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I’m a commercial designer with a conceptual approach.

My style is drawn from an active, intuitive yet impulsive mind – informal and graphic, there is boldness, yet naivety in the lines and shapes I use. As a lifelong illustrator, I believe drawing is a form of capturing the essence of a moment. I relish quick sketches: objects captured in a few rough simple lines, and quick, expressive use of media.

My favourite part of textile design is the process itself. I always start with research and collect this in a journal: this initial step of exploration and discovery I think is the most important of all. The quality of the final outcome I make is only as good as the learning process I undertake to get there.

Sarah is a textile designer who specialises in printed textiles and surface design. Naive florals and textural geometric elements feature heavily in her work, with a free-spirited, casual feeling evident in her use of line, shape and colour. Originally studying fashion design, she received her Bachelor of Textile Design at RMIT University in 2013. Having been awarded runners up in a ceramic design competition run by H.A.G, Sarah has a ceramics collection coming out through Maxwell and Williams in mid 2014. She is also featured in the BA Textile Design 2013 Graduate exhibition ‘Bricolage’. Awards and Exhibitions 2013 RMIT BA Textile Design Graduate Exhibition ‘Bricolage’ 2013 H.A.G Industry Collaboration - Runners Up 2012 Linen House Industry Collaboration - Highly Commended

VIVA EXOTICA VIVA EXOTICA is the theme for a range of print designs for Country Road as Industry Partnership. Inspiration was drawn from megatrends centred on acidic, highly coloured natural flora and fauna; namely the EDEN and NEXT NATURE megatrends of Spring/Summer 2014. Motif ideas were drawn from Hawaiian sea life rendered in ink. This range of print designs is intended for boys board shorts.

YEAR OF THE DRAGON YEAR OF THE DRAGON is a theme for a range of designs for ceramics house H.A.G as part of an Industry Partnership. With the colour BLUE as a starting point, old myths and traditions teaching positive core values are repackaged to instil the same qualities on a more contemporary level. Also drawing inspiration from traditional delftware, the ceramic set - incorporating a four-mug set, and a dinner set of a side plate, dinner plate, bowl and mug - was designed with H.A.G brand Maxwell and Williams in mind.

RESPITE RESPITE is an Industry Partnership project with Dryen Australia aimed at males from 25 years and older. Inspiration was taken from a ‘man’s man’ - and his daydream of escaping the nine to five corporate weekday. A relief from the office relishing the quietude, comfort and carefree times spent in a cosy log cabin in the woods: fishing, camping and times spent with family and friends. Textural wood pattern for motif inspiration and river-stone colours complement this masculine bed linen collection.

NOUVEAU REVOLUTION NOUVEAU REVOLUTION is a bed linen collection designed for Linen House as an Industry Partnership. Using the NGV’s exhibition ‘Napoleon’ as inspiration, these bed designs incorporate a motif most prized to the rebels of the French revolution, a motif most powerful and distinct - based on the shape of Napoleons hat. The collection is inspired by the grit and determination of the French Revolutionaries - the colours were chosen to represent the French flag, and textured motifs were used to create a rustic, yet detailed design. It was designed for unisex appeal for Winter 2013.

CHRYSALIS Drawn from the Fall 2015 Megatrend Existence, CHRYSALIS encompasses the detail and delicacy of nature and insects. Coupled with a cold, hard gemstone like colour palette of turquoise and velvety dark amethyst, garment shapes are simple. Think boxy shifts and loose draping allowing for maximum saturation with organic yet edgy pattern. Modernity is referenced with symmetrical elements reminiscent of urban landscapes. This range of designs is intended for womens fashion outcomes for Winter 2015.

FRONT FRONT Cotton-silk blend shirt with cuffed sleeves and engineered print detail on both front and back. BACK


Silk chiffon skater-style dress with thin single button waistband. Gathered around the waist, mid thigh length. Silk crepe shi style sleeveless dress with engineered digital print. Knee length with regular neckline.




Monochromatic meeting in the middle with nature. With the uniformity of urban landscapes, imagery of magnified insects creates an edgy, almost surreal fashion collection.

MALAMA PONO MALAMA PONO is a term meaning ‘take care of oneself’, one that is scribed on Hawaiian surfboards as a good omen, and as a simple reminder to live accordingly. Combining this phrase and motif inspiration from Australian flora coupled with a playful palette of neon and pastels from the IMPULSE trend of 2014, the outcome is a selection of confident, yet comforting cushions and a reversible hammock that create a sense of cloistered yet creative, harmonic anti-consumption with a focus on the arranged space as a whole. These homewares are designed with a carefree, creative individual in mind who is young, or young at heart.

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SARAH HEARNE textile designer  
SARAH HEARNE textile designer