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who IS sarah dickerson? Photography is the by-product of a human being’s talent. It, like many artistic endeavors, is sometimes seen as “easy” or taken for granted. Doing portrait photography, well, is most certainly NOT easy. And that’s why I love it. See, I’m into challenges. The challenge of starting my own business and making it succeed. The challenge of paying my way from a student pilot through advanced pilot ratings as a twentysomething, by training horses on the side of a full-time job. Oh yeah, the challenge of training those horses. Horses that sometimes wanted little to do with me. The challenge of growing up in a middle class family with a not-so-middle-class hobby (those darn horses again), trying to compete against kids my age who had horses that cost ten times what mine cost, and could afford full-time instruction. I’d like to think we did pretty well. Some people say I do things the hard way. I say that isn’t the case, I just am not satisfied unless I’m reaching for new goals, new pinnacles of achievement. I started Sarah Dickerson Photography with the idea that eventually I’d work for myself. That idea worked, and the business grew by leaps and bounds. I had finally found something I could do day in and day out, for very long hours..and love. I’m not even going to go into the passion I feel when shooting a family, senior, or other portrait session because it’s a given. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t a given. How much do I like it? Enough to work seven days per week a lot of the year, enough to give up Saturdays and evenings with my family to spend with awesome clients. Enough that I’m never quite satisfied with my work - I’m always pushing myself to that next level, looking for that next area of improvement to tackle. But who AM I? I refuse to call myself a “portrait photographer” or “wedding photographer” because that defines so little of what I am. I’m an artist. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m the wife of an incredible man. I’m a pilot. I’m a flight instructor. I’m a horsewoman. I’m a woman who enjoys shopping, cooking, being outside, and having some time to just relax with a book and squish my toes around in a super clean fluffy pair of socks. (personal love!) I’m old enough to have years in the corporate world (as a graphic designer then marketing manager), years of business experience, and a little bit of wisdom. I’m young enough to identify with my younger clients, and make it through long wedding days :) Excited about the possibilities about having SDP document your senior year? Alright, dig right into this guide. Hopefully it covers most of your questions about the services and products that I offer. I’d love to have you into the studio to discuss your session!



our style

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simple, non-fussy pricing. [something for everyone.] basic senior session fee


mini session with CD




print package


complete package


average of 1.5 to 2 hours of shooting, unlimited clothing changes, up to 2 locations in kansas city area includes shooting time, photographer’s editing time and presentation of final edited images in personal online proofng/ ordering gallery. client then may customize their own print, disc or product order. 1 hour of shooting, 1 location (within 30 minutes of my studio) and 1 outfit selection online proofing/ordering gallery disc containing 20 high-resolution client-chosen edited images (from online gallery) with reproduction release “E� stands for electronic here. $450.00 includes the base session fee (see above basic portrait session details) and a DVD of edited, full-resolution images with reproduction release for unlimited printing and sharing of images. includes the base session fee, 1 16x20 print mounted to styrene for durability, 4 8x10 prints, 8 5x7 prints, and a 6x8 hard-bound, 30 page keepsake coffee-table style album. includes the base session fee, 1 16x20 print mounted to styrene, 4 8x10 prints, 8 5x7 prints, a 6x8 hard-bound, 30 page keepsake album, and DVD of edited, full-resolution images with reproduction release.

Prices effective April 1, 2011.



seniors! These aren’t your typical studio set senior sessions! So what can you expect? To have fun! We’ll select a spot in town that maybe has special meaning to you. Or perhaps a place you just always thought “you know, I’ve always wanted to have portraits done there.” We’ll keep it light and have a lot of fun - and get some gorgeous images in the process. We’ll shoot with all kinds of backdrops and fun colors. So, in a nutshell, you can expect bright, warm, non-traditional images. If you want highly-edited, overprocessed images, you’ve probably found the wrong studio - SDP senior shoots can best be described as natural, glowing and carefree. Feel free to bring fun outfits that speak to your personal style, and don’t be afraid of color! WHAT’S INCLUDED? Up to two hours of shooting in the Kansas City area an online ordering gallery to share with family and friends $150.00 SENIOR SESSION EXTRAS

Disc of all edited images with release $300 DVD slideshow of edited images (show off your session to friends and family right on your television!) $200 Custom albums - see album pricing page Prints and canvas wraps - see album pricing page


senior session extras Prints and discs aren’t all we offer! Custom albums, canvases, DVD slideshows and custom cards are just a few of our other offerings. See the following spread for complete album, print and canvas pricing! MISCELLANEOUS SENIOR SESSION EXTRAS

DVD slideshow of edited images graduation announcements and party invitations

$200 inquire

Prints are also available through your online gallery, see the print product page for pricing!



gorgeous albums All albums below are priced to include 30 pages. Inquire for additional pages or other custom options (there are many!). We have samples of each type of album in the studio for viewing. Albums can be purchased as a part of a package or ala carte. All pricing includes design of album and client revisions.

press book album

economical yet beautiful; textured matte art paper with choice of canvas image wrap or silk cover 8x8 $300 10x10 $400 12x12 $450

hard bound album

gorgeous archival matte paper with choice of image wrap or leather cover 8x8 $550 10x10 or 9x12 $750 12x12 $900

flush mount album

thick, durable glossy pages with choice of image wrap or leather cover 8x8 $900 10x10 or 9x12 $1150 12x12 $1400

handmade fine art album


hemp image wrap or raw silk cover, handmade endpapers, gorgeous, textured archival matte paper 8x8 $1150 10x10 $1400 12x12 $1550

Please allow 2-3 weeks for album delivery after approval of album layout. Customers ordering the fine art album, please allow 4-6 weeks due to the handmade nature of the album.

stunning prints

standard enlargements matte/glossy paper wallets (8) $6 4x6 $8 5x7 $15 8x10/8x12 $21 11x14/11x16 $26 16x20/16x24 $45 20x30/20x34 $76 24x36 $130

metallic paper wallets (8) 4x6 5x7 8x10/8x12 11x14/11x16 16x20/16x24 20x30/20x34 24x36

$8 $10 $17.50 $26 $32 $50 $82 $150

standout prints

textured photo print mounted on 3/4� dense foam board and edged with black plastic, ready to hang 8x10 $60 20x30 $165 11x14 $74 24x36 $275 16x20 $100

canvas wraps

gorgeous prints on canvas wrapped around 1 1/2� deep wood stretchers, ready to hang. 5x7 $80 16x24 $165 8x10 $95 20x30 $220 11x14 $120 24x36 $250 16x20 $155


frequently asked questions 1. We don’t need something offered in a particular package. Do you customize for clients? You can feel free to order the products you desire at any time through your online gallery as opposed to booking a package.

session, are shot at one location, with one outfit. You’ll still get a wide variety of images from which to choose - and you can choose your 20 favorite images from your online gallery to go onto your disc.

2. If I’m receiving a disc of images, can I make my own prints? Yes! You will receive a reproduction release with your disc that will allow you to print your own images. I post all session images into a custom online gallery as well, so if you choose to place any print orders through my lab, you may do so.

7. When can we expect to shoot? I schedule sessions at the times of day where the light is best for photography - this is usually in the two hours leading up to sunset (mornings do work well, also). Between April and November, I have extremely limited weekend availability due to my wedding schedule, so plan on a weeknight session (after school is usually perfect to catch the nice evening light!) After mid-November, my weekends are a lot more open for portrait sessions until weddings pick up again in April.

3. How long can I expect to wait to receive my images? I tell clients to expect to receive their disc of images within 4 to 6 weeks of the shoot. This delivery time can vary depending on time of year and workload. I keep all clients up-to-date on my anticipated delivery date, and ask that you be patient! Once I reach your session in my editing queue, I will set up an online gallery and post your edited images. My available session times fill fast so I suggest scheduling well in advance, and well before you need your images. 4. How far ahead should we schedule our session? For the busiest times of the year (April-May and September through early November), please plan to contact me a month or more in advance to ensure you get into the schedule! As I shoot quite a lot of weddings each season, these times of year are also my busiest for weddings, and portrait session times are more limited. 5. What should I wear? Wear colorful, complementary clothing that fits your style. Dress up, be casual, bring along a pet or props that indicate your interest - or all of the above! Bright colors are always good - do stay away from really loud patterns. Mild plaids and stripes are fine! 6. How is a mini-session different from a regular session? A mini session is a more affordable shoot that is well suited for clients who do not need a lot of images. Mini sessions are an hour long as opposed to the two hours of a full portrait

8. Will you help us determine a great place to shoot? Of course! Kansas City has a wide variety of locations from which to choose, and in addition to the more popular standbys, I’m always discovering new parks and fun areas to shoot. Have very small children? We can even shoot in and around your home! I’ll ask a few questions to help determine what type of location fits your family’s style best, and we’ll narrow down some choices together. 8. Do you do touch-ups to my images? Standard retouching is included on all ordered prints (if ordering a disc, this would include all images). This includes basic blemish removal, cropping, straightening, and color correction. Extensive skin smoothing and removal of flyaway hair/frizz incurs an extra retouching fee due to the time-intensive nature of this type of editing; work is billed on a per-hour basis of $50/hr.

booking and payment questions 1. How do I book you? I’m so excited you’ve decided to work with me! To book, I require a $75 deposit (payable by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard or Discover) as well as a signed contract. 2. What if the weather is bad on the date we set? Unfortunately, weather issues are a part of on-location shooting sometimes. If the day is rainy or excessively windy, I’ll contact you with some alternate dates for your session. Don’t worry, we will get a mutually agreed-upon reschedule on the books as soon as possible. 3. When is the balance of our payment due? The remainder of your balance due is payable at the time of the session. 4. What if we decide to upgrade our package after seeing the proofs? You absolutely may do so! I will simply invoice you for the difference between the amount paid and the new package. 5. Can I order prints online, or do I need to come into the studio? I do have client ordering sessions available in my studio, where you can see prints on my large, color-calibrated screen and make direct comparisons to help in the ordering process - as well as see print and album samples. You may also order prints through your online ordering gallery, which is online for 12 months after your session date. 6. Do we have to decide whether we want to purchase a CD or order prints at the time of the session? No - the only thing payable at the time of the session is the remainder of your $150.00 session fee. You can wait until your online gallery is posted, if you wish, before ordering prints or a CD (both of which can be ordered through your gallery online). Of course, you may also wish to pay for your disc (or full package) at the time of the session, and that is fine as well. 7. What methods of payment do you accept? SDP accepts checks, cash, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.



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