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We Need a New Home Hello, my name is Suki and I am 7 years old. My Mummy says I’m fat, but I think I’m just big boned. I like to eat and sleep and get snuggles. I sleep on the bed at night snuggled up against my Mummy, sometimes on top of her if she’s really lucky. If it is very cold I get under the covers to keep her warm. I have been with her since I was 6 weeks old and she said that she would always take care of me, but now she has to move away and can’t take me, so I need a new Mummy or Daddy. If you want to be my new Mummy you will need to tickle my tummy and let me purr and knead you with my toes and dribble on you. When I am hungry I will headbutt your shins, if you are silly and ignore me I might nibble your ankles. I also like to lick, peoples taste good! I roll on the floor and flash my belly at people to greet them, I pretend to be scared of new people and hide under the bed but I soon get used to them and demand tummy-tickles. I like to be combed, and have my claws trimmed, and you can stick your fingers in my mouth to play with my teeny-tiny teeth and all I will do is lick you. I need a Mummy who will play with me and give me lots of attention because I have been spoiled rotten. But I deserved it. I like to get fed three times a day, if you forget I will yowl at you and pretend that you can see my ribs. Mostly I eat Wiskas pouches and cat biscuits, but sometimes my Mummy feeds me little bits of chicken and prawns! Yum yum. I have a big sister, she is lots of fun to jump on, and I love her lots. My name is Missy, I think I’m eight years old. When I was a kitten I was not taken care of and got taken to a shelter. Someone took me home from the shelter and I thought I had a new family, but they weren’t used to cats, so when I jumped on their lap they were scared, so they took me back to the shelter. I was there about a year and then my Mummy came and got me. I pretend to be stand-offish, but I love having my tummy rubbed and my chin scratched. My fur is silky soft, and I love to be stroked. I purr like a steam train once I get going. I do not demand as much attention as the big fat black one, but I mustn’t be overlooked or forgotten about. Sometimes I just must have some cuddles so I will lie on my back on your computer keyboard while you play World of Warcraft and I will only get off once you have tickled me so much I get hiccups. I am a bit scared of new people, and I will hide under the duvet if the window cleaner comes round. I am not disappointed that my Mummy can’t take care of me any more because I never had any expectations of people. People let you down, that’s all there is to it. However, my Mummy says I really deserve a good home for the rest of my life, so I hope you will help me find one. I get on really well with the fat black one, she is like my annoying kid sister. I hiss at her and bat her sometimes (though never with my claws out!) but I wash her ears for her and snuggle on the bed with her at night. She is a little cow and jumps on me when I want to sleep sometimes, she thinks she is funny! I like Wiskas too, preferably in gravy because I have had some teeth out. Raw chicken breast strips are okay too if you feel you must. We need a home together, where we will get lots of attention. Mostly we like to sleep somewhere warm all day, and sleep with our Mummy all night. Also we eat. That’s about it. We need somewhere quiet, and loving, with no other dogs or cats and hopefully for the rest of our lives. Please help us find a new home.

Sarah 07894 612 276

We need a New Home  

My kitties :(

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