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Effective Legal Services for an Employer in Workplace Law Implementation is Vital Ever since the labour market deregulation in Australia about three decades back, there has been volatile relations between employers and employees, with employers having to alter their strategies in an environment where the form and intensity of competition had changed. In such circumstances, businesses are constantly on the lookout for strategic workplace law solutions that would offer them some relief against the labour legislations that have given additional muscle to the trade unions by amplifying their collective bargaining powers. There is a push to look for outcomes which better reflect the needs of an enterprise. A law firm dealing with such matters can help a business to maintain a competitive edge.

Dealing with Minimum Entitlements As per the National Employment Standards (NES) in Australia, all employees should be provided ten minimum employment entitlements. For businesses it is critical to abide

by the terms set by the national minimum wage or NES while giving an award, employment contract, enterprise agreement or any other registered agreement. For any employer, workplace law is of critical importance and that’s where he needs the services of a law firm that can advise him on ways to deal with all the laws and regulations and avoid confrontation with labour unions. Many a time, employers have to deal with situations where they are left with no option but to do a critical performance appraisal of employees or order internal investigations to probe any case of misconduct by employees. Doing it with the help of a law firm that specializes in strategic workplace law solutions helps them to manage the subsequent situation much better as it may involve termination of employment of staff members being investigated or critically appraised. These are serious matters that need intervention by professional lawyers. Privacy Entitlement and Intellectual Property Often employees object to surveillance infrastructure like CCTV cameras at specific locations in the workplace. Unless an employer knows workplace law he is likely to come under pressure from stubborn employees who will insist that it violates their privacy. Taking the help of an expert law firm with a team of skilled legal advisers in its ranks and years of experience in handling such issues, is not just smart but necessary today. Employee dissatisfaction with matters related to privacy can often spiral out of control if not handled within legal parameters. Many companies nowadays outsource work to independent contractors who have to be allowed access to vital information that needs to be protected with strong legal clauses. Only a professional legal services provider offering strategic workplace law solutions can look into the likely areas of violation carefully and draft optimum agreements to regulate such independent contracts. Businesses hire the services of independent contractors to save on fixed costs but if not handled professionally, such moves could end up costing the company more in terms of stolen intellectual property

Effective legal services for an employer in workplace law implementation is  
Effective legal services for an employer in workplace law implementation is  

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