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Ryan’s Music Pick

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Emperor Tomato Ketchup Stereolab When subtle strings and modern orchestration sit just behind a forward-thinking pop song, I felt that! This little corner of genre for me is like if Uncle Skeleton met King Gizzard. Alt rock with a strong personality. It isn’t a mind blowing concept, but the combination of exploration and melody create a nuanced, layered, engaging sound. Stereolab’s 1997 Emperor Tomato Ketchup is an excellent reference point—you should make room for it in your library. Dip your toe in with “Noise of Carpet.” Ryan Splitlog is a fundraiser at Planned Parenthood Southeast in Atlanta, Georgia

Photo illustrations by Richard Wade Morgan, a graphic designer in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jonathan Splitlog is a graphic designer in Atlanta, Georgia

P L A N T PAREN T H O O D How to plan now for spring:

Y ’ A L L

G A R D E N I N G ?

If you aren’t, you should!

When I was at Auburn, the easiest class to take as an elective was rumored to be Organic Gardening. It was an entry level class that touched on vegetable gardening, seed germination, soil composition, etc. Doesn’t sound super easy but I figured an easy A would bring up my C- GPA and make my parents happy so I registered for Organic Gardening. I’m pretty sure my dad thought it was a class on growing weed judging by his tone every time he mentioned it. My mom was just happy I was venturing out from the art department. I ended up having perfect attendance. I aced all the tests. I was so fascinated by the process of gardening… seed, water, dirt, sun. So simple but so beautiful. I planted a few plants my first summer and every summer since I have tried more and more. This winter was my second winter attempt. Let’s just say I’m still learning a lot.

1. Find a farmers almanac. It will give you a longer term idea of temperatures and weather. It will also make you feel official. 2. Decide where your plants will go. How much sunlight will they get and how much space do you have? 3. What do you want to grow? I still go crazy with this list. Some day I will get an artichoke… somehow. No holding back. 4. Based on your space and light, narrow the list down. 5. Find a local seed or transplant seller. Farmers, nursery, seed exchanges, etc. Get to know them. Ask them anything! They’ll have recommendations for a soil recipe or give you vendors. 6. Read about the plants you have decided to try. Possible bug problems or disease or nutrient requirement – if you’re aware, you’re already prepared. 7. Then just wait until it warms up! Plant those seed babies (or transplants).

The point of all this is if I can do it, you can definitely do it.

Emma Weldon is a creative jack-of-all-trades in Atlanta, Georgia.

Find as many words as you can from the letters below




NT :



are 85 possi


ti li


Lawson Chambers is an illustrator in Atlanta, Georgia

Fork | Spoon | Chopsticks Michelle




I went to LLoyd’s with a few friends because it had just opened a couple days before and we wanted to see what it was all about. The ambiance was like Fargo meets Wes Anderson – felt like we were in a movie set! They really made it feel kind of strange and retro with every little touch. The food was good, pretty simple but delicious with special touches like lemon zest in the brussels. Would recommend! Michelle Norris, along with her husband Forrest Aguar, is a photographer in Atlanta, Georgia.

Christina Lee Who are you and what do you do? I’m Christina Lee, a music journalist based in Atlanta. Much of my work centers on hip-hop, if not Atlanta hip-hop, and lately I’ve been interested in how Atlanta hip-hop has shaped the city’s identity. What is your hobby? Aside from sleeping, I’ve been podcasting on and off since 2015. My latest go at it has been Sum’n to Say with Jason “Jah” Lee and Yoh Phillips. Basically, Jah was reminiscing over the lunchtable conversations he and his friends used to have over hip-hop. Sum’n to Say is like that, only with alcohol because we graduated from high school ages ago. If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? I’d wish for universal healthcare for all, reparations for those who need it and for higher education to be free. What are you working on right now? Glad you asked! I was recently in Boston for PRX’s podcast accelerator (i.e. training program) Project Catapult. I attended on behalf of WABE, because next summer the station is launching a podcast that analyzes race and the contemporary South through a hip-hop lens. That podcast, Vice Versa, will be co-hosted by me and Dr. Regina Bradley, with production assistance by Floyd Hall. I should mention that I majored in print journalism and have zero background in radio, so as someone who was only podcasting as a hobby (again, see above) and still hates hearing herself talk, this opportunity is wild. How do you stay motivated or productive? Deadlines help tremendously; I need to feel like someone is counting on me. I also think there is a lot that people get wrong about Atlanta, hip-hop and Atlanta hip-hop, in regards to its influence and greater significance. So when I write, I’m generally outraged that someone didn’t think to write this story or make this point first.

What are you excited about? I graduated college to the recession, when a career in print journalism was starting to look uncertain. Ten years later, journalism at large is clearly and sorely in need of a business model upheaval, with how it is hemorraging jobs. But I also recognize that there will always be a need for reporting and storytelling; it’s just that the medium will change. The other week I saw the live show for WABE’s investigative podcast Buried Truths, and while I swear I was paying attention, I also kept looking out in the crowd and thinking, we’re just gathering around the radio all over again. I also really like Meek Mill’s new album “Championships” and can’t wait to listen to that some more. How would you describe your city to someone who’s never been? Whether it’s with Real Housewives or the most recent gubernatorial election, Atlanta has no chill.

Read Christina’s Work Straight Outta Stankonia: 20 years of OutKast’s Atlanta, from discography to mythology

Photography by Figure & Ground @ figureandground

Hard in the Paint: how the Atlanta Hawks learned to love hip-hop again Check out her website:






2+0+1+9 = 12 The card of the year is the Hanged One ~ meaning strap in for a year of transformative thinking thanks to a fresh point of view Aries (March 21 – April 20) The boss is watching; pay close attention to all the amazing things coming your way. Hidden surprises abound!





Scorpio (October 24 – November 22) You have a shell for the purpose of protection IN adventure, not retreat. Get out there trusting that protective structure. You can handle anything that comes your way, but watch any overspending, financial or emotional. Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21) Aim high and far - that’s what the archer is always after. To go the distance, your arrows - that means projects, hopes and wishes - mean that at some point, you just have to let go. There’s gold in them thar hills, though, so try launching an arrow and just going wherever it lands.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21) It’s time to learn something new, or someone new. Don’t be afraid to step out on a limb and reach for the golden apple.

Capricon (December 22 – January 20) Don’t “kid” yourself, goat-head: being the G.O.A.T., for you, means working out all your rambunctious energy PHYSICALLY. Run, play, do all the sports and exercise you can, and watch how your heart and success follows your feet.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21) People from far away - or people from close who feel far away - may jar things loose inside you. Keep your feet on the ground and listen to that still small voice. Cancer (June 22 – July 22) When are you NOT crying? This is always a growth time for you, as you reach your roots deep into the hard winter soil. Let that be the source of your strength in coming months. Leo (July 23 – August 22) Just because you’re a lion doesn’t mean you have to eat like an elephant. Open your heart to let love in, open your mouth to ROAR. Virgo (August 23 – September 23) It’s a touchy time for you, Virgo: everyone else is nose to the grindstone and you’re head in the clouds. But vacation and adventure can be the hardest work of all for machines like you, so embrace it. Libra (September 24 – October 23) Being the scales of judgment all the time can be hard work, and sometimes you have to take a breather: even courts recess. Let your scales swing like a see-saw, have some fun, and see what comes out in the balance.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19) What’s it like to be water? It means you can be anywhere you wish and everywhere at once, instantaneously. For you, in January, that means doing soul-work in the ashram while simultaneously doing the big speech in the boardroom: you have to boil a little, though, so welcome the heat and the motion! Pisces (February 20 – March 20) Are you a minnow or a sea monster? The maps said “here be dragons:” were they talking about you? Living in the sea doesn’t mean that you don’t breathe fire, so take care not to burn others, just because your scales and wetness protect you. Let your energy drive you like the currents, not drive others off the edge of the world.

Elizabeth Allen and Adam Wright live in Atlanta, Georgia. They do tarot readings and refused to write these horoscopes while Mercury was in retrograde, so you know they’re legit.

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KAYLINN GILSTRAP Takes photographs of people, places and things and they are good, amazing, and wonderful, respectively sumntosay



Rent a lovingly restored vintage VW bus for your next party

Now that Atlanta United won the championship, y’all might start considering soccer a “real sport”




701 Highland Ave NE #1, Atlanta, GA 30312


FAMILIES FIRST Did you know the mayor of Atlanta adopted all three of her kids through Families First? Now you do.

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