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by hand space and form . study models pencil . product design drawings pen and marker . product design drawings mixed media . rendered perspectives

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architectural design coursework.

Concept: Offset Every feature in this building is offset from another feature: The shell dictates the interior organization. Starting with the curved staircase that wraps the building along the front curtain wall, this bank is organized in a series of curved and straight lines to optimize natural sunlight and to be an open loop for circulation.

Revit Renderings of Front Faรงade

Revit Renderings of First Floor Entry

Second Floor Teller and Lobby

Staircase from Second to Third Floor

Third Floor Conference Room

boone bank . commercial building design.

Concept: Crane

(v.) – to stretch out This design proposal for the new Crane Music Center will act as a bridge between Appalachian State University and the Town of Boone by creating a space that unfolds from the center of the site toward both campus and downtown Boone, much like the wings of an origami crane.




Administrative Building Floor Plan

Main Building Floor Plan

Exterior Building Elevation

View from the corner of Rivers Street and Depot Street

Music Library and Study Rooms


Hallway to Scholar Apartments

the crane music center . university design.

The North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association Masonry Wall Design Competition was brought to Appalachian State for the first time in 2011. My group, consisting of two construction management majors and myself, was presented with the challenge to design a unique masonry wall solution for a masonry showroom. We were allotted a 40-foot by 10-foot footprint on which to design our wall system. This included the front façade and 10 feet worth of the interior. My group’s wall design won second place in ASU’s first annual NCMCA wall design competition.

Concept: Shift The undulating curves of the wall itself, as well as the material of which the wall is composed, represent the literal shifting of this design proposal. The main structure of this design is the stacking of standard concrete masonry units[CMUs] in a way that alternates the degree of rotation of each unit by 90 degrees. This provides the wall with a textural appearance. The materials are then shifted from masonry to glass bock at higher elevations to allow natural light to filter into the space. By using a standard unit of construction in a non-traditional way, this design proposal calls for a shift in convention.

Original Revit Rendering

Revit and Photoshop Rendering

2011 ncmca masonry wall design competition.

The second year that the NCMCA masonry wall design competition came to ASU, I was asked to compete as an honorary mention.

Brick-Tac-Toe This design proposal involves using masonry as a kind of non-traditional textile. Norman bricks [11 3/8” x 5 1/2” x 2 1/4”] are suspended vertically on steel cables attached to a lightweight steel frame to create a grid. Each brick is able to rotate freely on the cable and a metal spacer keeps the units separated. If it is desired to keep some of the bricks stationary to create a specific texture or pattern across the wall application, a spiked pacer is placed between the bricks that are to be permanently fixed. Although this wall was configured as an aesthetic interior installation, the design could be purposed as a trombe wall or an exterior feature.


Revit and Photoshop Rendering

2013 ncmca masonry wall design competition.

in the field.

During the summer of 2011, I designed and managed the renovation of an existing office suite into a salon and spa, located in Lake Park, Indian Trail, NC. The suite was repainted and had new walls, plumbing, electrical, and flooring installed. I was in charge of overseeing the entire project from day one all the way to the move in day. I was also responsible for the placement and installation of all furniture and accessories within the space. The following images are examples of my work.

Revit Concept Images

Before Images

After Images – New Wall & Knee Wall Construction, VCT Floor Install, New Trim Install, Wall and Trim Paint, Furniture /Fixture Install, Accessory Install

Before Images

After Images – New Wall & Knee Wall Construction, VCT Floor Install, New Trim Install, Wall and Trim Paint, Furniture/Fixture Install, Accessory Install

Before Images

After Images – Wall and Trim Paint, Refinished Millwork, Furniture/Fixture Install, Accessory Install

image salon and spa . renovation.

My family’s business, Callaham Construction Corporation, has been employed by Bürkert Fluid Control Systems for various renovations and other construction purposes since 2008. During the summer of 2010, I assisted in the renovation of a new suite meant to house Bürkert’s CNC machines. I installed flooring and wall base, painted all of the interior walls and helped construct new rooms within the suite. In the warehouse portion of the building, I designed and executed a blue stripe around the room to coordinate with Bürkert's logo. This building is considered a show room for new clients and for corporate members of Bürkert Fluid Control Systems.

Front Lobby – Wall Paint, VCT Flooring Install, New Wall Base Install

Warehouse – Wall and Trim Paint, Door Stain and Sealer, Accent Stripe Paint, New Wall Base Install

bürkert cnc building . renovation.

All electrical fixture labels correspond to appropriate breaker box.

Zoomed View of B端rkert Suites 100-200 Electrical Plan N.T.S.

B端rkert Suites 100-200 Electrical Plan N.T.S.

b端rkert . electrical plan.

All fixture labels correspond to the appropriate breaker box.

Zoomed View of B端rkert Suites 100-200 Lighting Plan N.T.S.

B端rkert Suites 100-200 Lighting Plan N.T.S.

b端rkert . lighting plan.

by hand.

This model demonstrates the use of a single geometric shape rotated around a central point. By subtracting some of the overlapping areas, a continuous pathway is created through the space.

rotation of space and form

This model demonstrates the use of load bearing walls seemingly being pulled toward the center of the space by placing them at appropriate angles. Interior partitions are located near the walls to present the idea of the walls being pulled apart by some force.

implosion of space and form

This model demonstrates the use of curved interior partitions balanced with typical straight load bearing walls. This effect creates a space which changes course at every corner, or lack thereof.

contrast of rectangular and curvilinear

This model demonstrates the use of evenly offset load bearing walls to create a defined central space. This can allow for a continuous pathway around a focal point and creates a type of path and mystery along the way.

centric organization of space

space and form . study models.

pencil . product design drawings.


pen and marker . product design drawings.

robinson crusoe

under the mushroom

under the sea

the big sleep

Each of these images represent individual assignments meant to better hand rendering skills to be utilized in the design field. They show situations that are not necessarily realistic, but they help to expand the scope of imagination in interior applications.

mixed media . rendered perspectives.

interior design coursework.

Floor Plan N.T.S.

Grid Advertising is a video game advertising company comprised of young talented persons in need of a space in which to work.

Concept: Grid Taking influence from artist Piet Mondrian, this office utilizes a grid format. The lines and natural rectilinear shapes created not only maximize efficiency of the layout, but also allow for easy flow throughout the space.

grid advertising . office design.

Re[new] Hope. Change. Sustain.

Harmony House, located in Seattle, Washington, is focused on generating a sense of renewal in the resident youth. Harmony House aims to renew a feeling of hope through positive reinforcement in a space that is designed as a second home for the youth. The foundation also strives to change the youth for the betterment of their future through education and job training and the guarantee of a peaceful living environment. The House also operates with a strong sense of environmental responsibility to instill in the residents a desire to sustain life in both an environmental and personal way.

First Floor Plan . Harmony House Offices . Lunch. Scale: 1/16” = 1’-0”

Second Floor Plan . Resident Floor . Scale: 1/16” = 1’-0”

Common Lounge

Resident Bedroom

The second and third floors of the Harmony House facility are home to the youth that the non-profit organization hopes to help. Each floor includes two lounges, a common computer area, a small kitchen and dining area, six resident rooms, a common restroom and shower room, as well as a counselor’s station positioned near the back staircase for safety purposes. The resident component of this building is mean to feel inviting and home-like in contrast to so many cold and institutional transition houses. TV Lounge

Computer Area

Dining Area and Kitchenette

harmony house . 2012 bienenstock interior design competition.

Group Meeting Room

Harmony House Reception

Let’s go? LUNCH will serve as the area’s most trend-setting destination for soups and sandwiches on the go. The bistrostyle shop offers organic and locally-harvested foods in an entirely sustainable built environment that is an extension of Seattle’s Harmony House Foundation. Patronage contributes to providing safe housing and a new start for the runaway youth of Washington state.

Dining Area

View from Dining Area

View from Entrance . Serving Counter and Bar

harmony house . 2012 bienenstock interior design competition.

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