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Killamari for Unfolded • 2019


Hand-carved stamp by Chandlyr Jackson, an artist in Maine Check out her work on Instagram Each paper was hand-stamped with love in Atlanta




You know that thing that you had to learn for work that wasn’t in your job description? Like when you were a “Sandwich Artist” at Subway and somehow learned a ton about the freezing point of cheese? Or when you started working as a graphic designer and got assigned to Maytag fliers and now you know SO MUCH about washing machines? Well. I make tiny street art and I have learned a lot about adhesives.

The first time I tried to adhere a piece of tiny art to the street it was a tiny door on the Krog Street Tunnel. The door was 7” tall and made of pine and acrylic paint, with some metal in the hinges. On installation day, my friend Sarah drove to the tunnel, and I sat in the passenger seat mixing cement and water in a red solo cup. The tunnel was concrete, and I figured authentic cement behind and surrounding the door was the way to go. I also used some two-part epoxy from the hardware store for good measure.


Fast forward 6 months. The cement looks great, but the wood... oh, the wood. Friends, 1/8 inch miniature pine is not meant to hold up outside. It’s clear that the wood will rot, and I will need to use better materials.

Karen Anderson Singer is the artist behind Tiny Doors ATL in Atlanta, Georgia • @tinydoorsatl

Two-part epoxy is only as good as what it’s holding together.


PAREN T HOOD just pickled to meet you Hopefully, some of the gardening tips you’ve read in the past two issues have been helpful. So helpful that now you’ve got a pretty happy little plant family. So helpful that you’re getting a little sick of okra, or radishes, or tomatoes... Or, you were less successful, head over to your local farmers market and ask some for scratch and dents.

Let’s talk refrigerator pickling. Refrigerator pickling is still a great gift, it lasts longer than you think (I still have pickled peppers from last summer in my fridge), and my favorite part—you can add to it. 1. Grab a clean jar (new or used). I save all glass bottles and jars so holler and I can hook you up. 2. Slice veg to your liking or pop them in the jar whole. Up to you!

vineg ar water


3. Make a brine. Boil a combination of ½-part vinegar, ½-part water, a bit of salt, sugar, and your favorite spices (Fresh Dill all the way for me! I add garlic, red pepper flakes, and whatever else I’m feeling.) 4. Pour that boiling brine over the veg. If you spill, use a warm rag to clean the rim of the jar. 5. Put it in the fridge. It’s that easy! I love this method because you can add to it. Pickling okra? Sometimes I don’t have enough to fill a jar, but I’ll make the brine and pop in a few okras as I harvest. It becomes a holding cell for the vegetables I can’t eat ASAP. I do the same for sliced radishes, peppers!!, cucumbers, baby tomatoes, the list goes on. Emma Weldon is a creative jack-of-all-trades in Atlanta, Georgia • Check out her gardening on Instagram @crazyplantladyatl

Kellie Vinal is a science communicator + excitable human in Atlanta, GA.


Jonathan Splitlog is a designer in Atlanta, Georgia. •

easy wins


because sometimes you just need one.



Joke submitted by @CarolineCox


by Ryan


AKIRA Ryan Splitlog is a fundraiser at Planned Parenthood Southeast in Atlanta, Georgia

Lawson Chambers is an illustrator in Atlanta, Georgia.

HAMMER TIME There’s nothing better than drinking a beer, listening to Bruce Springsteen, and building something with your own two hands. Fact. Don’t believe me? Try it out and see for yourself. Not sure what carpentry project to try first? Don’t think you have enough

tools to get started? Think again. Below, I’ll explain a great starter woodworking project – how to make a floating picture ledge, with some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way so that even Bruce would pause from dancing in the dark to admire.

STEP 1 –

Decide how long you want your ledge to be, and then go to the store and pick up two 1x4’s and one 1x2 pine boards. If you don’t have a saw, Lowe’s or Home Depot will cut them the size you need them to be. You’ll find the wood in those sizes typically in the back corner of the store an aisle or two down from the pressure treated wood. Note #1: You do NOT want pressure treated for anything that will be inside your house).

Note #2: Check that wood and try to get pieces that are straight and not warped or curved.

STEP 2 –

Pick up some 2” screws and f inishing nails (they are the super tiny ones). For screws, I’d recommend the Star Drive screws. They come with the necessary drill bit in each box and are much easier to screw in.

STEP 3 – STEP 4 – Grab a beer.

Play Bruce.

You will need:

2) 1x4 pine board (1) 1x2 pine board Drill 2” screws

Finishing nails Fine Sandpaper Stain Bluetooth Speaker

STEP 7 –

Sand the edges so it looks professional, like it just came out of that Pottery Barn catalog for $119 (because that’s how much they charge for these suckers, really).

STEP 8 –

Wipe it down with a wet paper towel and stain it the color you’d prefer. Lowe’s and Home Depot have sample sizes of stains for about $5, so you can trial and error a few. You can either paint it on with a brush or use a paper towel and smear it on. I find both work just as well, and with the paper towel method you don’t have to soak your paintbrush in mineral spirits after.

STEP 9 – STEP 5 –

Your first 1x4 will be the board that will be flush against the wall. The second 1x4 will be your base that your pictures will sit on. Take the first board and line it up with the second so that the bottom of the first board is flush with the back of the second. Screw the back of it to the side of your second 1x4. Make sure to screw from the back of the 1x4 on the side facing the wall to make sure no one will be able to see the screws.

STEP 6 –

Take your 1x2 and stand it up so that it is flush against your base 1x4 that holds the pictures. The 1x2 is going to be the ledge that will make sure the pictures don’t slide off the front. Put a SMALL amount of wood glue on the front and use a few finishing nails to nail them together. When looking at your ledge from the side it should create somewhat of a U shape.

You can put a clear coat on to give a little shine or leave it as-is. Up-to you, since it won’t be getting a lot of wear and tear there isn’t really a need unless you would like to go for a more finished look. I’d recommend matte or semi-gloss depending on the look/shine level you’re going for – don’t ever fall for the dreaded high-gloss.

STEP 10 –

Screw it into the wall. Make sure you find the studs if you’re screwing into drywall. Screw the back 1x4 into the wall, and try to screw as close to the bottom of the board as possible to hide the screws.

STEP 11 –

Pick a classy assortment of pictures to display.

STEP 12 –

Grab another beer and enjoy.

Words by Sarah Profeta, a Global Brand Design Manager for Hotel Indigo in Atlanta, Georgia

Diagrams by Richard Wade Morgan, a designer in Atlanta, Georgia • Follow him online @studiowade



The format is random, The stars are not

Aries (March 21–April 20)

Libra (September 24–October 23)

SMASH: wearing a festival wristband

SMASH: having the correct amount of SPF

MARRY: the person you’re actually with

MARRY: divorcing some things

KILL: your fear of being still

KILL: some feelings of self-righteousness

Taurus (April 21–May 21)

Scorpio (October 24–November 22)

SMASH: hosting a backyard bbq

SMASH: sneaking off to do something elicit

MARRY: a spiritual practice

MARRY: sneaking off to do something healthy

KILL: at least one brand obsession

KILL: the need to rescue others

Gemini (May 22–June 21)

Sagittarius (November 23–December 21)

SMASH: group chatting “where’s the party at”

SMASH: having a list of summer must-do’s

MARRY: a journal or journaling app

MARRY: reflection after achievement

KILL: indecision - just flip a coin!

KILL: as many distractions as possible

Cancer (June 22–July 22)

Capricon (December 22–January 20)

SMASH: “so is there a pool?”

SMASH: bringing the thing you forgot

MARRY: expanding your “shell”

MARRY: your earthy nature

KILL: like two fears or worries

KILL: achieving goals through work instead of play

Leo (July 23–August 22)

Aquarius (January 21–February 19)

SMASH: landing on the kiss cam

SMASH: your new book

MARRY: a secret good deed

MARRY: binge-watching Ancient Aliens

KILL: checking the mirror

KILL: any guru worship

Virgo (August 23–September 23)

Pisces (February 20–March 20)

SMASH: “yes, I packed the ________”

SMASH: having the pool codes

MARRY: some carefree afternoons

MARRY: your new art concept

KILL: your phone for 2 hrs a day

KILL: your new art concept–

give it as offering to the Goddess!

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Elizabeth is a Product Manager in Atlanta, GA •

Playlist art by Josh Lafayette, an illustrator and designer in Atlanta, Georgia •

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