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GREETINGS! It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the Drake Community and are excited about getting involved in learning how to serve your peers through Student Government.We are beginning our 25th session of Drake University’s Student Senate and we are already hitting the ground running with a ton of new initiatives and programs that are sure to greatly impact the lives of all students at Drake. So how do you get involved? You’re doing it right now by learning what you can do. Take a look at the organizational structure of Student Senate and read about how you can run for the First-Year Senator position if this is your first year attending Drake. There’s many committees that you are available to apply for as well. Your experience at Drake can be a remarkable one. What are you going to do to take advantage of your opportunities?! Again, welcome to Drake University and I look forward to meeting and working with you. Sincerely, Greg Larson Student Body President

JOIN US Student Senate meets Thursdays at 9PM in Upper Olmsted’s Drake Room

OUR MISSION Drake University Student Senate as an elected, representative body, commits to upholding the interest of its constituents as its highest priority by brining students’ opinions to the forefront and providing solutions to the needs to the University by legislating rights and proper policies, which ensure the success and well-being of Drake University.

CONTACT Greg Larson Student Body President Matt Van Hoeck Vice President of Student Life

Your Visions, Our Missions /DrakeSenate


WHO WE ARE Executive Officers Student Body President Vice President of Student Life Vice President of Student Acitivies

Senators 10 Senators-at-large

Represent the student body 8 Committee chairs, 2 Faculty Senate and Community Outreach Liasons

3 Diversity Interest Senators

Represent diversity needs on campus and sit on Senate standing committees

7 Academic Senators

Represent specific school or college and sit on the Academic Affairs Committee

3 Organizational Senators

Represent organizations and address organizational needs

1 First Year Senator

Represents the needs of the first-year class

MAKE A DIFFERENCE Standing Committees

The Drake University Student Senate maintains seven committees, of which five have positions specifically reserved for first-year students. Student Senate committees are charged with diverse responsibilities, including allocation of student funds, publicizing campus activities and oversight of campus organizations. In addition, committees often investigate key issues of the student body and make recommendations to the student senate.

Academic Affairs Committee

Provide student perspective and feedback on administrative and faculty decisions that directly affect academic affairs

Campus Advancement Committee

Works toward the improvement of University facilities and services

Community Outreach Committee

Work to improve the relations between the Des Moines community and the Drake campus.

Student Affairs Committee

Work to improve Student Life programs as well as those relating to student organizations

Student Fees & Allocations Committee Allocates funds to campus organizations for events and activities

Student Services Committee

Works with student organizations to approve and update information

First-Year Interest Committee

The First-Year Interest Committee (FYI) is comprised solely of students who are new to Drake, providing a fresh perspective about campus and student needs. Members interact with elected members of the Student Senate and top administrators on campus. Past committees have worked on Alcohol Awareness Week, residence life improvements and new student acclimation. Many of Drake’s current student leaders began their involvement with Student Senate as member of this committee. Additional opportunities such as intern positions, President’s Councils and more are also available.

Senate Brochure  
Senate Brochure  

Fall 2011 Drake Student Senate Informational Brochure