitz took dual enrollment classes while in high school, and at nineteen, was accepted into the top-rated Associate Degree in Nursing program. He plans to continue his education after graduating from RCC. “I originally wanted to be a search-and-rescue swimmer for the Coast Guard. Then I took the tough EMT training course. When I learned about flying emergency response teams, I said that’s for me.” “I looked at the top nursing schools in Virginia with the hardest curricula. I want to excel in my field.” Davis-Ruskovitz has a passion for water and travel. “After moving to Mathews, I raced sailboats competitively. When I get my certifications, I want to travel and work somewhere with a high emergency call volume.” He adds “a flight nurse job is time-sensitive, critical care where you have to think fast and react faster. It’s super demanding.”

Anthony J. D’Angelo

Inspired by Family to Become a Chef JARRELL JAMES, GLOUCESTER: Culinary Arts Program “I grew up in a big family in Georgia. Everyone cooked. My mom is a great cook and my uncle is a professional chef. I just came to love it and that’s what I want to do.”


ames grew up in a military family with four brothers. When they moved to Chesapeake, he enrolled in an introductory culinary class, worked in a juvenile facility kitchen, and earned commercial kitchen experience. Now twenty-five, James will graduate from RCC this year. He loves baking and experiments with different cuisines. “My mom dropped out of high school and married. She pushed us to get an education. My degree means a great deal to her because she sacrificed so much. So, it’s a great achievement for her and me.” James, an RCC student ambassador, is very positive about his college experience. He sums it up as “I could attend RCC because I received financial aid. It’s been a great stepping stone.”

RCC Leads to a Nonprofit Ministry Making a Difference in People’s Lives LAURIE LOVING, ESSEX: RCC 2012 LPN Graduate, Regent University BA Psychology “In high school, I did the dual enrollment program. It was an eye-opener. Then I did my nursing pre-requirements, finished my Associates of Science degree, and entered Regent University for a Bachelors in psychology. But it was RCC that changed my life.”


hile enrolled at RCC, Essex County-native Loving was in student support services and chosen to attend the Virginia Community College Leadership Conference. There she was inspired by a vision to go out and help the community. “I knew there was more I could do beyond nursing. I wanted to start an outreach center to counsel people and supply food banks and fill other practical needs.” “I was just a quiet girl who wanted to help people medically. But after learning leadership skills, I blossomed into a new person. I wouldn’t be where I am today without RCC.” Loving adds “make your dreams a reality. Don’t become stagnant. So, don’t stop at your associates degree. Invest in yourself.”

FOR THE 2016-17 AND 2017-18 ACADEMIC YEARS, A TOTAL OF 93 students earned a transfer associates degree before graduating from high school. These students can enroll with junior-level standing at many colleges and universities. 4

For the 2015-16 and 2016-17 academic years, a total of 1,277 former RCC students graduated with a bachelor’s degree.




A Childhood Dream Fulfilled ANTONY HOLMES, KING WILLIAM: Class A CDL Driver “Growing up, before I could even walk, I wanted to be a truck driver. When I took the CDL class I was like, wow, I like it!”


s a senior at King William High School, Holmes wasn’t interested in pursuing an academic track after graduation. He was interested in truck driving. His mom encouraged him to follow his dream. “She found out about the Tractor Trailer Driving program offered through RCC Workforce and Community Development Center and said I need to check this out. She wanted me to attend a school that fit the right criteria for me. It was a good fit.” Holmes was the youngest in his class of ten. During the six-week program, he recalls “I got all the classroom work, but the hands-on part was challenging like parallel parking a rig. That was tough.” Now a full-time driver with benefits for Brown Distributing, Holmes recently got a raise and is looking forward to having his own route. “If you really want to do something for yourself, be positive and advance your education. I wanted this my entire life. It’s hard work, but I have a secure job and a promising future.”

RCC offers financial aid and guidance. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

RCC Helps Young Mom Work Towards an Engineering Career JESSICA PICARDAT, RICHMOND AND NORTHUMBERLAND: Pre-engineering


“Since elementary school, math has been my strongest subject. My dad is an engineer. My cousin is a civil engineer. My dream is to be an engineer, too.”

A Determined Eighteen-year-old Tackles the Challenging RCC Associate of Applied Nursing Degree BREYONA HARVEY, KING & QUEEN: RCC Nursing Student and Working CNA “When I was thirteen, my grandfather had open heart surgery. His nurses made a big impact on me. I knew that I wanted to help people.”


arvey is a serious planner. She jumped-started her nursing career at King and Queen High School using the Bridging Communities Career and Tech Center. “It got me ahead of the game.” Harvey earned her CNA certification and works in the memory care unit at Edgeworth Park in Williamsburg. “I’ve learned about patience and focusing on individual care.” Compassionate and dedicated, Harvey treats her patients like her family. “I treat them with respect.” “I really want to put everything into this and study, study, study. I am headstrong and know my path in life. I say it’s not where you start. It’s where you finish.” Harvey’s plans include transferring to a larger university for her RN license to be “an emergency room and critical care nurse because it’s so fast-paced and fascinating.”




icardat, a current resident of Northumberland County, hoped to attend a university after graduating from Rappahannock High School. Then life threw her a curve: she became pregnant. “I had to reevaluate my options. I was not excited about attending a community college. But my dad suggested I consider RCC pre-engineering. I was familiar with RCC from my dual enrollment in precalculus. So, I signed up. It’s a great stepping stone towards my career goals.” Picardat is straightforward about the challenges of juggling school and a toddler. “I’m blessed with two families, mine and the baby’s father’s, who babysit. For me, it’s about time management. It’s hard but doable.” She adds “RCC is great for young moms who think they can’t attend college. Counselors will work with you every step of the way. It’s very inspiring.”




associate degrees and/or certificates in total for 2016-17 and 2017-18 academic years.



OF THE 2017-2018



RCC students are valued and supported.

Aspiring Nurse Plans to Graduate Without Debt MARIYAH BLAND, KING GEORGE: RCC Freshman “I was a tomboy and always getting hurt. Seeing blood or getting shots never bothered me. My mom told me I was going to be a nurse or doctor someday.”

The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.


land, the eldest of three sisters with a single mom, credits King George High School for encouraging her nursing dreams. “I like helping people. When I took anatomy, I knew this was what I want to do.” A fun-loving, outdoorsy young lady, Bland works at a daycare and is interested in pediatrics. “I love holding children, caring for them, and making them happy.” “I took college English as a dual enrollment student in high school. I was able to work at my own pace and take online classes. Now I’m working on my nursing prerequisites as an RCC freshman.” Bland is paying for her program with an RCC scholarship. “I stress about paying for classes. The great thing about RCC is that they want me to graduate without debt.”

Zig Ziglar

A Homeschooled Student Succeeds at RCC SARAH SNEAD, NEW KENT: Nursing Student “I’ve always wanted to help people and nursing is the best field for that. The body is so cool. I learned about how things can go wrong and how it can be fixed. It’s just fascinating to me.”



resident of New Kent County, the twentyyear-old Snead was homeschooled through high school and then attended RCC fulltime. “My favorite class at RCC was community health with education, clinics, and outpatient services. I enjoyed the one-on-one experience with patients.” “I completed my prerequisites. It was hard work to get into the nursing program. But I knew it was for me.” Snead plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing eventually, but first, she wants to gain practical experience. Her advice to prospective students is “don’t doubt yourself because you can do it. And always keep your mind open to a community college. RCC has the number one college-based nursing program in Virginia.”

100% OF THE MAY 2017 ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN NURSING GRADUATES passed the NCLEX, the professional examination conducted by the National Council of Nursing. Successful completion of NCLEX is required for nursing students to receive their license as a Registered Nurse. This rate is well above both the state and national rates.


Army Sergeant is First-Generation College Student JERALD ANTWAN SMITH, WESTMORELAND: Criminal Justice “Education is important to me. My mom was young when I was born, and I watched her struggle financially. I want my children to have a better life.”


he thirty-year-old Smith has extensive life experience. “After high school, I worked various jobs but wanted a change. So, I joined the National Guard.” Sergeant Smith is a decorated war veteran. His career goals start with an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. “I want to help people, solve problems, and intervene with issues. Do good.” He is a Phi Theta Kappa member. Smith’s decision to attend RCC was carefully considered. “The teachers and staff go out of their way to support you. That was important for me as an older student. Plus, I can move on to a full university.” His advice to others is “you only get out what you put in. If you strive, you will succeed. You may not have a plan, but you need to start somewhere.”



provided for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 academic years, including competitive and student designated awards


RCC helps students turn goals into reality.

Budding Pastry Chef Strives for Success at RCC SARINA APPLE, LANCASTER: Culinary Arts Student “I like cooking and making food for people. I was inspired by a pastry chef mentor to choose a culinary career. It appeals to my creative side to make something fresh and different.”

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.


pple and her sister were adopted as young children from Kazakhstan and grew up in Virginia. Now a Culinary Arts student, she lives in Kilmarnock with her family. “At Lancaster High School, I participated in the culinary orientation program and loved it.” Now certified with Safe Serve, she is credentialed to work in a professional kitchen. Apple has her sights set on the restaurant manager certificate. “I like the academic and hands-on work in broiling, frying, pantry, soup, and vegetable cooking. I used to hate vegetables. Now I love them. But my real passion is pastry.” “I applied and was awarded scholarships to attend RCC. That was a huge help! And, the state-of-the-art kitchen at the Glenns Campus is awesome. It’s the perfect environment for learning. As my mom says, you want to be successful, not rich or famous.”

Arthur Ashe A School Counselor Found Her Niche at RCC GEORGIANA LEE, MIDDLESEX: RCC-Dual Enrollment; RCC-Associate of Arts & Sciences; Old Dominion UniversityBachelor of Science, Psychology; University of Virginia-MEd, Counselor Education

A Family Legacy of Perseverance and Hard Work AVIS FORTUNE WITH FATHER WILLIAM SOLOMON HACKETT, SR., WESTMORELAND: RCC Administrative Assistant “I was the first in my family to attend college. I got certifications while I was working so I could advance in my job. I struggled, but I made it.”


hen Westmoreland native Fortune graduated high school, she dreamed of college, “but my parents couldn’t afford it, so I did it myself.” After landing a government job, Fortune steadily advanced as an administrative assistant, while raising five children–her own and others–by herself. Now blessed with thirteen grandchildren and expecting her first greatgrandchild, Fortune credits her father William as her inspiration. “He got his GED through RCC when he was fifty, a birthday present to himself. He was ecstatic! His perseverance inspired me to continue my education.” Fortune’s legacy of initiative continues–two daughters and a granddaughter attended RCC and then universities. “I push my grandkids to work hard so I can rest in peace knowing they can support themselves. Once you get your feet in the mud, keep pushing. Sooner or later, you’ll hit solid ground.”


5 degrees, 5 certificates, and 24 Career Studies Certificates. 10

In 2016-17,

RCC enrolled 4,654 students.


“Helping people comes naturally to me. My RCC psychology professor inspired me to be passionate about my dreams. For me, that was psychology.”


ee, a fourth-generation Middlesex County native, began her college career at RCC. Later, as a UVA graduate student, Lee interned as a high school counselor. “I dreamed big and encouraged others to dream big, too. I told them that there are different avenues to reach your goals.” “Graduating debt-free was one of my goals. I was accepted to five universities but decided to go to RCC. I never regretted my decision.” After RCC, Lee transferred to ODU, earned her BS and then an MEd at UVA. “I was hired as a counselor at West Point Middle School. I tell my students don’t follow the crowd, decide what’s best for you, and weigh all of your options.” “At RCC, I was a whole person. Professors are understanding and down-to-earth. The lesson I learned is to stay true to yourself.”


14 school districts in its service region, including 12 counties and 2 towns. 11


Chancellor’s Award for Philanthropy

Dr. Dorothy Cosby Cooke



r. Dorothy Cosby Cooke devoted 20 years of service to RCC in several different roles, including mathematics instructor, counselor, Director of Special Services (a federally funded program) and Director of Student Services. Upon her retirement in December 1991, the College President established a scholarship for the year, in lieu of the traditional reception, to recognize Dr. Cooke’s service. Dr. Cooke decided to continue the scholarship to encourage the pursuit of higher education and a lifelong love of learning for students of the counties served by RCC, especially Gloucester. She sought donations and organized special bus tours for family and friends as fundraisers for her scholarship fund. Her fund grew to exceed $25,000 when it could be fully endowed and earn interest for scholarships. One neighbor whom Dr. Cooke approached about donating was Mr. Eldridge Cook (no relation), the founder of Cook’s Seafood Company, a leading national seafood processing plant and supplier employing over 200 people in the Gloucester and Hampton Roads area. He was an extremely modest man despite his tremendous lifelong accomplishments and was noted for his soft spoken manner. Mr. Cook passed away at the age of 98 in February 2014. To date his estate has provided over $1.28 million to Dr. Cooke’s scholarship fund. RCC honors Dr. Dorothy Cosby Cooke for her commitment to the students of RCC and her tenacity and drive to establish and build the Dr. Dorothy Cosby Cooke scholarship fund. We also give a posthumous salute to her neighbor, Mr. Eldridge Cook.


Chancellor’s Award for Philanthropy

Northern Neck Electric Cooperative Hunter R. Greenlaw, Jr., Chairman, Board of Directors Russell G. Brown, Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors Greg White, President & CEO


orthern Neck Electric Cooperative (NNEC) is a member-owned, non-profit, rural electric cooperative, headquartered in Warsaw, VA. It has served the Northern Neck of Virginia with reliable electric service since 1938. NNEC is committed to: enhancing the value of member ownership; providing safe, reliable, affordable electricity and outstanding member services; and participating in community activities and economic development to enhance the quality of life in the region. To that end, NNEC has established a perpetual endowed scholarship at Rappahannock Community College that will allow hundreds of future students to attend the College at an affordable cost. Greg White, President and CEO of NNEC, commented, “The Cooperative is excited to make an investment in the future development of our community by financially helping RCC students achieve their academic goals. This scholarship opportunity reinforces two cooperative principles for NNEC: education and concern for community.” RCC President, Dr. Elizabeth H. Crowther stated, “NNEC is a vital part of the economic and social fabric of the Northern Neck, providing power, jobs, and community support to our region for over 75 years. Working with NNEC to ensure an affordable higher education for area students is a natural partnership. I am proud to nominate NNEC for a 2018 Chancellors Award for Leadership in Philanthropy.”


RCC/EFI Donor List from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2018 $500,000 and above Estate of Eldridge N. Cook

GReat Aspirations Scholarship Program, Inc. Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation

Warsaw Rotary Club Westmoreland Masonic Lodge No. 212

Richard F. Haynie, Inc.

Ms. Catherine V. King

Mr. & Mrs. R. Tyler Bland III

Ms. Colleen Fisher

Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church

Mrs. Mary Lois Knight

Mr. & Mrs. John Fleet

King & Queen, King William, West Point Retired Teachers Assn.

Ms. Alexandra Kost

The Honorable & Mrs. Thomas J. Bliley, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Floyd

Mrs. Fran King

Mr. Michael L. Floyd

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Knupp, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Kristol

Northern Neck VFW Ladies Auxiliary 7167

Boys & Girls Clubs of the VA Peninsula Foundation

Saint Timothy Catholic Church Mr. & Mrs. Glenn S. Settle

Mr. & Mrs. George Kuper

Ms. Yvonne K. Booker

Northumberland County Republican Scholarship Fund LLC

Callao Moose Family Center

Mr. William F. Sifford

Mr. William R. Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Q. Booth

Callao Ruritan Recreation Center Carol and Carter Fox Family Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Stafford

Mathews Chapter Continental Societies, Inc.

Dr. A. Elaine Fogliani & Mr. Douglas Ponton

Northumberland County Republican Committee

Dr. Charles S. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Borger Mr. & Mrs. Rick Bowman

Mr. Roy Fontane

Mr. Reggie Brann

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Forte

Coan River Marina

Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church

Mathews County Public Schools Mr. & Mrs. Boyd S. McCord

Ms. Betsy Bristow

Ms. Ericka Foster

The Honorable Harry T. Taliaferro III

Senator Ryan McDougle

Drs. Mark & Susan Brooks

Admiral & Mrs. Robert R. Fountain

Lancaster County Lodge #2527, Loyal Order of Moose

100,000 - $299,999

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Postles

George W. Verlander and Cornelia M. Verlander Memorial Foundation

R.M.C. Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

$1,000 - $2,499

River Counties Community Foundation

Anonymous (2)

Mr. & Mrs. T. Scott Robinson

Bellamy United Methodist Church

$50,000 - $99,999

Ms. Mary Kay Rotert

Peoples Community Bank

Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Cothran

Bevans Oyster Company, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. S. Lake Cowart, Jr.

Turners Lawn Care Service

Dr. & Mrs. Elliott D. Minor III

Mrs. Elaine Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Frank

Amerigroup Corporation

Sally Bet Walker Lawson Fund of Mathews Community Foundation

Dr. & Mrs. Jason E. Perry

Mr. A. Mason Brent

Police Association of Virginia

Mr. Steven G. Crawford

Twin Rivers Roofing & Construction

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Mitchell

Mr. & Mrs. Russell G. Brown

Ms. Karla Frank


Bridging Communities Regional CTE Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Fredrick J. Cucco

Watkins Family Advised Fund of the River Counties Comm. Fdtn.

Mrs. Kathleen Moeller

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Brown

The Honorable & Mrs. John H. Frye

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

Mr. Nathan Pope & Mrs. Sarah Dillard Pope

Mr. Anthony Montuori

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Brubaker

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Gallagher

Catamount Tactical, LLC

The Tides Inn-Dine for a Cause

Dr.* and Mrs. James R. Prince

Mr. Treadwell Davison

Weaver Family Charitable Fund of the River Counties Comm. Fdtn.

Ms. Joan M. Moore

Mrs. Rosemarie A. Bundy

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gallagher, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Nelson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Burgess, Jr.

Mrs. Erma M. Gary

Norfolk Southern Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Burke

Mr. Frederick A. Gaskins

Mr.* and Mrs. Peter D. O’Hara

Ms. Virginia C. Burnette

Mr. Stanley Gaskins

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Pennell, Jr.

Mr. Willis H. Burton, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Gee

Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Phaup

Mr. & Mrs. David Butler

Mrs. Sherry‑Lynn George

Mr. Stephen E. Richardson

Mr. Linwood A. Butler

Mr. Adam F. Geron

Ms. Teresa Rinderer

Mr. James N. Carter, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Gerster

Ms. Victoria G. Roberson

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Cawthorn

American Red Cross

Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr. & Dr. Elizabeth C. Robertson

Ms. Darlene Chamberlain

The Honorable & Mrs. Ernesto Gonzalez

Mr. & Mrs. David Mann

Mr.* & Mrs. T. Llewellyn Samuel, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Chapman

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Gosse

Ms. Briget Bishop

Ms. Canice Graziano

Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Mansfield

Mr. Earl Blankenship

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Saunders

Mr. Mark Christie

Mr. C. Keith Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund G. Simpson

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Clark

Ms. Rita Grinbergs

Dr. John Boniface & Mrs. Billie Blevins‑Boniface

Mr. James Clarke

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Gutowski

Ms. Mary Ball Massey

Mr. James E. Clarke

Ms. Barbara H. Hall

Dr. & Mrs. S. Dean McBride

Mr. & Mrs. J G. Clay, Jr.

Mr. John N. Hall

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff McClelland

Mr. Joseph W. Coleman

Ms. Cathy Halverson

Mr. & Mrs. James M. McFadden

Ms. Christine Collins

Ms. Beverly J. Hart

Mr. George McGee

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley G. Coloff

Mr. Robert E. Hedges & Mrs. Marilyn J. DonCarlos

The Honorable & Mrs. R. Michael McKenney

Mr. & Mrs. Winston J. Hellems

Mr. Robert N. McKenney

Laughing Gull Foundation

Mrs. L. David Butler, Jr. William F. and Catharine K. Owens Foundation

Angelo’s Restaurant & Raw Bar

Oprentiss B. Ball Memorial Scholarship

Ms. Helen H. Chandler

Currie Funeral Home, Inc.

Citizens & Farmers Bank

Providence United Methodist Church

Ms. Marilyn Demorest

$25,000 - $49,999

Union Bank & Trust

Coan Baptist Church

Virginia Commonwealth Bank

Deputies for Education

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Birdsong III

Cobbs Hall Chapter NSDAR

Center For Scholarship Administration, Inc.

Woman’s Club of Essex County

Rappahannock Industrial Academy Alumni Association of the River Counties Comm. Fdtn.

Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation Mr. John Narney and Dr. Pamela Narney Virginia Foundation for Community College Education $10,000 - $24,999

Woman’s Club of White Stone $2,500 - $4,999 Afton United Methodist Church Alice Haynie Dameron Scholarship Fund of the RiverCounties Comm. Fdtn.

Colonial Beach Educational Foundation

Richmond County, VA

Colonial Beach High School

Rising Valley Baptist Church

Lauren Allie White Memorial Scholarship Fund of the Comm. Fdtn. of the Rappahannock River Region

Ms. Sandra Speck St. John’s Episcopal Church‑Warsaw

Mrs. Anita H. Cook

St. Mary’s Whitechapel Episcopal Church

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis W. Courtney III

BayLands Family Credit Union

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Stackpole

Mrs. Linda M. Deptola

Charina Foundation, Inc.

Stratford Harbour Smile Makers

Eagle River Construction

The Lee Jackson Foundation

Anonymous (2)


Mr. Ralph Elliott

Mr. & Mrs. Martin L. Bowling, Jr.

Coles Point United Methodist Church

The Samaritan Group

Essex Bank

Charles E. and Claire V. Sutcliffe Educational Foundation

Ms. Mary L. Crowther

Tidewater Foundation, Inc.

Essex Concrete Corporation

Ms. Carolyn A. Davis

Town Of Warsaw

Fairfields United Methodist Church

Dr. Paul Fairbrother & Dr. Maureen Fairbrother

Dr.* & Mrs. W. Sibley Towner

Families First Association

Dr. John H. Upton

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Farmar III

Veterans of Foreign Wars of U.S.‑Northern Neck Post

The S. Mason Cole Jr. and Lula P. Cole Charitable Trust Fary Memorial Scholarship Fund

Follett Higher Education Group, Inc.

Ms. Reba S. Haynie

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Glennon

Col. & Mrs. Michael J. Kenna Mr. & Mrs. John A. Moore Rotary Club of Middlesex County Mr. & Mrs. David Scarbrough

Gloucester High School Ms. Jean Perkinson Holman Kingston Parish Mathews Baptist Church

Five Rivers Women’s Club

Chesapeake Bank Colonial Agricultural Educational Foundation, Inc. Dr. Elizabeth Hinton Crowther Gloucester County Public Schools Educational Foundation Grace Episcopal Church


Mr. & Mrs. Julian T. Ferras Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Dr. & Mrs. Robert V. Gates Mr. Henry G. Gornowich Dr. & Mr. William Haynie Hickory Ground Solutions LLC Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hodges Mr. & Mrs. Danny W. Hunley JAL Real Estate James Farmer Scholarship Fund Johnson Controls Foundation

Gloucester Mathews Farm Bureau

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Wake, Sr.

Prof. & Mrs. W. Reed Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Hall


Mr. Henry E. Lackey

Ware River Circle of the King’s Daughters and Sons

Mr. Richard LeBaron

Warsaw‑Richmond County Chamber of Commerce

Ms. Heather E. Lyons

King and Queen County Schools

B. H. Baird Insurance Agency

Mr. & Mrs. Julian C. Ferras

Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute

Middlesex High School

Anton and Augusta Birkel Foundation

Dr. Beth L. Faber

Mr. N. Richard Frisbie

Creston G. and Betty Jane Tate Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. & Mrs. Grey A. Dunlap

Virginia Baptist Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Menschel

Nettie Lokey Wiley and Charles L. Wiley Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Doyle, Jr.

Frederick Northup, Inc.

Kimberly Ann Sellars Memorial Scholarship Fund

W.D. & Carolyn Gray Charitable Trust

Dominion Foundation Matching Gift Program

JLB Publishing Inc.

Mr. Creston G. Tate

The J. Edwin Treakle Foundation

DKG Society AO Chapter

NAHMA Educational Foundation

King George High School

Mr. & Mrs. Graham H. Neal, Jr.

Lancaster High School

New Kent Chamber of Commerce

Mr. & Mrs.* John E. Lawler

Northern Neck Association of Realtors, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Lemon

Northern Neck Technical Center Foundation

Machine Tools USA, Inc.

Light of Christ Women

Mrs. Blanche R. Washington

Ms. Audrey Lowery Mrs. Shirley Merrell

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Wayland III

Middle Peninsula Landfill & Recycling Facility

Westmoreland County Public Schools

Northern Neck Chevrolet

Mr. & Mrs. Harold N. White The Woman’s Club of Northumberland County

Northern Neck Lumber Co, Inc. Northumberland-Lancaster Farm Bureau

Omega Protein

Mary Washington Healthcare

Private Wealth Management

Mathews Yacht Club

Rappahannock Westminster‑ Canterbury, Inc

The Matthew T. Blackwood Foundation Trust

Tappahannock Rotary Club

Mr. Douglas D. Monroe, Jr.

$500 - $999

Philippi Christian Church

The Marion And Leland James Fund of the River Counties Comm. Fdtn.

The Honorable & Mrs. Harvey B. Morgan

Anonymous (2)

Piankatank Ruritan Club Ms. Tove N. Power

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Rappahannock

Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Mr. and Mrs. R. Gary Allen Allison’s Ace Hardware

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Press

Ms. Maxine Ball

Rappahannock Church Of Christ

Urbanna Oyster Festival Foundation

The Honorable & Mrs. W. Tayloe Murphy, Jr.

Virginia Chapter UPMA

Nomini Baptist Church

Women of the Moose, Callao Chapter #2253

Old Dominion University Ms. Sandra Pace Ms. Karen J. Petersen

Ms. Sally Gayle Revere

The Honorable James M. White Woman’s Club of Lancaster County Woodland Endowment Trust Fund Zion Baptist Church Zoar Baptist Church $250 - $499 Mr. H. D. Ackerly

Captain & Mrs. John F. Bott Mr. & Mrs. W. Scott Brannan Dr. Marty Brooks Ms. Vicki L. Carr Ms. Dixieann Chapman

Mr. Donald Stebbins Mr. & Mrs. Herb Stelter Dr. David R. Suyes, Jr. The Local Accent LLC Rev. & Mrs. Edward A. Tulis Mrs. Karen A. Turner

Mr. Allan M. Langer & Ms. Cynthia F. Lewis Mr. Christopher Laroche Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. Lavigne Ms. Mary D. Lawton Mrs. Mary L. Lay Ms. Barbara F. Lemon Mr.* & Mrs. Wallace L. Lemons Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lewis Lilian Lumber Company, Inc. Mr. Glenn Loban Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Loban Mr. & Mrs. William Loban Ms. Mary E. Love Mr. & Mrs. Mike Lowe Mr. & Mrs. S A. Madsen Ms. Julie Magruder

Ms. Elizabeth D. Wampler

Mr. Miles Libbey III & Ms. Sharon Colston

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Watkins III

Dr. & Mrs. James E. Colvard

Mr. & Mrs. R. P. Henley, Jr.

Mrs. Elizabeth Miller

Mr. Allan L. Whittaker

Ms. Connie E. Conley

Mr. O. J. Hickox

Ms. Sandra M. Mizirl

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Corson

Dr. Lisa Hill

Mr. Nathan W. Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Wolf

Cralle Insurance Agency

Ms. Joyce P. Hobbs

Mr. Philip C. Moore

General C. Norman Wood*

Ms. Nicole T. Crawford

Ms. Jeanne P. Hockaday

Ms. Joan Morris

Mr. & Mrs. H. Dieter Hoinkes

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Morris IV

$100 - $249

Mr. Charles R. Crook & Mrs. Molly Hoffman

Ms. Susan Horne

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Morrison, Jr.

Anonymous (4)

Mr. & Mrs. Otis C. Crowther

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Hubbard

Ms. Patricia Mullins

Mr. Shaheem Abrahams

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Croxton, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Huckins

Mrs. P. M. Almond

Dr. & Mrs. David G. Davies

Mr. Henry B. Hundley

The Honorable & Mrs. W. Tayloe Murphy, Jr.

Ms. Donna Anderson

Dr. Cheryl Brown Davis

Mr. Leon Hundley

Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Gorin

Mr. & Mrs. Leigh Angel

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Davis

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Hunt II

Dr. Donna Alexander & Mr. Gene Gourley

Mr.* & Mrs. Roger T. Anglin

Mr. Wilson C. Davis

Ms. Linda A. Irwin

Mr. & Mrs. James O. Ash

Mr. & Mrs. Edward DeGennaro

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jewell

Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie D. Fortune

Mr. John Bacon

Mr. & Mrs. Michael DeGroot

Mr. & Mrs. Allen J. Johnson

Ms. Marion C. Harding

Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie C. Ball

Ms. Margaret F. Dent

Mrs. Paulina Johnson

Hawkes Learning Quant System, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Barbour

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Driver‑Gregory

Ms. C. L. Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. Hughes

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Bateman

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Drotleff

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Jump

Ms. Shirley R. Moore‑Johnson

Ms. Dorothy Battelle

Dr. & Mrs. James W. Dudley

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Katz

Dr. & Mrs. Leland Jordan

Mr. Straughan Beane

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin B. Ellis

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Kane

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bennett

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon W. Ellis

Mr. Gerald A. Cann & Ms. Diane Kent

Mr. & Mrs. Scot Katona

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Black III

Emmaus Baptist Church

Mrs. Martha A. Kent

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Chase, Jr. Chick‑fil‑A Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Coye Mr. & Mrs. William A. Croxton, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Donato Ms. Susan M. Dugan Mr. & Mrs. J. Ralph Fallin Mr. & Mrs. John I. Fleet, Jr. Mr. Richard M. Foard Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Gallier Mr. & Mrs. Ron Geiger Mr. W. P. Gilman & Ms. Barbara Wells

Dr. David S. Keel

Essex Co. HS Class of 1961

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce H. Myers Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Neal Mr. Larry P. Newtzie Mrs. Dianne L. Nichols Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Norris Mr. & Mrs. C. Jeffrey Norton Mr. & Mrs. R. Wayne Nunnally Mr. & Mrs. Bill Orlando Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Owens Mrs. Felicia B. Packett Mr. & Mrs. Robert Parker Ms. Ethel L. Patch Mr. & Mrs. William A. Perkins, Jr.


Mr. & Mrs. Eric Pesola

Ms. Gloria S. Wallace

Mr. Ammon G. Dunton, Sr.

Mrs. Susan B. Smith

Dr. Pam Narney & Mr. John Narney

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. S. Taylor Ware, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. MacDowell I. Garrett

Mr. & Mrs. J. Boyd Spencer

Mr. & Mrs. Martin L. Bowling, Jr.

Dr. & Mrs. J. C. Phillips

Dr. & Mrs. James Wassum

Mrs. Ruth W. Greene

Ms. Mary E. Stewart

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Pope

Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Pittman

Mr. & Mrs. T. Rhys Weakley

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Griffin

Mr. & Mrs. J. Stephen Swope

Mr. Rhett Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Al Pollard, Sr.

Mr. Kris C. Weimerskirch

Ms. Andrea L. Harold

Mrs. Linda M. Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Farmar III

Mr. Clifford Potter

Mr. & Mrs. Hill B. Wellford, Jr.

Ms. Jane M. Hellinger

Dr. & Mrs. Matthew F. Vogel

Mr. Richard T. Sanford

Mr. Jim Quirk

Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. Wells, Jr.

Ms. Patricia Hilton

Warsaw High School Alumni

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Geiger

Mr. Allen Ramer

Mrs. Mary Vallie West

Mr. Harold T. Hinson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Weekley

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Ullrich

Rappahannock Record

Ms. Nancy West

Mrs. Jo Ann Hite

Ms. Martha Welch

Mrs. Cindy Lloyd

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde H. Ratcliffe III

Mr. Tim Hoffman

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. West, Sr.

Mrs. Ethel G. Frye

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Reid

Weston F. Jr, and Dorothy C. Conley Family Charitable Fndtn

Ms. Patricia Homstead

Ms. Sedonia A. Wilson

Mrs. Joyce Gunderson

Mr. & Mrs. Carlton S. Revere

Mr. & Mrs. Greg White

Mrs. Michelle Hornbeck

Dr. & Mrs. Wesley C. Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Borger

Ms. Ethel D. Revere

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Whitley

Dr. Norman M. Howe, Jr.*

Ms. Kendra Wood

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Drotleff

Mr. & Mrs. Carter B. Richardson

Cmdr. & Mrs. A. Davis Whittaker, Jr.

Ms. Therese Johnson

Riverland Insurers

Ms. Hope M. Whittaker

Mrs. Marion R. Jones

Ms. Nancy T. Robertson

Dr. & Mrs. Edward J. Wiley, Jr.

Ms. Lorraine A. Justice

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard E. Robins

The Honorable & Mrs. Gordon A. Wilkins

Mr. Ernest M. Keeling

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory P. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Rowland Dr. Lynn Samuel Mr. Douglas Sanders Mr. Donald O. Sandridge Mr. & Mrs. T. Gordon Sandridge Ms. Jean Ann Sanford Ms. Debbie S. Saunders

Mr. & Mrs. Colin R. Wilkinson Mr. Paul Williams Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Wittler Dr. & Mrs. H. Alwyn Wootten WW Inc. Ms. Elsbeth Wyatt Dr. Elizabeth L. Young & Mr. Robert R. Lovell

Ms. Helen Mae Kemp Dr. Anne Kornegay Mrs. Amy Lamb Ms. Jean Light Ms. Nancy S. Lockhart Ms. R. Michelle March Mrs. Mary Byrd Martin Mr. & Mrs. Winter H. McCrobie, Jr. Ms. Jane A. McKenzie

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Scherrer Up to $100

Ms. Shirley A. Miller

Anonymous (2)

Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Morgan, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Senyk

Dr. William V. Arnold & Dr. Margaret A. Fohl

Mrs. Jan R. Morris

Shackelsfords Chapel UMW

Mr. Tom S. Austin

Ms. Carol Muratore

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Sharpe

Mr. Dean Bareford

Ms. Jill Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Silversmith

Ms. Pamela Bareford

Mr. & Mrs. Walter B. Norris, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Blakely A. Smith

Mr. Timothy Beins

Northern Neck ACE Hardware

Ms. Nathalie T. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Bennett

Mr. & Mrs. Albert N. Nunn

Mr. & Mrs. W. David South

Mr. & Mrs. Prescott H. Blatterman III

Mrs. Cas Olverson

Ms. Amanda L. Spitler

Mr. & Mrs. John Boidock

Ms. Dawn L. Orlando

Mrs. Cora Sue Spruill

CWO Ervin E. Bowen, USA, Retired & Mrs. Margot S. Bowen

Ms. Kelly Osuanah

Ms. Linda F. Schools & Mr. Robert A. Poitras Mr. & Mrs. Arnie L. Schulberg

Dr. Andrea Crawford & Mr. Richard C. Stearns

Ms. Tina Bremar

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Stevens

Ms. Mary Frances Brown

Ms. Jil Stoddard

Mr. William G. Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Strieter

Mr. & Mrs. Larry H. Bryson

Lt. General & Mrs. Carl A. Strock, USA Retired

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Burnett

Ms. Audrey W. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Gary Swift Col. & Mrs. Joseph Syslo Ms. Margaret G. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Thomas Mrs. Elnora F. Tompkins Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Tucker Ms. Priscilla D. Vaughan Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Vine Mr. & Mrs. Francis C. Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Matthew L. Walker

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Mosca III

Mr. & Mrs. Louis G. Packett Ms. Susan Pereira Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Phelps

Mrs. Elizabeth Wood Thank you to these donors for their generous in-kind gifts and services Angelo’s Restaurant & Raw Bar Bay & River Home Decor Burkes Fine Jewelers Car Wash Cafe Chesapeake Bay Inc Coan River Marina Coggin Furniture, Inc. Colonial Collectibles LTD Crying Shame Frame Shop Dr. David S. Keel Dr. Hilary Derby & Mr. Bob Jackson Eckhard’s Essex Inn Fairways Bar & Grill Faunce Seafood, Inc. Ms. Colleen Fisher Feather Your Nest Fletch’s Garden Products Foxy’s Garner’s Produce Garrett’s Marina Good Life Tea Green Top Sporting Goods Corp Hobbs Hole Golf Course, Inc.

Ms. Lorena S. Plump

Indian Creek Yacht & Country Club Inc

Mr. & Mrs. Percy Pollard, Sr.

Kinsale Charters

Mrs. Julia H. Pritchard

Kinsale Museum

Al Pugh Distributing Co., Inc.

Lancaster Tavern

Mrs. Janet Childs

Mr. Daniel Ream & Ms. Lucretia McCulley

Lee’s Restaurant

Mrs. Gwendolyn J. Coker

Mrs. Victoria B. Reid

Mr. R. G. Courtney

Mr. William G. Richardson

Ms. Betty F. Cralle

Mr. & Mrs. Joel A. Ridgeway

Ms. Katherine L. Crittenden

Ms. Alice Rock

Dr. & Mrs. J. Harrison Daniel

Mr. Thomas Y. Savage

Mrs. Sandra G. Darnell

Ms. Jane Savin

Ms. Kristin Deptola

Col. (Ret) & Mrs. Neil A. Smart

Ms. Virginia Deptola

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Smith, Jr.

Carrie L. Dos Santos

Ms. Bernice L. Smith

Mrs. Brenda Bush C. E. Curtis Elementary School

Lilian Lumber Company, Inc. Mosaic Consignments & Gifts Mr. & Mrs. John V. Freimarck Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Booth Mr. & Mrs. Alan L. Douglas Mr. Allan M. Langer Mr. & Mrs. Dean Sumner Mr. Gordon Slatford Mr. & Mrs.* John E. Lawler

* Deceased: RCC Educational Foundation staff endeavors to maintain current and accurate records of all contributions, gifts, and pledges. Should any errors or omissions appear in the list, please contact us.


Ms. Carol K. Pope Ms. Carol Muratore Ms. Carolyn A. Ward Ms. Carolyn Roy Ms. Cathy Halverson Ms. Jean Ann Sanford Ms. Kelly Fidler Ms. Laura Reeves Ms. Liz Wood Santini Mrs. Martha M. Tallent Ms. Susan Albert Ms. Virginia C. Burnette Noblett Appliances, Propane and Oil Northern Neck ACE Hardware Northern Neck Burger Company Northern Neck Chevrolet Over The Top Catering & Events Piankatank River Golf Club Rittenhouse Salon Rivah Antiques RW’s Sports Shop Stone Brewing Stratford Hall The Dandelion Tommy’s Restaurant T-Town Tack Vault Field Vineyard W. F. Booth and Son, Inc.

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Rappahannock Community College and Foundation Impact Report 2017-2018  

The report provides financial information, student success stories, and donor profiles for 2017-2018.

Rappahannock Community College and Foundation Impact Report 2017-2018  

The report provides financial information, student success stories, and donor profiles for 2017-2018.