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April Showers, May Prefers Baths: A Playlist for Unfolded

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1. Jolene – Gloria Ann Taylor 2. Rainmaker – Bobbie Gentry 3. Sweet Touch of Love – Allen Toussaint 4. Two Winters Long – Irma Thomas 5. Make It Do – Slim Gaillard 6. Like a Chicken – WITCH 7. Weird Date – Deadbeat Beat 8. Love the One You’re With – Phyllis Dillon 9. When I Stop Leaving (I’ll be Gone) – Charley Pride 10. Sweet and Dandy – Toots & The Maytals 11. Dripping Sun – Kikagaku Moyo 12. Don’t Let Me Down – Marcia Griffiths 13. Around The Town – Gino Washington 14. Come on Home – Lijadu Sisters 15. Sports Spootnicks – Lizzy Mercier Descloux Playlist by Alyssa DeHayes, a publicist who would love to make playlists for your business or advise your band.

Illustration by Meredith Anne White, a multimedia artist in Atlanta, Georgia

puzzle here be a

Mike Lowery is an illustrator in Atlanta, Georgia

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P L A N T PA R E N T H O O D GARDENING 1 0 1 HI, I’M EMMA! Some say I’m a mid-level hobby gardener with unrealistic dreams of having an organic farm in this lifetime. I know VERY little about flowers or houseplants because food is really the base of this obsession. I’ve been dabbling in my own garden for about 8 years. DIRT I always go for the organic dirt at the store. If I’m buying dirt, I’m also grabbing some compost and fertilizer. (I choose to use organic because I love a good challenge but I don’t judge for going the conventional route.) I make a mix that is ~2/3rd dirt, ~1/3 compost, then stir in a healthy amount of fertilizer (or plant food). I mix the fertilizer in during this stage so it can get in to the soil and be accessed through the plants roots. I’ll add more over the growing season to the base. From day one until the end, if the soil feels or looks dry, water it until it looks moist. It really is that simple! SUN Full sun is ideal. A porch or yard or window with sunlight all day is awesome. That’s hard to find though so almost all day can work too. Just be sure your plants have enough space and depth for their roots to grow. The tiny tags on the transplants or on the back of seed bags can help you get a good idea.

Emma Weldon is a creative jack-of-all-trades in Atlanta, Georgia • Check out her gardening on Instagram @crazyplantladyatl


I can rattle off a whole list of plants I’ve tried and failed, as I’m sure anyone else can too. Even some plants that should love Georgia conditions are harder than you would think. (Harder is the wrong word, maybe high maintenance is better) The list is random but I swear it’s true!




So easy. So quick. So satisfying to pull. I don’t even care for radishes (except radish sandwiches!) but the satisfaction of harvesting them is worth it all. They come in so many colors, too. French Breakfast, easter egg, black radishes, so many but be sure you look at the flavor differences before you by the seeds. Some are spicier than others. Look up a recipe for radish sandwiches. You’ll thank me.

Yep. This was my first vegetable success in my very first garden and I plant it every year just to be sure I can harvest something. They can get very tall too! If you’re not of fan of okra slime try cutting them lengthwise and roasting them in the oven. You’ll thank me more for this one.

but that’s a given, right? You can even buy transplants with peppers on the plant. Growing them from seed is easy too. Just be sure to pick the peppers when they are ready. By staying consistent with picking the ripe ones, you’ll be able to get more out of your plant. They are much easier than bell peppers BUT remember not to touch your eyes while harvesting… trust me. I can’t eat all the peppers I grow so I bottle them in vinegar for gifts or decoration.

Jonathan Splitlog is a designer in Atlanta, Georgia.


Lawson Chambers is an illustrator in Atlanta, Georgia.


Fork | Spoon | Chopsticks Reservations are a must at this new hip EAV neighborhood eatery I met up with a friend of mine to have dinner at Banshee on a random Tuesday night and the place was packed with a full bar of patrons! The friendly hostess offered us a shared spot at a table with some fellow diners at the front of the cozy yet stylish restaurant. We began our meal with an appetizer that is clearly set to become one of Banshee’s trademark dishes, the fry bread with pepperoni butter. PEPPERONI BUTTER!! This spicy, smoky butter is the perfect accompaniment to the lightly fried flat bread.

Tara Davies, is a DJ/promoter in Atlanta, Georgia.

We couldn’t decide on any one dish, so we shared two dishes: the sweet onion caramelle and mushroom farfalle. The sweet onion caramelle was a masterpiece of tender beef cheek ragu enveloped in soft pillowy purses of pasta and rested atop a luscious bed of caramelized onions and stonefruit.

The mushroom farfalle was delightfully light and rich all at once. Mushroom lovers only need apply, as this dish is full of whole ‘shrooms. Smartly curated cocktails, locally sourced and delicious – don’t forget to make a reservation, but if you do, Banshee is definitely worth the wait.

Josh Lafayette is an illustrator in Atlanta, Georgia

Who are you and what do you do? I’m Dana, and I’m an Account Supervisor at Ogilvy in our PR and Influence capability. Big picture, I help brands both big and small brands find their voice and relevance in a cluttered world. It’s a really nice mix of event planning, brainstorming nutty ideas and networking with media. I like it a lot! What is your hobby? I’m cooking more than I ever have before, which I think constitutes as a hobby! I have a goal to get very good at baking bread, something I’ve always feared due to the rogue yeast element. Then, each week I try one or two new recipes, I’m working my way through Dining In and I have practically bookmarked everything in Bon Appetit’s Basically column. If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? In the spirit of being lighthearted I’ll pretend that I wouldn’t use these to enact radical political and social change.... 1. Create a perpetual Spring (it’s my favorite season) 2. A second home in Mexico City (it’s my favorite city) 3. A private, clean, on demand subway system. Just for me!! (It’s my favorite way to get around when it works!)


What are you working on right now? I‘m taking Spanish classes - physical, in person weekly, 1.5 hr classes. Duolingo wasn’t cutting it and it’s really nice to have something that uses a completely different part of my brain thrown into the middle of my week after work. My job often has eerie calm periods where I’m tempted to add something else onto my plate. In the past I’ve done pro bono work for a local immigration non profit. But I’m starting to learn that having a little space and downtime isn’t so bad! And it keeps me from having to drop outside projects when my day job gets too hectic.


How do you stay motivated or productive? I find what demotivates me most is thinking what I want to do isn’t feasible. By keeping things in order, I’ve been able to do a lot more at work and in life. I’ve learned that planning is not the enemy! I fought it for so long, thinking that it would make my life monotonous. I’m learning to fall out of love with the drama of plans going awry and to get excited about living (and planning!) the life I want. This mostly looks like me having a lot of spreadsheets, lists and calendar reminders. Spreadsheets to plan my vacations (and ensure I actually take my vacation days!), budget spreadsheets, shared grocery lists, and a Tuesday cal reminder that tells me to call my friends and make plans this weekend.

HUMANS OF LATE STAGE CAPITALISM Hint: your normal smartphone camera can probably scan these now

How would you describe your city to someone who’s never been? I’ll do this in two parts, as everyone has their own opinions on NYC and very few people have opinions on my neighborhood and it’s where I spend most of my time. I’ve found NYC is a place where people are really energized by their work and can truly come from nothing to do the thing they’re excited about. It can feel very “American Dream” sometimes and it’s quite inspiring. It can also be a lot of pressure! My neighborhood in Brooklyn, Clinton Hill, has more of a small town feel than I expected to find in NYC. It’s a sleepy brownstone lined neighborhood full of couples with starter babies (dogs). We have only one destination restaurant and one cool bar. Everything else is over priced or underwhelming. Most importantly, we have a really rocking block party every summer and I know the owner of every shop on the block!

The format is random, The stars are not

Spring is in the air, and the planet Venus holds some keys to

(Psst: if you don’t know what sign your Venus is in, find your

wooing your crush or speaking the love language of a loved

time of birth and go look that up first. Many states now let

one based on where Venus sits in their chart. If you’ve never

you look up birth certificates online! Then do some detective/

done your or someone else’s natal chart or signed up for the

reflective work on the object of desire. Also people are not

Co—Star app, hop on it bb!

objects so let’s cancel that phrase, ppl!)

If their Venus is in Capricorn... • Freshen up your resume • Let them know how accomplished you are • Tell them something that you’re proud you did If their Venus is in Aquarius... • Take them to a museum or a public garden or a breathtaking view • Talk about the vastness of time and space If their Venus is in Pisces... • Any excuse to cry should do w • Art, concert, meditating while gazing into each other’s eyes and souls, a trip to an animal shelter • Cutting onions together counts If their Venus is in Aries... • Take them to do something illegal or illicit or subversive • Play a game of cat and mouse

If their Venus is in Taurus... • Keep things cozy and ideally around a fire • Dig into what hyggë means for each of you • For the love of god don’t stop feeding them

If their Venus is in Libra... • Tell them your 10-year plan • Then what you’re doing this week • What about right now?

If their Venus is in Gemini... • Consider taking some improv lessons • Venus in gemini gets bored and witty banter is their love language • If all else fails send memes

If their Venus is in Virgo... • Tell them your 20-year plan • Maybe have a presentation • They prefer anything to PowerPoint If their Venus is in Scorpio... • Whisper in their ear • A lot • Play Sade

If their Venus is in Cancer... • Let them care for you when you’re sick • Let them love you when you’re hurting • Let them set up house and clean out the cobwebs in your heart If their Venus is in Leo... • Shower your lion with praise and affirmations • In front of other people • Consider a megaphone or just shouting

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If their Venus is in Sagittarius... • Get your air miles ready • Take them on a trip • Do something BIG together • BIGGER

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WE LOVE BUHI There is more to Buford Highway than tacos



A magazine so good, everyone thinks it’s based in NYC

It’s finally the season for people-watching and ice cream on the patio

It’s actually in Little 5 Points

701 Highland Ave NE Unit #1 Atlanta, GA 30312

SOCCER IN THE STREETS Now that Atlanta United won the championship, y’all might start considering soccer a “real sport”

RAIL ART STUDIOS Need a big white room to shoot video or photos in?? Here’s the place for that

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